Where can I find wolves?

  1. So I've been playing minecraft for over a month now and i have everything i can except for wolves. i have gone into 3 different taiga biomes and stayed at least 3 nights in each of them and have seen no wolves what so ever. there are sheep, pigs, and cows everywhere and at night i see all of the other mobs roaming around, but i have yet to see a wolf. i have 1.8.1 Does anyone know why wolves won't spawn for me?

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    JManMay - 5 years ago
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    Also if it help i have yet to find any snow biomes or mushroom forests

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    JManMay - 5 years ago
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    Also i have found wolves in other worlds i've created but not in my first one which is the one with all of my stuff

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    JManMay - 5 years ago

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  1. cowboys4ever17 is correct, Forest or snowy forest are the only natural places to find wolves

    User Info: DragonCat1

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  1. Well I too have had difficulties finding them they have gotten more rare ever since 1.8 released. But you only find them in the forest biomes never in the desert or snow biomes but for some odd reason they are difficult to find. My best advice would be to keep looking for them you can eventually find them but remember only in the forest biomes.

    User Info: AVB30000

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  2. They are more common in Taiga biomes and need light to spawn.
    They Don't really spawn when players are near.
    If all else fails and your THAT desperate just get Single player commands and /spawn wolf 1

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  3. Wolfs often spawn in the forest..........
    Remember, use as much bones to tame him.
    Hope u find the wolfs mate.........

    User Info: Baneblade_550

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  4. I found two wolves in the snow biome but they were really hard to find and i didn't find any in the jungle biome. Just keep trying different places.

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  5. I found 4 wolves when I spawned in a Jungle Biome.( By the way, I have 1.2.5 ). Wolves spawn randomly and like AVB30000 said, they are more rare because of the 1.8 release. I bet Jeb made them rarer. -_-

    Oh, and 1 more thing... NEVER punch a wolf! It will get red eyes and try to kill you.

    User Info: SgtVinny

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  6. Wolves are kind of a toss-up for me. I usually find them in forest biomes, 2 or 3 per biome. I don't often find them in taiga, but they should spawn there. Other than those 2, I don't think they can be found anywhere else.

    User Info: cowboys4ever17

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    1. Get bones from skeletons about ten
    2. Find a grassy, area, with trees and a lake or pond.
    3. Look for wolves. Sleep there if you have to and you can be on peaceful.
    4. Tame a wolf by RIGHT CLICKING HIM/HER WITH BONE. Wolves are usually in packs of three to five
    5. When a wolf is tamed, a red collar will appear and the wolf will fight for you but you HAVE to atack an enemy without using projectiles like arrows.

    I hope I helped!!!!!!!

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  8. They are probably not added yet

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  9. I spwan in taigas and find random wolves, that sometimes kill me. But they are still wolves.

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  10. They spawn in packs around any type forest. At least that is what they do for me. If their not spawning, your game might be glitched or just not have them.

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  11. wolves can spawn in taiga (aka snow), and forest biomes.
    they spwn in packs of 2-5, and have a chance of spawning when a player loads the chunk. The chance of spawnage is about 5%, so if you load the chunk 100 times, you will find wolves 5 times. :)

    User Info: craftingforever

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  12. They can spawn in taiga biomes and snow biomes, also you can spawn them with wolf egg/spawn wolf. to tame them you need to find bones then right click like 2 or 3 times then it will show hearts. To make them enter breeding mode you need to feed them with raw or cooked porkchop you need at least two dogs(two wolves) then feed two of them with one porkchop. One dog cost 1 porkchop , after that right click on them(while they are sitting) so they can move then, a baby dog just spawn. But if you hurt a wolf like punch it then the eyes will turn red and start attacking you. but if you hurt a wolf with projectiles like bow and arrow it will still be neutral

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  13. Wolves spawns on Taiga (snowy) or Forest biomes. Though it doesn't spawn on snowy plains biome (a plain biome, but snowy)

    Below are the requirement of a wolf (or any other animal) to spawn:
    1. Light level are nine (9) or brighter (according to minecraft gamepedia)
    2. Only spawn on top of a grass block
    3. There are no player on a twenty four (24) block range

    Wolves are a neutral mob, will spawn on peaceful difficulty (except for the enderman) Wolf is a tameable mob, use bones to tame wolves and rotten meat to feed them.

    Wolves cannot be tamed if they are hostile (eyes are red) if they are hostile, wolves attack in packs (if there are any)

    Mushroom world seed (spawn on) (>1.6.2)

    Seed 1: 8302715476103434037 (coordinates X: 19 Y: 84 Z: 388)
    Seed 2: 6719172414383781019 (spawn next to a village and mushroom biome)

    Taiga world seed (spawn on)

    Seed 1: ColdTaiga (make sure you match case[you have to write ColdTaiga])
    Seed 2: Taiga (no match case needed [you can write taiga])

    Also use:
    Mom (weird, but it works)

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  14. You can find them pretty much anywhere but mostly like you said on taiga biomes. There is a video on wolves on this site:

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  15. Wolves often spawn in the Forest Biome, not the Taiga Biome much.

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  16. You need to gp into unloaded chunks and find some Taiga( snow forests) or just normal forest biomes that is where wolves will normally spawn, if not you may need to cheat and spawn them in

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  17. Wolves spawn only in Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Cold Taiga, and Cold Taiga M biomes.

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  18. I have found them in snow biomes, no issues taming either. It makes more sense in snow biome (white fur+snow=camouflage)

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  19. Heres the deal: As of 1.8, Wolves DO spawn, but very rarely. And the MAJORITY of the time if there are wolves in your world, there created upon world generation meaning there made WITH the world from the start. Sooo.... for those on PC versions you technically can just keep traveling until the game has to start generating new chunks thus meaning there is a chance for the game to spawn a wolf or two upon creation of the new chunk (if that makes sense to anybody) and anybody on consoles where there worlds size is not infinite your gunna have to hope for the best be in the right spot at the right time and play the waiting game until the game decides to tick one in. (and yes i meant Tick not stick lol) All i can say is just keep looking because technically eventually you WILL find one and wolves dont despawn unless if my memory serves me right they happen to spawn in an area that is 1x1 like on a cliff etc. Hope I helped you out a little bit :-)

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  20. Really, technically, they randomly spawn in places, but you are more likely to find them in forests or grassy spaces. If you fail to find a wolf, you can always use the /spawn command. Also, you can use a Spawn Wolf egg.

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  21. Taiga Biomes (AKA Spruce Wood Biomes) Are where they're most common.

    On rare occasions, you can find them in other Biomes like Plains, Savanah, forest, ect.

    As ar as I know, the only Biomes you can't find wolves in are jungle and Desert Biomes.

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  22. You can either spawn them via cheats, go on creative mode, or go to a forest.

    User Info: TheGamerKnight

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