Why can't i turn and move at the same time?

  1. recently i have not been playing minecraft, but now i have decided i would like to have a go on it again, but been stopped. I am not able to move in any direction and turn at the same time. I am playing on a laptop dell inspiron, it is a rather new model. I have searched on the internet to check/uncheck 'palmcheck' but the guidance given to go in 'mouse' then 'device settings' doesn't exist. my computer comes up with 'touchpad settings' instead which is very annoying for me.i dont know how to change this setting or if there is another way. please reply and help me, thanks a lot

    User Info: redryan1000

    redryan1000 - 5 years ago


  1. IF you have skype, i need to know more about it. My skype name is navin.antoine.


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  2. Have you found out the problem? There are several reasons why this might occur. 1st, if you have a regular mouse, it may not have the options you are looking for, laptops are like that, however, "Mouse" is always present, go to "Control Panel" then to "Mouse" in there one of the tabs on the top will lead you to the settings of the mouse options, if it leads to the touch pad, then that computer doesn't support external mice. IF that is the case, I would suggest getting a wireless mouse from Logitech. Logitech has it's own program (called SetPoint) to select mouse options. if this does not fix the problem, which I have had but not with this game, some laptops and some Desktop keyboards will not accept more than a couple buttons at a time and even the same key repeated multiple times in a row... if even those options don't work, maybe during an update in the game may have changed or reset a custom button layout... if that doesn't fix it then I'm at a loss...

    User Info: icmdraghon

    icmdraghon - 3 years ago 0 0

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