What exactly do you need to get this game?

  1. Do you need high speed internet the cost of it and any updates or some kind of computer?

    User Info: 53Ty

    53Ty - 6 years ago

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  1. You don't need high speed internet, although it does help if you plan on using multiplayer. It costs about $20, though it will go up in the future. Buying it now, you will get all updates until it is released for free, and maybe those after that (unsure what will happen there). You do need a computer to run it, that's pretty much it. I use a laptop with rock-bottom integrated graphics and it works fine. I recall the suggested amount of RAM for it being 2.0 Gig.

    User Info: Nintendude128

    Nintendude128 (Expert) - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You don't need much to run the game itself. However, as Nintendude said, you will want one if you want to play on Multiplayer. The game currently costs 14.95 Euros (around $20) and will only go up later in tue future.

    If you want to host a server, you would need (as Nintendude said once again) 2 GB of RAM minimum, 4 GB for decent gameplay and 6 GB for no lag servers.

    User Info: Dr_HAX

    Dr_HAX - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. the main things needed are following:
    enouth space on your pc (2GB max maybe more if you have trillions of large maps)
    decent graphics card (250 mb graphics card is the lowist limit and if its to bad it wont start minecraft and post an error!
    decent prozessor(should be able to hold out some stuff of minecraft without getting grilled, if it doesnt jump up to 90%+ when just opening internet explorer where before it was 10-20% shows u got a bad prozessor (can be seen in task maniger)
    and the most important: a screen, keybourd, mouse, and brains to understand

    as for internet speed, if your playing online you dont need a highspeed dsl surf packet u can also jsut take a internet speed that can hardly reach 100kb/s download and still play online no probs! (obviosly download times difer on download speed but you dont download through the whole of minecraft unless multiplayer do you?

    hope this helped :D

    User Info: sodowoodo11

    sodowoodo11 - 6 years ago 0 0

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