How do I get Home?

  1. OK, so i was building a double door redstone wiring underground, and two creepers kill me. So as i spawn the game says my spawn bed was obstructed and spawns me nowhere remotely close to my house. If i make a compass i highly doubt it'll lead me back, but bring me to my new spawn. Also my computer is just a word processor so i cant get any mods or maps right now. HELP!

    User Info: Chuchkill27

    Chuchkill27 - 6 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Yours is truly an unfortunate situation. If you at least know the general direction, you could switch difficulty to peaceful and then try circle searching on weave searching.

    Did you have a big house? and filled with valuables? Depending on that you might want to give it up and rebuild.

    User Info: JCDenton91

    JCDenton91 - 6 years ago

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  1. Getting lost in Minecraft is a very bad thing, it can frustrate you. The best plan is to mark your way from spawn to your working place. Now, you need something obivious to tell that it marks something. Torches are good, but i suggest cobblestone, because it's very rare naturally (the only time that happens is when there is a duengon on the map), and you probably have at least a full large chest of it by now. If you didn't do that, switch the difficulty to Peaceful, and try to search for your house. My hint when you do that is to avoid new chunks, since that's not the way, right? And if you can't find it,get your save into a computer that isn't a word processor, and get a map there.

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  1. Im sorry to say but if you just try to find your house that is the only way you will be able to get back next time build your home somewhere near your spawn.

    User Info: Tertle12

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  2. in single player if you sleep in a bed-how to make a bed at end of tip-it will be made as your spawn point. this only works if your starting up the game, if you die you will go back to the spawn point that you start at the making of the map.

    in co-op play, you will start at the spawn point set from the maker of the map no matte what

    top row NOTHING in all three spaces
    middle row WHITE WOOL in all tree spaces
    last row WOODEN PLANKS in all three space

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  3. It wont get you back but its just for later adviseand from now on dont get killed

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  4. If you search you your house you could be killed again but you could dig a small hole and get some water so its like a moat on a new house so nothing can get to you like 3 squares of water in a row and than like a house that you could make out of dirt to start with

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  5. Another thing if you Press F3 it's a sort of developer mode and you'll get co-ordinates on the screen, scribble down the x,y,z of your base so in future you can know where you are heading (press f3 again to return to normal view), unfortunately that wont help you know. The only thing you could try is getting a program that generates a map of your known world and seeing if you can spot your house and head off in that direction

    User Info: Hitsuraptor

    Hitsuraptor - 6 years ago 1 2
  6. Well my first advice is, if you can transfer your save files to another computer that can run mods then it would make it infinitely easier. I believe my whole minecraft folder is only 100meg and I have quite a bit of worlds so you may even be able to email yourself the files. If you do it that method I recommend placing them inside a zip file or rar etc which speeds up the transfer of the file from one computer to another. Zipping it may take quite a while though in itself. Plus I like doing this just to have a backup of my worlds incase of anything major like something on my main world gets totally jacked up I can restore it lol.

    So if you can transfer the files then mcedit will help you find your home extremely fast. You more or less roam your world floating around. It will also show you where all caves are dungeons and etc if you wanted to use it for that. Another mod that would do the trick is cartograph g. That would likely show you where it's at as well but not sure if a word processor would handle either of those well.

    If it's impossible to move the files then the best tip is create landmarks and try to sweep the area in a circle going back toward the land mark and keep going out till you find it. I would make each landmark very distinctive with a very clear north / up location. This way if you stumble back on the landmark during your search you will know exactly what direction you were facing when you built the landmark. It also comes in handy when you can use mods like cartograph since you will see the landmark from a birds eye view and you would know exactly where you are in reference to anything.

    I hope that helps

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  7. You can try to download a map of minecraft, that way you can see where your home is.

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  8. Don't worry. Right at this moment I'm lost from my gigantic Academy I've built. I've just started to build another house where I'm at.

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  9. Press esc to get to the options click options got to graphics and change them from fancy to fast next change render distance from far to tiny lastly turn on limit time frame. but when u turn the graphics to fast it'll turn on fog. Do this and there will be no or almost no more lag i promise

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  10. While these answers are very thorough and thoughtful, a somewhat more simple approach is to dirt hop (have two 64 block stacks of dirt, look down at your feet and jump as you lay down the dirt, once you are just below the clouds, make a giant H in the sky to mark where your house is from a visable distance). You can add torches to your symbol to make it easily visable at night, and when you branch out and away from your house make smaller versions with arrows leading you back. The reason I suggest this method id because its useful for a variety of locales. I have giant symbols in the sky that lead me to whatever resource I need. ie: F for forest, L for Lava source, C for clay, M for minehub, H for house, and so on. Eventually I plan to make slate roads that lead to these locales with signs for direction, but the former method works well in a pinch as dirt is everywhere to be found in minecraft and it is easy to dismantle when you are done using it.

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  11. Ooor, you could actually provide advice that helps the guy, like, download Minutor, it's a bird's-eye view minecraft world generator, load up your map in it, and simply look for the part of land thats made out of stone/wood or whatever your house is made of, also you could turn night mode on and if you've got any torches outside your house, they'll light up really clearly

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  12. Alright here is what i do, i will build a 1x1 tower all the way up to the clouds. Then locate my home from there. If i don't find it I would tear ir down and build it somewhere else.

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  13. Now that Notch has implemented actual maps in the game, you could potentially craft a map and do a grid search with it IF you have reasonably easy access to redstone AND iron nearby and some sugar canes(They always grow by water).

    Now, build a compass (Redstone surrounded on the 'points' by iron) and make some paper (Three sugarcane in a line across the crafting grid) and surround the compass on the crafting table with paper (Including the corners) and it'll make a map which will gradually fill in as you search and show your exact location on the map too! (If you disappear from the map, you've reached the end of the map and would have to craft a new one) It's roughly a 3x3 area map so it covers a good area to search AND when you find your house, make a mental note of it's general location on the map so you always know where it is!

    I hope this helped you find your house! :)

    User Info: GameGuru_96

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