Where is it?

  1. The meta-inf directory, i can't find it! a note; i have 1.2.5, and it doesn't look like I am updating anytime soon. please help!

    User Info: DragonCat1

    DragonCat1 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It may vary depending on your Operating System. You'll need something like Winrar or 7Zip.
    Go to Start>Run>%appdata%
    You're looking for the .minecraft folder which will either be here, or in the Roaming folder.
    Open the bin folder. Right click minecraft.jar>Open With>Winrar/7Zip. META.INF should be near the top if the list.

    User Info: Nintendude128

    Nintendude128 (Expert) - 4 years ago 3 0

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