Why am I getting so much redstone and no diamonds?

  1. I mined all the way down to bedrock. I decided to use the technique of branch mining to find diamonds, but I've haven't found any diamonds, but I'm coming across so much redstone, that I have five large chests full of them! What gives?

    User Info: sora123455

    sora123455 - 6 years ago

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  1. Redstone is very commen while diamond is very rare.

    User Info: sspandiri

    sspandiri - 6 years ago 3 1


  1. Diamonds are found usually about 5-15 blocks above bedrock at the bottom of the world.They are rare tho so u should bring a bunch of picks.It takes me about 30 mins this way to find about 12 Diamonds.

    Well good luck!

    User Info: jorve98

    jorve98 - 6 years ago 1 1
  2. Remember, Diamond is exceptionally rare, and Redstone is very common when you go around bedrock level. Redstone ore drops 4 redstone dust when destroyed. Here's a tip - there are exactly 5 layers of bedrock when you reach it. Make some space so you can see all 5 layers. Then, starting from the top layer, count 10 blocks up. I'm not sure with exact calculation in fact, but normally Diamond is found between 10-15 blocks above the top bedrock layer. Try doing that, and if you come across the same problem, this is another way - If you are careless enough to be destructive, make some TNT by (crafting) putting gunpowder in all corners and in the middle, and sand in the leftover spots. The only way to get gunpowder is to kill a Creeper (or a Ghast from the Nether). Making a Creeper explode will NOT give you gunpowder - you must KILL it. Obviously you must be on Easy mode or higher to do this. The easiest way to kill a Creeper is a bow by (crafting) string in all the left side (must kill a spider for string) stick on top middle and bottom middle, and stick on right middle. To make arrows, put stick on MIDDLE middle, flint (comes from Gravel sometimes) on top middle, and feather (comes from chicken or zomble) on bottom middle. It gives you 4 arrows. To use the bow, equip it and right-click to shoot. Normally I put my arrows next to my bow, but the bow still WILL shoot if you put the arrows in the inventory. If you manage to get TNT, place it, set it by hitting it and run away. TNT makes BIG explosions. I really hope this helps, because both techniques found Diamond for me.

    Best of luck! Hope it helps : )

    User Info: MarioMan12598

    MarioMan12598 - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. press F3- then look at the Y: you need to be under 18 and over 5

    User Info: Freekinmee

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  4. Actually, diamond is equally common from 6 through 16. (Below 6, bedrock gets in the way; above 16, you only get veins that had their start point at 16 or below, but their offset made them stick up above 16.)

    The reason people prefer the higher part of that range for branch mining is lava. Any air blocks below layer 10 (inclusive, IIRC) are converted to lava during chunk generation. Put another way, any caverns below layer 10 will instead be lava lakes. Since branch mining shows you 4 height worth of blocks, staying somewhere between 10 and 16 is recommended.

    I generally dig either 12-13 or 13-14. You can stagger the heights to get more complete coverage (eg 11-12 and 14-15), but given the size of the world, you're better off going for max time efficiency rather than max space efficiency.

    As for the original question of why you get so much more redstone than diamond: while redstone veins have the same size and depth as diamond, they generate 8x more often, and drop several dust per block.

    User Info: benjaminkc

    benjaminkc (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 1
  5. Well, if you don't dig down far enough you willl not find any. However I suggest you take a chest and make a base halfway down so if you were to fall into a hole area and die by, larva zombies, creepers ect.... you won't lose anything inmportant. thats what i did sure I died a few times but i got like 32 diamond and my seed was diamnod (the seed is ment to be diamond spelt wrong)
    and you will get allot of diamond form this prosess and if you have xbox live and wish to add me i'm Feral Luigi11 and if you are making a new accout maybe try x Pyro...... as a name like x Pyro Noob x or something hope I helped

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  6. Diamonds are very rare... They compose ~0.0001% of the world's resources.

    This is a rough figure as I don't have the exact block numbers from Cartographer-G on hand (it actually generates a resource audit report in addition to a good full-world map), but I know out of roughly 2 billion blocks generated in my world so far (which is roughly 4 km^2)... There's only ~1,700 Diamond Blocks.

    By comparison, out of that 2 billion blocks, there's ~800,000 Redstone Blocks... which makes it ~0.04% of the world's resources. Redstone also tends to give multiple units of Redstone Dust, which means those 800,000 blocks will make roughly 3.2 million units of Redstone Dust.

    I know you have to dig deep in the worlds (around 16m or lower) & just have a little luck in finding them.

    If you're playing offline, you could try using a map viewer like Minutor to help locate the diamond blocks without having to search within the game. If you're online... you're likely out of luck since most servers don't allow x-ray type mods.

    User Info: TStodden

    TStodden - 6 years ago 1 1

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