Diner Dash - Welcome to Diner Dash. Help Flo the former stock broker grow her fledging diner into a five-star restaurant in this highly addictive game of skill, speed and savvy! Get customers to their tables. The quicker they are seated, the higher the tip Take orders and deliver food fast to keep your customers coming back. Save your tips for decorations, improvements and even new restaurants. Expand your dining empire. 5 remodels, including Tiki Bar & Five Star Restaurant 50 fast paced levels 6 different types of customers - each a unique challange 2 modes of play" career and endless shift Diner Dash 2 - Restaurant Rescue: Welcome back! The worldof restaurants is under attack by a tight-fisted tycoon. Help Flo save her friends' restaurants before they shut down. Join Flo as she returns to help four fellow restaurant owners defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big. Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food and collect tips Expert scores earn you more decor upgrades New quirky characters, challenges and powerups. A surprise restaurant awaits. Get high chairs for families. Seat cell phone users away from other patrons to earn more tips Play in 5 new restaurants with 7 total customer types, including 4 new ones Upgrade your restaurant more than 130 decor upgrades

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