How can i install my mods?

  1. Well, i fully understand how to install them and use the texture packs AND the mods. but i don't know how to use the mods. I am using the Anjocaido minecraft launcher. and i fully understand the minecraft.jar, but whenever i install the mod, then delete the META-INF it never works, oh and if it helps, anjo caido is running 1.2_2. not 1.5_1.

    User Info: evilking9090

    evilking9090 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    oh and i forgot to mention... i can play 1.5_1 but it says it is in 1.2_2, like i can see weather I.E. rain, thunder, snow... but yea nothing

    User Info: evilking9090

    evilking9090 - 6 years ago

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  1. Get the MyCraft Mod Manager here:
    Download it and open the jar. Close it and go to the mods folder. Create a folder to place your mod in. When you have done that, copy all the files of the mod into your created folder. Whenever you want to play Minecraft with whatever mods you have installed, just run the MyCraft jar instead.

    User Info: sword692

    sword692 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. well al u must actully do is just gt the downloaded mod (leave zipped) stuff it into the Texture pack (found by starting minecraft and on the main screen press mods and texture packs then open mods and texture packs) then open the mods and texture pack click the mod u want and ur done.

    if your using an outdated minecraft mod then some textures may fail and just look pritty stupid, and all the new things will just have a puple collouring indicateing nt existing texture, so id raver recmend a up-to-date version.

    if it says on the page to "install" difrently then follow the steps there as its proberbly a "perma-mod" where u just gotta delete th whole minecraft to remove the mod or get it patched (wich isnt really recomended as it can crash minecraft)

    other mods require that you "patch" it to play off the textures like the mcpatcher just start minecraft, select the texture pack then close minecraft, then start the patcher of ur choise and patch to the recomended size (e.g. 64X64 or 128 X 128) then start minecraft and be amazed of minecraft hd :D

    dont know what minecraft launcher ur useing but id raver recomend u use the proper minecraft launcher

    as mentioned before it is recomended to use the shove folder into texture and done methoed as the others cause more problems then needed

    User Info: sodowoodo11

    sodowoodo11 - 6 years ago 0 2
  2. Sounds like you might be trying to run mods on an incorrect server version (apologies if I reaqd your post wrong, sounds like you are running 1.2.2, and trying to use 1.5.1 mods)

    User Info: DemonicAnahka

    DemonicAnahka - 6 years ago 0 0

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