Review by lord_o_spoons

Reviewed: 12/14/10

Minecraft - Probably the most addicting game I've ever played, even in the Alpha

Minecraft contains all the elements you could ask for in a sandbox game. When you start (on Arcade mode), you'll find yourself in a completely randomized, somewhat occupied, seemingly-endless world with land, water, animals, enemies, etc. What you have to do with this forging heaven: have fun.

At morning, you collect resources, make them into other objects, and use them to build your shelter. At night, you fight zombies, giant spiders, and skeletons. Or, maybe if it's your first day, you can seal yourself in your shelter and tremble in a corner through the entire night.

The combat system is fairly simple. Click them before they get too close to you. On the first day, you may want to hide somewhere, unless you think you can take them on bare-handed. After using weak items to get stronger ones, you can make weapons and armor for more of an advantage. Soon after starting the game, you should be able to mine underground and hack at blocks for an hour to get better minerals. With them, you can mine for even better ones and so on.

You use various objects and materials to get anything that will help you. For instance, you can get some wood, make it into sticks, and use coal to ignite them into torches for when it's too dark to see. You could also use wood to make storage chests to organize items in your inventory with.

After playing for long enough, you should have a large in-ground house with all the useful appliances and entrance to an underground mine. At any time, you can travel somewhere else to start a new home at. You could travel from island to island for hours. I wouldn't be surprised if you did.

Apart from gameplay, most things are moderate. Most. One thing to note is the graphics. At first sight, it may remind you of Roblox. Since everything is measured in huge blocks about the size of your character, it can't be very accurate or detailed. Another thing is the animations. Your character (which you can see if you switch from the default 1st person view to 3rd), walks stiffly. Furthermore, everybody's default character is the same dark-skinned, blue-clothed, medium-haired block figure. Although you can change it when you pay for the full version.

The audio is customizable enough but still is a little void. The only sounds I ever pay attention to are the annoying cows mooing and armless zombies mysteriously exploding. This review was written during the alpha, so I'm sure they may come out with more noticeable background music eventually. Until then, the sound gets a thumbs down from me.

If you're the kind of person who just likes to build things limitlessly and share/brag with your friends, you can try that too. There's a mode with endless blocks and your choice of world size, then you can make a server on multiplayer and share it.

Unfortunately, multiplayer has a few major flaws that can't be fixed very easily. If you allow people to edit your map when they join it, many players will join, delete everything, and leave. If you're the owner of the server, you can reset everything back to its original state. However, the things that people came in and decided to add to it as their own creation will be demolished. On the other side, if you decide to make nobody able to edit anything, it's kind of a killjoy. All you'll do is explore for a while in awe of the creation, then get bored and leave. Personally, I like to stick with singleplayer.

Finally, is the game worth buying? For approximately 10 pounds or 14 dollars (during the alpha, that is; the price will double from that during the beta or full version), I believe it's worth the purchase. Get this game, and put your creative mind to work.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Minecraft (Classic) (US, 05/10/09)

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