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"Minecraft, a very good game, which is STILL in development."

Minecraft is a game under development currently at half the price and in alpha,still being developed by Notch It is fun and addictive, and construction of a good hide out and tools is essential, the 4 levels of difficulty were a great idea, first-timers can put it on peaceful difficulty to get ready before having to occacionally fight during the day and maybe at the open during night or from their shelter.

A way to survive the first night on any difficulty over peaceful is to make a quick and safe shelter, preferably in a mountain, getting some wood to make planks and other materials.Then at dawn of their second day move out to a cliff or a small and fairly illuminated natural cavern and build doors, barricades, and torches.

The multiplayer survival mode is great and still in early development, it is great for those who like to survive in team, those who like to build, while being safer from getting attacked, those who are not lone-wolves and don't forget those who like to role-play. It is basiclly single-player, but with friends!

Also the world is like ours trees CAN finish, but lucklly you can plant more, by destroying its leaves until you eventually find a seed.

The expansion "The Nether" (A.K.A The Underworld) was great although hard to get to and survive, its great that there are ghosts and other strange creatures that may only be found in the underworld, like ghasts (Giantic ghosts) and zombie-pigmen (Wierd right?) and the bloodstone there can be used to make a beautiful permanent fire.

Also, the variety of materials, tools, and weapons you can make is impressive and each has its own use, and if you experiment enough you can get surprising results, many people have made many great things, like traps that kill enemies and collect their loot, double doors, land mines, rollercoasters, realistic digging mines, automatic doors, tree houses, the Eiffiel Tower, the Big Ben even a representation of the world!

In total this game is for great artists that like the easy ways to make virtual art, to dose who like survival games, an those who like build-your-own games, and anyone could tell that when it is finished it will be better and the custom skin packs are also great, like the nukecraft to make a post-nuclear looking land, the moderncraft if you want to build your dream house, etc.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/06/10

Game Release: Minecraft (Classic) (US, 05/10/09)

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