Server wont work plz help?

  1. Ok so i made a bukkit server an owner of other bukkit server help overskype but there one problem we could not fix my external ip wont work so no one can join i cheacked the port and i don't want hamichie so can you help?

    User Info: geofri1997

    geofri1997 - 5 years ago


  1. You need to open your port Open start menu Find run or type in run on the search box and type cmd in run. Then Type in Ipconfig find you IP address... (ip). Then also find your Default Gateway type that into your internet browser then you should find something about like Virtual servers or ports or apps and gaming. Then with the IP address you've found fill in the box name the port Minecraft internal and external port are 25565 when it asks tcp or Udp Choose both. Then save it. Go to google and type in Whats my ip address when you have that ip launch the server. go to you server list then type the ip you gt from the whatsmyip thing. If not try youtube and some monitors wont allow the ports to work no matter what.

    User Info: DeathPenguin99

    DeathPenguin99 - 5 years ago 0 0

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