1. Simple question: How do I get skins?

    User Info: Dr_HAX

    Dr_HAX - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok it's a pretty simple process, here is what you do.
    First, Go to here there is a extremely abundant amount of custom skins you can choose from.
    Second, save the skin you want. To make it easy, I recommend that you make a folder for your skins so you can have easy access to them.
    Third, Once you have the skin you want, go to the minecraft website and click profile. There should be a button that says "Choose File" you want to click this. Then you search for the skin you want (or find it in the Minecraft Skin folder I suggested). then you click enter.
    Fourth, After you do that just click Upload Image.
    And now you have a custom skin instead of the custom skin that comes with the game.
    (Random Fact: The Custom Skin is commonly known as Steve)
    I hope that this was helpful. I can also share with you the means by which you create your own skin, However I do not have time at the moment. If you want me to explain this to you just message me and I'll get back to you.


    User Info: belacekstran

    belacekstran - 6 years ago 0 0

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