Im building a game tower, any trap ideas against other players?

  1. I have this game tower im building its going to be huge so i need some more ideas for traps, other players will be playing this so keep that in mind. The point of the game is to get to the top without dyeing so obviously i have to have traps that deal some kind of damage with no or minimal damage to the structure, i have a few ideas- cactus maze, pressure plate/ dispenser arrow maze, and a lava pool you have to cross using only 2 blocks. If you can think of any other traps wether that would be a combination of my ideas or something completely different i would appreciate it :)

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    ntanime - 6 years ago

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  1. * You could design a trap using a dispenser with a very enticing item - say, a diamond, if you have admin privileges... or a cake, if you play with Portal fanatics. Have the prize flow through water enshrouded with glass, but have it only available to the player for a short period of time before it gets destroyed. Just come up with a treacherous path. Could be something as simple as an open maze over a pit.

    * It's hard to jump if the area is only 2 blocks high. Make the aforementioned open-floored maze that way.

    * Simple pit-fall traps can be almost as effective as lava. If you want a trap that simply sets them back an area, just use a water brake (water suspended by a sign).

    * Not a trap itself, but one-way iron doors can be effective at locking a player in a difficult room.

    * Put an arrow dispenser on the other side of a lava block for fire arrows.

    * Remember the south-west rules of the game. This allows you to make water ladders. However, it can also be used for an invisible light-the-player-on-fire trap if they get too close to a corner that has lava hidden behind it. It doesn't even need to be in sight to kill them.

    * Have a series of switches tied to a much-separated rooms with a lot of redstone torches. If the correct combination has not been pressed, the room will have monsters. Requires a lot of space for the monsters to spawn, and it's probably unreliable. Dropping them into a monster room might be more effective.

    * Use a monster grinder design to fill rooms with monsters from above.

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  1. Try using a sand pit trap. Attach a pressure plate to a water flow, and when someone steps on the plate, it redirects the flow to a torch holding up a sand block, dropping the block and causing fall damage. Or alternatively, place a pressure plate on a sand block, then a TNT block below the sand block. This adds fall and explosion damage.

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  2. you can do the following:
    Pressure plate

    This will make the player get trapped and blow up, TNT in water does not damage the emviroment, and only prepared players will survive (armored players)

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  3. Try Quick sand dig a hole 2 blocks down and any lenght and width place boats every block or so cover it
    with gravel or sand you might need a frame to place all the blocks in if ur in a cave or dark area use gravel if not use sand it will suffocate the players and mobs tha fall in here is a link to a video /watch?v=BrJRoc2N_So

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  4. Get an empty room, put a pressure plate in front of the dispenser on the ground, when they push it, they get cake. But what they don't know is that there is an UNDERGROUND redstone link to dispensers behind a wall of lava filled with arrows. When that goes off, hundreds of flaming arrows will go flying at them, and they will instantly die

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  5. 1. Underwater maze. Fill an area with water and make a difficult maze that people need to get through before drowning.
    2. Flame arrows. Place a wall of lava with dispensers behind them. Cover the area with pressure plates that trigger the dispensers when they're stepped on. Flaming arrows will be fired at players.
    3. Switch combinations. Make a combo lock with levers. Input the wrong code and get shot with flame arrows. Correct code opens an iron door.

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  6. Interesting one - you could do a "timed" maze - needs to be shielded from other areas, and preferably made of obsidian!
    To enter the area, the player has to place redstone dust in a circuit to open the door. However, doing so activates a circuit connected to TNT - powered by a pressure plate. That is, the TNT will go off when the pressure plate is no longer activated. This could be achieved by a dispenser dropping something like dirt onto a wooden pressure plate - exactly five minutes later the item will disappear, so nothing will be holding down the pressure plate. Kaboom, TNT falls and detonates, asploding the player/s inside the maze.

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  7. Two ( plus alot more after this) words. Over Kill. its simple, make a dispenser, put cakes in it, put a sign that says free cake next to it, connect it to a pressure plate so it will go to them when thay step on it, also... connect the pressure plate to a wall of dispensers loaded with arrows and a wall of lava in front of it so it can dominate everything in its path!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING: DOES KILL ALL MAJOR NOOBS< STAY CLEAR WHILE PLAYERS ARE IN USE.

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