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The first time I played this game, I was amazed about how creepy the creeper actually was! This game is scary, fun, addictive, and creative.
I learned about Minecraft from a game informer magazine and decided to try it. When I got Minecraft I fell in love. The graphics and game play are simple yet addicting, and surprisingly challenging! That is why I chose this game for my first review. oh and if you have a youtube account minecraft videos usually get lots of views.

Graphics- 8/10
Graphics are simple and pixely, but the simple graphics kept the game from being to complicated. Some of the mobs look dumb (villagers) but mainly the graphics are pretty good.

Sound- 7/10
Sound was what I liked least about this game, well some of the sounds. I liked the mob sounds, and the music. The sounds I didn't like in the game were the ambient sounds, when you were anywhere near a cave, you heard creepy ambient sounds. other than that, the sounds were fine.

Gameplay- 9/10
This game was made for it's gameplay, simple and challenging. The monsters are quite smart and don't just jump in to the chasm in between you and it. when you first start playing, unless you have watched videos about minecraft before, you may not know what to do, you have to try stuff. when you know what you are doing, you can do anything you want. You can build a roller coaster, invent a piston based death trap, or play on a multiplayer server. You can even create your own server if you have the software to do so. If you want to, you can add more to the game by getting mods, but I have never tried this but they have things like inventory edit, new mobs, weapons, and more.

Storyline- 8/10
Well, first you'd say there was no story, you wold be wrong! The way to play story is custom maps! You can have any story you (or other players) can imagine. You can be stranded on an island and one day realize you are not alone, or chase a undead sorcerer across a mystical land (yogscast references).

Overall- 9/10
Well, not to descriptive as reports reports go, but it is my first. Back to the game. Minecraft is an amazing game, simple but addicting. It is definitely worth the twenty dollars it costs to get. I recommend this game if you enjoy games that have lots to do, but can get a little boring every once and a while (night on your first few nights). One thing is is the game uses a lot of data so you need a strong computer to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/23/12

Game Release: Minecraft (Beta) (US, 12/20/10)

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