How do I beat (creepers)?

  1. whAts a good way to kill creepers

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    warrawed - 6 years ago

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  1. Swords actually aren't a very safe way to kill a Creeper, unless the Creeper is somehow incapacitated. I would suggest using a bow to kill Creepers, since arrows are easy to get and you have the benefit of long range. If you notice a Creeper before they notice you, and you begin to shoot them with the bow and arrow, the Creeper will just run at you in a straight line. If you walk backwards, the Creeper will never reach you. That is, until something blocks you from behind.

    If you think that the bow is not for you, then the only option you have left is killing the Creeper with a sword or by fall damage. IIRC, with a stone sword, it takes 3 hits to kill a Creeper. Seeing as you are getting close to the Creeper to deliver those three hits, and the Creeper has a chance of blowing up on you before you get all those 3 hits in, the stone sword isn't a good option. An Iron Sword, or Diamond Sword would be better. However, here's the main reason why people who use sword still die when going up against Creepers. After getting hit by a sword once, a Creeper will start to veer sideways, but still come towards you. This confuses people, and it also makes the Creeper harder to hit. After about two seconds of veering sideways, the Creeper will blow up, and... Well, that's the end of you. So when using swords, you should also watch out for terrain to use to your advantage. If you're in an enclosed hallway, then the Creeper won't be able to veer sideways. If there's a hole that's deeper than one block, then use that to trap the Creeper while you rain hell on it from above.

    Making a Creeper die by falling is not the most efficient way to kill a Creeper. First of all, there will have to be a very high drop, and second of all, you'll have to avoid the drop while the Creeper doesn't. You might have to dig a very deep hole for this. That way, you can just jump over the 1x1 hole, and the Creeper will fall in. This isn't good if you're attempting to collect Gunpowder, which is what the Creeper drops.

    Overall, bow and arrow is the way to go IMHO. Then sword, and then falling damage. But if you're using a sword, try to get to a place with many holes so that you can get the Creeper to fall in one of them, and try to get them to places where they won't be able to go sideways once you've dealt damage to them. If you don't know how to make a bow, the link is provided below. The page that the link goes to also provides information about arrows.

    Now, for the most important thing to remember:

    DON'T get too close to Creepers! I hope the information that I provided is sufficient!

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  1. Use a sword (it would be good to use a stone or higher level sword).
    For easy you just look at the creeper and rush it with a sword.
    For normal you attack with a bit of caution because creepers can kill you or harm you.
    For hard hit once and RUN. They kill on impact

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  2. You can also dig a trench, and let lava flow through it, make sure creepers can't get into the location behind you and then, laugh at them dieing in the lava.

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