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How much is Minecraft for the full game? 8
If I buy Minecraft can I play it on more than one computer? 3
How do I make it third-person? 2
How do I get Home? 14
bad video card drivers? Failed to find accelerated OpenGL mode? 3
Where can I find diamonds? 5
How do I enable Console commands in Single Player? 4
Where are screenshots saved? 5
How do I build a portal to the Aether? 10
How can I get a monster spawner into my inventory? Can I change it? How? 3
Recent Questions Answers
Anyone wants to play Minecraft with me I'm a teen, I want a group of people who like to role play and also likes mods? 0
Why can't I connect a second controller? 0
How can I switch from the Minecraft better Together Beta, back to the Windows 10 Edition? 0
I can't seem to run my game anymore? 0
org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated? 0
Is there a Vita game card for Minecraft in the USA? 0
Does Someone Have A Custom Villager Trade Thing for PE iOS? 0
Why magic launcher freezes with ic2? 0
how do I down load latest launcher version? 0
Why does my Minecraft launcher crash when I enter a server? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Can I install and play Minecraft offline? 2
How do you create a private server? 3
How do I exit a minecart in version 1.8.3? 4
Why does the game keep telling me Connection refused: Connect? 1
Why doesn't Minecraft want to load? 1
can I download minecraft full version for free? 5
Minecraft wont update? 3
How do i make it 3rd person on a mac? 7
I purchased my game but it still wont let me download it, help? 2
Keep on getting low fps with good computer? 2

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