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"Minecraft - The game you think won't be addicting but turns out it is"

What is Minecraft, exactly? Or maybe you should ask the question, what do you do in it? What's the main objective?

Well, I'll answer that right now. There is no main objective. You do everything in it. It's a sandbox game, it's the playground of god, and guess what? You're that god.

Now, I actually did not want to buy this game at first. I didn't know about it, and when my friend recommended it to me, it sounded like a very stupid game which would get old quickly due to the lack of story and multiplayer. I also thought that because it was still in the Alpha stage, there would heaps and heaps of glitches and near fatal bugs. Not to mention I'm not really into the "sandbox" genre where there is no objective in what you do, just harassing everything around you, building up, and doing entirely pointless things to build up your ego to the point of no return.

At the point of harassing me to buy the game, he said to at least watch the series "X's adventures in Minecraft" before making a decision. So I went ahead waiting for X to tell me how "great" the game was while doing the most boring things ever. When I started watching, I couldn't stop. Everything was interesting. From the graphics, to the building, to the encounters with monsters. It was all exciting, and didn't seem like a sandbox genre, but a mix of genres. When you got to a cave, you wanted to explore that cave (adventure). When you were in the cave, monsters poked out at you from everywhere, usually not uttering a sound until they were right next to you (horror). When you were making your house, you wanted to make it as aesthetically pleasing and as easy to navigate as possible, while still keeping a level of complexity to keep it interesting. When you see something, you give yourself the goal and you finish that goal to the end, no matter what.

At the end of the series, I watched another. And another. And another. Then I finally caved in and bought the game.

Boy, was I wrong when I said "stupid" and "would get old quickly".

You start out in the huge world 8 times the size of Earth. There is no tutorial, nothing telling you what to do, and nothing that's friendly to you. Except the animals, who stare at you while derping (seriously, just look at them). When I had started, since I had already watched all of those series, I knew exactly what to do. Go get wood, find coal if you could, and if you couldn't, build a very small indent into a mountain and pray to god that some spider didn't decide it wanted a hug. When night comes, 4 types of monsters spawn. Zombies, which are the basic unit of monsters, and generally the weakest. Skeletons, who wield a bow and infinite arrows, and act as a ranged unit. Spiders, which, unlike other types of monsters, can fit through horizontal holes. The last unit is the Creeper, which makes no sounds like the other monsters do, but make a small "ssss" and explode when they are near you. Zombies and skeletons shrivel up when its daytime, spiders become peaceful, but creepers remain the same. But I still always wonder why everyone thinks that Creepers are the deadliest monster; skeletons also make near to no noise and attack from a range. Not to mention they can ride spiders (when you see this, you will laugh, HARD)

YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE OUT AT NIGHT. Build a shelter as soon as possible. As you go on in the game, you expand your shelter and continually make your life in the game easier. Then you come across caves. Since monsters spawn wherever there is darkness, caves are monster packed and are very dangerous. But they also contain the minerals that you need to upgrade, so you generally want to go into said caves. Caves are filled with all 4 types of monsters, and they're usually not nice enough to be right out in the open. The hide in cracks and corners where you mine, and if the monster is a creeper or skeleton, will not make any sound. So you generally end up being scared out of your hide and placing torches everywhere so monsters spawn farther and farther away from you.

The music in this game is some of the best I have ever heard, rivaling that of Kingdom Hearts II, Shadow of the Colossus, and LoZ: Majora's Mask. It is mostly piano based, and ranges from a soft warm welcome into your home to the dark depths of a cave at the bottom of the Earth. There is even a hidden song in the game, called "Cat". All others can be heard in various places at random times, but this secret song can only be played in a Jukebox, as it is a record. It comes from chests near monster spawners, or when you kill a creeper by having his fellow skeleton shoot at him.

The game can be tackled at any pace as well. You can slowly build up your home and make sure caves are safe, and the such, or you can build monuments to your glory in a day and brave caves like they're fully lit. Your selection of homes can range from a huge treehouse to built into a mountain to a floating castle in the sky.

When you have seemed to have finished the game, you only realize that there is more to be done. For instance, when you find bucket-loads of diamond, explored every inch of your world, and done everything that could be done: you can go farther. When you make a diamond pick, pour water over the top of lava to make obsidian. If you make an obsidian doorway, you can go into the Nether, which is basically Hell. The Nether is probably the scariest thing I have ever seen, even having played multiple horror games and seen videos of many more, ESPECIALLY when you build your obsidian gate underground. When you are underground, do you know what you will hear? You will hear the sounds of children being tormented, laughing insanely. When the things that make these sounds see each other (they are actually just zombie pigs, but they look scary as hell and wield a golden sword that is as strong if not stronger than a diamond sword) they scream and shout, which makes you want to bawl and get out of there as quickly as possible. If you start on the top floor, ground level, flaming clouds will shoot fireballs rapidly at you, which EXPLODE. They also leave fire ever burning in that one place, ensuring that you can never be there ever again.

Remember that this is all in the Alpha version, soon to be Beta. Get it as quickly as you can, as it will soon cost more. For 10 euros, or about $13, this game is well worth your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/15/10

Game Release: Minecraft (Classic) (US, 05/10/09)

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