Review by McSnarled

Reviewed: 05/29/12

Biuld from nothing to something.... Become History In a historic game.

First thing I will say about this game Is It Is the idea time killer for those with depression or just mind numb as all you need Is a few Dollars a chair and Some will power. Why will power you will find out very soon. So get started and grab a beer or A soda and get ready to try to figure life out again as you die and Know noting making you realize you have no say or comfort here. You are and will become th game... You have to survive! with out help good luck doing so.

First Play. First play was frustrating and bizzare, I remember Always Getting blown up shoot with arrows I was always dieing. A little basic reading an know how I was able to get a shelter that kept me safe for a few nights. Since then I did my homework and now I feel I can play this game with out fear anymore

Visual and style. This game Is one that looks like Dragon Quest had a baby with Zelda NES and made It 3D. One of the best and most usable interactive graphics I seen. The 8bit lets lower end CP users play the game while being charming and the aspect placing doors Into blocks Is not to far off current times. Infact I stare In Awe of how good It looks In my 8-bit I am a new man and I love every scenewo

Gameplay. Amazing and more amazing everything and anything Is yours If you want It.... Pluck dirts for a cobble home Building up your home going out when ready to finally killled those monsters that beat you. The control Is slick and easy the options leave a little behind yet the experience never gets dull. It just makes the game more Interesting

Replay Value. 20/10, Try to play online everyone Has a world and you have to fit in... I see no end to this game as It takes everything and gives Immortal life. I can play this game for hours even years before I even get the full aspect, It Is that fun and or addicting and good luck

Over all... 9.7 out of ten. The game is so close to perfect yet It has those odd quirks that make you wonder how did that even happen and the loss of any explanation of what you are doing might scare away some. For me I found It a work In progress and a rewarding time so far as I can do s much better than what I got now. I hope this game Inspires others to build and work hard to see things come together. In this game I got my place and I love It so far...A first time home owner!

Bottom Line... worth the free download and worth the Price and effort to learn the game fully. The only thing you might regret Is not having alot of time to play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Minecraft (US, 11/18/11)

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