How do you start a multi-player Server?

  1. I have tried recently to install a multi-player server for th egame on my computer. It is for computers on the same network. I have also looked at the minecraft wiki for assistance, but what I tried did not work. Whenever I tried to run the server, the computer could not connect with it or responded with,
    "Connection lost
    The server responded with an invalid server key"
    Occasionally, the computer responded with a different message, but I don't remember what it was and recently the computer stopped being able to connect to the server at all. Whether I typed in localhost or my IP address as the IP address, the server would not work. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    User Info: blazeyboy007

    blazeyboy007 - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I did everything you said, but when I edited the file it saved it as a document. Does that affect anything?. Also, the server simply won't connect, as the polling screen just says "Can't Connect" in red under the server name.

    User Info: blazeyboy007

    blazeyboy007 - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    I realized I had to have the server open to connect, and even though that lets me join the server I still always get error messages.
    Some of them were:
    "Failed to login: bad login'
    "Connection Lost: the server responded with an invalid server key"
    And only on my brother's computer:
    "Failed to login: user not premium"

    User Info: blazeyboy007

    blazeyboy007 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I had a steep learning curve getting my multiplayer server to work as well. Unless you have some network experience, it can be tough. There were a LOT of technical snafus that can, and did, crop up for me.

    So my understanding is that you are trying to setup a server for use on a local network, correct? I am assuming you are running the server on one computer and playing from another, is that also correct? Is this a vanilla Minecraft server, too? The process is slightly different if it isn't.

    First thing you must do. Make a folder you want the server to be in and put the Minecraft.jar in there. Make sure you open it in an empty folder otherwise it will dump all the files wherever you open it, possibly causing you to lose track of some necessary files. It is just better to use a folder exclusively for the server. Now run the Minecraft.jar. It will create a bunch of files in this folder.

    Open the file and put the ip address of the computer the server is on in the server-ip line DIRECTLY after the equal sign. NO SPACES between the two. Now put 25565 in the server-port line DIRECTLY after the equal sign there. This tells the server itself which computer it is running from.

    If you do not know how to find your computer's IP address, type 'cmd' into the run command in your start menu. then type 'ipconfig' into the command prompt when it comes up. Look under the IPv4 Address or something similar to find it. Enter it in exactly as it is written in the command prompt.

    It is best to verify your ip address when initially setting up a server and whenever you encounter connection issues. My router has a habit of reassigning my local ips. This will almost always happen if it gets disconnected, reset, or turned off for any reason. Don't assume you know your ip address. When in doubt, using ipconfig will get to the root of a lot of connection problems that leave you scratching your head.

    To test out your connection, use 'localhost' as your server address from a copy of Minecraft on the computer you are running the server on. You should be able to play. Now if your really want to test your setup, type the ip address of your server computer into a separate server on the selection screen and try to play that way. This will verify if your file is setup correctly. If you are able to connect and play both ways from the server computer, you are ready to move onto the next step.

    Once you verify the game works properly, then you can move onto setting up your other computers. All you have to do is type in the ip address of your server computer into the server box on a copy of Minecraft on any other computer on the network. Although usually not required for local network multiplayer, you may want to add :25565 (don't forget the colon) directly after the ip address if the game doesn't connect without it. This number is a port number and is used for when you do non-local multiplayer setup. You probably won't need it for this but it can't hurt.

    Obviously, you MUST make sure your server is running before you try and connect to it. Which means you must wait for it to get to the 'type help or ? for help' line before you can connect to it. Also look for any error meassages that pop up on the server console window. There shouldn't be any if you set everything up as written here, but it doesn't hurt to check.

    And that's it. If you followed all my steps in that order, you should have an operational LOCAL network Minecraft multiplayer server. Now, if you want to make it so players can connect to your server from OUTSIDE your local network, that takes quite a bit more setup. If you need this sort of help, I can help you. I figured all this out on my own with the help of tutorials and forum reading, so I know how to do it for my circumstances at least. So let me know if you need assistance with this aspect as well.

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