1. whaT are the good for and whats they're rule on attacking and do they drop any thing.?

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    warrawed - 6 years ago

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  1. The Enderman is a recent mob added in 1.8. They are generally peaceful, (like zombie pigmen) but if you put your crosshair on them, they open their jaw, stare back, and become hostile (remember, attacking them will affect they're behavior too). If you wear a pumpkin on your head, you can look at them without them becoming hostile. They will still freeze and look back unless you look away, and they will quickly run toward you. If you are too far away they will teleport closer to you. They have the ability to pick up blocks and move them around (this explains my broken trees). They are more rare then usual, but can be found in up to to groups of 5. Enderman are easy to kill, for they take damage from contact to water, rain, fire, lava, and sunlight. They originally dropped diamond for the pre-demo, but now they drop Ender pearls which have technically no use.

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  1. No they a bad like zombie or skeleton

    they will stay still when you look at them but if you look away they come towards and attack

    if you see them just attack them if you run they will reach up to you and attack

    and they they drop i have no idea yet

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  2. They are passive and wont attack unless you stare at them.They will stop and stare back at you and become hostile.If you look away they will run at you and attack.Shooting them with a bow while they are frozen staring at you seems to work.Also the drop Ender Pearls when killed,but they are currently useless

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  3. The Enderman are neutral mobs that attack the player if you stare at them you'll know when they're hostile they'll walk towards you and open their mouths. To prevent this wear a pumpkin helmet and they won't attack you Enderman also drop Enderman pearls which have no use yet. Easy ways to kill them are Iron sword, Diamond Sword, 2 Bow hits, and standing in water or rain. Enderman take damage from standing in water.

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  4. wait near one with pumpkin helmet on
    until it's day, they take damage in the Daytime.

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  5. The drop ender pearls witch will be planned to make the eye of ender by blaze powder under ender pearls, eyes of ender are created to make portals to the end (the ender) witch will spawn ender men, and a planned mob the ender dragon.

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