i died before i changed my respawn point. Find it?

  1. I spent 4 hours making the best fortress for minecraft that I had thought of so hardly and then I died... how can I find it again?

    User Info: Scarekrow7

    Scarekrow7 - 5 years ago

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  1. This can be either incredibly easy or very hard to do, depending on certain factors. There's no sure-fire way to find your fortress unless you made precautions beforehand.

    I'm guessing you didn't do that considering you're asking for help, so I'll give you a few pointers to finding your structure:
    -Wander aimlessly. No, really, this helps... a bit. Try your best to find your way; seek out familiar landmarks that might point to where your structure is.
    -Watch for light. Set the difficulty to Peaceful, and wander around at night with the highest render distance you can set it to without lagging too much. Assuming you erected a few torches/glowstones/Netherrack flames around your fortress, this should make it stand out; light is easy to pick out from a distance.
    -Stand high. Find some high points to look around from, following the above two tips.

    That's about all you can do. Shear/kill some sheep to collect 3 wool, make 3 planks, and layer them in your crafting box (three wood in a line, three wool on top) to make a bed and place it in your stronghold as soon as you find it; sleep to save your spawn point so this doesn't happen again.

    Also, another way to keep track of your structures is to write down their coordinates. While playing, if you press F3 you'll see your current coordinates (X: 000, Y: 00, Z: 000). The X and Z are what you need to keep track of; they indicate your location in relation to the compass points. I keep a document on my desktop full of these coordinates, with the names of what structures they correspond to. It'll help make sure you don't lose your way in your world again.

    Hope this helps! Good luck finding your stronghold; I remember how panicked I was when I lost track of Weathertop (my nickname for the first real structure I built) and wouldn't want to prolong that for anyone.

    User Info: jaleblademaster

    jaleblademaster - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. Hm, I agree with the person above but make sure you set your spawn point with your building with a bed if you do it again.

    If you have no problem downloading a mod or don't mind you could download Rei's MiniMap mod because you can set the location of places in the mod.

    User Info: FoolBounty

    FoolBounty - 4 years ago 0 0

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