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  1. Im new to minecraft and was wondering how you create a multiplayer game or join one. i went to multiplayer but all it said was, inter ip of server. can somone please provide me some answers of how minecraft multiplayer works

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    I would kinda like to know how to start a server if its not advanced stuff

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  1. Here is a step by step guide

    Step 1: Download Minecraft_server.jar from
    The jar is better as you can manually allocate an appropriate amount of memory

    Step 2: Create a Start.bat file. To do this enter a word processor and type in
    java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar
    Then save this with the name "start.bat" without the quotations.

    Step 3: Configure your start.bat file. This is simple. Just change the numbers. The 512 is how many Megabytes of RAM your server will use at the minimum. 1024 is how many megabytes it will use at the maximum. I suggest setting them to the same number. Also you should set it to a quarter of your RAM. I use 1024 Megabytes as I have 4 gigabytes of RAM (remember, 1 Gigabyte is actually 1024 Megabytes)

    Step 4: Move both of these files to their own folder. This is optional but recommended as the .jar will put all server files in the folder it is currently in. You should put them in their own folder for simplicity's sake.

    Step 5: Double-Click the start.bat to turn on the server. This will generate all the files needed for your server. Once this is done, turn off the server by typing stop into the server window.

    Step 6: Configure the server properties file. It is a text file. The property appears first with an equal sign after it. After the equal sign put either true or false for a boolean. If it is a text, then put your desired text. If it is a number, change the number. Here are the things that are most important to change.

    Set to true for some nether awesomeness in your server. False if you don't want it.

    This is a number. 0 is peaceful, 1 is easy, 2 is normal and 3 is hard.

    Set to 1 if you want all NEW-JOINERS on creative. Set to 0 if you want NEW-JOINERS on survival.

    Set to however many players you want on your server at the maximum

    Type in the motto for your server

    Set this to true. If this is false you have cracked your server. People with Minecraft for Free can enter along with hackers and the such if this is set to false.

    Enable or disable PvP

    This number multiplied by 16 is how many blocks away the fog is from a player. Set this lower to reduce server lag.

    Set to true for a private server. If it is private only people on the whitelist can join.

    Step 7: If your server isn't private, ignore this step.
    If it is, then you must configure the whitelist.

    To do so you must simply open the whitelist file with a text editor and on each line, place a username. If someone's username is on the whitelist, they can join at any time unless they're banned.

    Step 8: Port Forward port 25565.
    This is different for each router so you're gonna have to search this up yourself.

    Step 9: Add yourself to the OP list.

    Step 10: This should be it!!! Turn on your server. Hopefully you know all the server commands.

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  1. The ip of a server is like a "code" you must get or find, go to, and if you wanna join servers with whitelists (whitelists helps keep unknown players from joining) register to the forums and got to the forum "Beta survival servers" find one you think you like read the post to see if you need special requirements (like in example C.W.M.W, you need a mod for that one) and if its not a whitelisting server just type in the ip EXACTLY as it is in the multiplayer option in minecraft, and meet new people and help watch out for griefers (those who destroy other's works, preferably valuable ones), and help build the server, tomorrow i'll come to check this question again, tell me if you wanna know how to start a server.

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  2. To create a server, its rather simple you go to click download, go to the bottom of the page, download the server tool (theres 2 one for PC and one for Mac) place it wherever you like, preferably in a folder since it creates files, run it, type stop on the command line at the bottom find server properties and open, in "server IP" type in your computer's IP, to find the ip, click the windows start button, search cmd, open cmd, (NOTE: DONT TYPE THE QUOTES!) type "ipconfig" press enter and the one that says IPv4 is your ip, type it in server properties save and close, run "minecraft server" again, the open minecraft type the ip click, if it works, congratulations! You did it right! To let people not in your house, you need to port forward the port, that, my friend, i cannot tell you, you need to goggle "how to port forward 25565"

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  3. Both of the answers you have gotten so far are indeed correct. But, they don't go into a lot of detail. What you are going to need to learn is the system of "Port Fowarding" If you don't have Hamachi, it may be a good idea to get it because you can share your IP address with people you allow to see it. You are also going to need a system such as WINRAR, because you are going to aquire a lot of ZIP. files during the server making process. You are going to need to download the Minecraft_exe from the website, and if your Java is not updated to Java 6, you need to update it. But, before you actually make the server, make yourself a notepad document about what rules you'll want on the server and how you want to use the ranking systems in the minecraft Multi servers. You also should know how to use a batch file. They are used to program mostly everything that you can change in your server including a white list, banning, and the seed for the world. Using a Static IP may be in your favor, because it will stay the same. You can also change the IP from the given ' 25565' port. Make it an original one, because it'll make it easier for people to remember.

    If you really do need more help, I can be of some assistance. You can just send me a private message or a comment. I would be happy to help you with any more problems you may have. I hope it works for you!

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  4. To make a server
    first download himachi (just search for a free download) and the minecraft beta server program at

    first open himachi and click the power button make a network then make a folder for your server put the minercaft server thing in here and run it wait for it to say done
    type "stop" in the bottom bar open the server PROPERTIES file with note pad or something like that
    add your himachi ip into the server ip bit
    change anything you want to change
    save, close and open the server go onto minecraft click multiplayer
    put in the ip followed by :25565
    op yourself by pressing t then typing /op playernamehere
    i suggest you go to
    also op any of your friends

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  5. what they said, if you just wanna skip all of that and join my server, ill add you to the whitelist and ops. my server could use some life. I only have one constant person, between you, all the people reading this, and me, it gets kinda boring.

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  6. Ok whats the server?

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  7. Starting a server is pretty simple. If you want it to be extremely quick and easy, download the server and configure it, using the wiki (excluding the port forwarding parts) get Hamachi and you can play with your friends pretty easily through that. (

    If Hamachi is not an option, port forwarding is the next option up. I've always used Hamachi due to some firewall issues that never seem to be resolved, so it's definitely a good option.

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  8. Server creating is easy: go to download te lastest minecraft_server.exe Put it in a folder on desktop. if you do NOT have account for some reason. Disable Online Mode in the file. Then start playing. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE THE WHITELIST FEATURE IF NOT USING ONLINE FEATURE!!!!

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