What is the best strategy for (mob trap)?

  1. Whts the best way to make a mob trap. like could someone give me an example of the one on youtube where they get 1084 items an hour. please tell me how. i have one and it aint working out to well. thank and please help?

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    monhuntrbegnr - 6 years ago

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  1. Mobs won't spawn within a sphere of about 30 blocks from you, and the farthest distance they'll spawn is a 200x200 square with you in the middle. So depending on your mob trap, you'll have to make sure that you're a) not too close to it and b) close enough to it that mobs will spawn.

    To increase the effectiveness of your mob trap you're going to need a spawning room, a dark large area for mobs to spawn in which then pushes mobs into your trap.

    Also, lighting up the surrounding area and any caves underneat your mob trap will help increase the chance of mobs spawning in your trap.

    For trap designs, youtube 'kiershar', he makes some excellent spawn rooms and traps, and has up to date tutorials on designing easy mob traps.

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  1. You won't get any spawns within 72(?) blocks of yourself. Are you standing too close? Have you lit up any caves below the trap?

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  2. You won't get spawns close to you, so you should try luring mobs into the trap

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  3. - Mobs will not spawn 25 blocks away from you
    - Cave systems nearby are bad because they are dark and will alow mobs to spawn in them as opposed to you trap
    - Mobs will ONLY spawn within an 80 block radius (200x200 is incorrect. I believe they DESPAWN at that distance)
    This in mind yes, the best idea would be to have 4 mob grinders in either direction as close to bed rock as you can all leading to a central location (where you would stand to collect the loot). Build it 80 blocks away in either direction with multiple canals leading to a central canal which would flow towards that afformentioned central location.then build multiple levels as high up as possible. Make sure above your mob trap there are torches to prevent spawning outside the mob trap up above. There IS a limit to how many mobs can spawn at one time so you'll want to limit spawning as much as possible outside your trap.

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  4. go to youtube and search for "Minecraft : Practical monster trap for SMP-PvP"
    Its a tutorial

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  5. If its the loot your looking for:
    find a monster spawner, preferably, (for ease, go peaceful temporarily) dig down 1 space around it, 2 spaces, around the first, dig down one more and replace that spot with cactus, and on top of the cactus place water. now on the 2nd row, dig 2 more down, and replace the 2nd spot you dug with cactus, and place water on top. now just dig a 3rd row around this small hill you've made, the cactus will kill the monsters quickly and the water will force all the items down to the safe 3rd row area, happy looting.

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