When I clicked minecraft it wont open how do I fix it?

  1. Please help I am desprate.Even if I try to delete it it still wont get deleted.

    User Info: zookjohn

    zookjohn - 6 years ago

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  1. WEll, i am not sure exactly what you want to do, but if you are trying to play it, go to minecraft.net, click on the download button uner the big orange one in bottom right, then click the second minecraft.exe, and type your info and play! I hope this helps! And also if you are trying to delete it, just go to control panel and click uninstal/instal a program.

    User Info: frogger321123

    frogger321123 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You probably already know this first part, but you need an account to play Minecraft Beta. Also, frogger321123 is correct. But here's a big probability: you can't play Minecraft Beta probably bacause you are not using a laptop. I have found that I, and as far as I know only I, cannot play it on a computer that is not a laptop. I dearly hope this helped, and I also give thanks to Mr. frogger321123, as he was exactly right.

    User Info: IamSacred

    IamSacred - 6 years ago 0 1

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