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Reviewed: 10/25/11


A world of blocks. A world of animals, a world of crafting, and a world of evil monsters that go SSSSssss in the night.

This is Minecraft. Not Sparta, minecraft. But you can make Sparta... And more.

In the beggining, it doesn't look like much, you maybe spawned on a tree, you're looking around, see a few animals, maybe a lake or two.
You go punch down some trees, make a workbench, make a pickaxe, mine some stone, make another pickaxe, mine more stone for more Stone-Teir tools... Get more trees, too. And don't forget to build a house. If you forget, then you a royally screwed at night, my friend.

Because night is when the baddies come out. The zombies, which come for you, wanting to maul you to death. The skeletons, which shoot powerful arrows from afar. The spiders, which can climb walls and run faster than you. The creepers, which look like giant cacti and explode when they close to you. The oh-so-rare spider jockey, the ultimate combination of a skeleton riding a spider. And the Endermen, which when you look at them they open their mouths and charge at you. You be thanking Notch when the sun comes up. The zombies, skeletons, and Endermen burn during the day. The spiders won't attack unless provoked. But the creepers stay the same. Although during day, creeper combat is MUCH easier as you can see more.

Now, when you have a pickaxe and a sword, try to find caves, which hold precious minerals. Although they are dark, you can light up the area so monsters don't come from behind. But from the front, they'll be waitng for you to come down.

Now, when you've found diamonds, you can break obsidian and make a portal to the Nether. Now jelly-fish like things will fire exploding fireballs at you, a group of zombie pigmen will come after you if you hit one.

There are many mods you can install, which modify your game to do certain things. Like let you craft new weapons. Or give you even more dominance by letting you use commands. Or let you get items by clicking on it with a mouse button in your inventory screen.

You can also install or make your own texture pack which changes the appearance of the mobs, items, blocks and such. One popular texture pack is the Painterly pack, which has a customizer that let's you customize your own painterly pack.

So buy the game. You can accomplish lot's of things in Minecraft when you put your mind to it. So farewell.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Minecraft (Beta) (US, 12/20/10)

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