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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by DrGinx

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    Anomaly: Warzone Earth Guide to Game Mechanics and Strategy, 
    An Unofficial Guide for new players by DrGinx
    Copyright 2011 Xing Gao
    Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a reverse tower defense game by 11 bit studios
    By reverse TD, you direct "creeps" and navigate through various types 
    of tower setups. As your "creeps" destroy enemy towers, you gain money
    which can be used to upgrade your units and buy additional units.   
    Your commander or hero have special abilities and is free to wander away 
    from the set route.  
    I beat the game recently, and I have to say it was a lot of fun.  
    About the Author:  This is my second time writing a faq.  First one
    is on gyromancer.  I think I like writing faqs for smaller Indie games.  
    I've gotta be bored out of my mind to do a faq for Dragon Age or Mass effect 2
    That my friend is for Pros. 
    The Basics
    The first thing to understand is Unit composition.
    Your units is composed of six different type of ground units.  None of these 
    are too Sci-Fi like the enemies you are facing.  They travel on roads, and 
    march in a single file in a set speed that cannot be changed.  The order of 
    the file however, can be changed. Units can be upgrade 3 times total.  First 
    upgrade cost the unit's purchase price, and each upgrade cost double the 
    previous upgrade.  
    Cost                	$100
    Start HP            	120 
    Max Upgrade HP      	300
    Start Attack        	60
    Max Upgrade Attack  	96 
    Upgrade - $100 - $200 - $400 Total cost 800 for a fully upgraded unit
    Pros: HP, Rate of Fire
    Cons: Damage, Range
    The APC is the cheapest unit you can buy and upgrade.  Starting with 120 HP
    that can be expanded up to 300 HP.  APC's machine guns have a short range, 
    lower than all enemy towers!  APc's machine gun locks on quickly and fires 
    rapidly, but each upgrade only gives you 12 more attack power. This unit is 
    your damage soaker.  Don't expect it to take down an cluster of towers by
    with only APCs.  
    Cost                	$125
    Start HP            	70 
    Max Upgrade HP      	112
    Start Attack        	85
    Max Upgrade Attack  	280 
    Upgrade - $125 - $250 - $500 Total cost 1500 for a fully upgraded unit
    Pros: Damage, Range
    Cons: Rate of Fire, HP
    The Crawler is the most damaging unit you can get into your team. Fully
    upgraded it can take out enemy blaster tower in 1 hit.  It is my favorite
    Unit, it's low HP can be off set by shield generators.  It's long
    range allows for Sniping.  In fact it has the higest attack range of all of 
    your units.  However the crawler takes time to change targets
    if turning is required, and it's rate of fire is very low.   
    Shield Generator
    Cost               	$150
    Start HP               	125
    Start Shield HP        	40
    Max Upgrade Shield HP  	80 
    Upgrade - $150 - $300 - $600 Total Cost 1200 for a fully upgraded unit
    Pros: Protect other units
    Cons: HP, can't attack
    The second most favorite unit is the shield generator.  The shield generator
    provides shields for itself, and the units directly infront of it and behind 
    its Shields will auto recharge when the unit is not being fired on. All 
    damage must first deplete shields before the unit itself takes damage. 
    The shield generator has no attack, it's HP cannot be upgraded.  
    Cost                $200
    Start HP            140 
    Max Upgrade HP      308
    Start Attack        75
    Max Upgrade Attack  165 
    Upgrade - $200 - $400 - $800 Total Cost 1600 for a fully upgraded unit
    Pros: HP, Damage 
    Cons: Expensive to Upgrade
    The tank is a like a APC but with more damage potential. Tanks fire a bit
    slower, but do much more damage.  A fully upgraded tank has the highest
    HP among your units, although only beats a fully upgrade APC by 8.  
    The cost difference is huge.  An fully upgraded tank could buy you 2 fully
    upgraded APCs!  So do you go tank or APCs?  The question your should ask is
    How much money do I have.
    Cost                $250
    Start HP            120
    Max Upgrade HP      220
    Start Attack        65
    Max Upgrade Attack  123 
    Upgrade - $250 - $500 - $1000 Total Cost 2000 for a fully upgraded unit
    Pros: Attack both sides, Burn enemies
    Cons: Short range, Extremely Expensive to Upgrade
    This unit is kind of interesting.  It's got two short range plasma flame
    throwers that allow it to shoot at 2 different enemies at the same time.
    The damage is okay but it's steady.  Did I mention how short the range
    on those flame throwers are?  They have the shortest range in the game.
    So if you put them in front you are liable to give the bad guys many
    free shots.  
    HP of the Dragon starts off low and increases in large chunks with upgrades, 
    but it is extremely expensive to upgrade.  A fully upgrade Dragon can buy 
    you 2 fully upgraded Crawlers! 
    Okay there is the good part about this unit.  This unit can engage 2 enemy
    towers at the same time!  The plasma flame thrower can also sets the enemy 
    on fire.  And they keep burning even after your units have moved past.  
    This damage is also increased in upgrades.  It's a nice feature, but my 
    approach is to leave nothing behind, so I tend to prefer crawlers over 
    Supply Truck
    Cost                $175
    Start HP            120
    Upgrade order       Repair - Smoke - Decoy - Airstrike
    Upgrade - $25 
    Pros: More commander abilties
    Cons: No Attack, takes up a slot
    If your have the supply truck, everytime an enemy is destroyed, it fills a 
    gauge.  When the the gauge is full an ability is available for your 
    commander to pickup.  Upgrades cycles through the different upgrades, 
    repair is first, then to smoke, decoy and airstrike.  Upgrades after 
    airstrike will go back to repair.  Do know that different abilities cost 
    different numbers of kills to fill. If you don't fill and upgrade, what you
    had will carry over.
    The truck is very useful on harder difficulties when reinforcements are not
    as common.  It's more useful with a large horde of enemies.  
    Also the truck's HP cannot be upgraded.   
    Enemy Towers
    Priority: Enemy towers will fire on the commander, but if your units are also
    in range their priority will switch to your units. The highest priority
    is a decoy that is in range, all enemy towers in range will switch to 
    targeting the decoy if able.  
    HP		Low
    Range		Medium
    Damage		Low
    Turning		Fast
    Rate of Fire	Fast
    Special		None
    Weaknesses 	Smoke
    These are the most tyical enemy towers, have the lowest HP and damage.
    They can be destroyed easily with a single airstrike.  However in clusters
    these towers become much more dangerous.  
    Blaster towers are weak against Smoke, as they have no area damage they
    will miss their target and even a large group of them can be easily defeated
    with a well placed Smoke.  
    HP		High
    Range		Very High
    Damage		Very High
    Turning		CANNOT
    Rate of Fire	Very Fast
    Special		none
    Weaknesses 	Approaching from the side
    Scorchers are a long range unit that fires a nasty plasma beam that quicky 
    fries anything in its way.  It is a stationary unit and cannot change the 
    way it is facing, so approaching it from the side would be best.  Head on 
    attacks will result in unit loss unless abilities are used. It's a tough unit
    1 airstrike will not kill it.  Scorcher detroys Decoys quickly and will only 
    miss some of the time in a smoke screen. 
    HP		Very High
    Range		High
    Damage		High
    Turning		Slow
    Rate of Fire	Slow
    Special		Radius AOE
    Weaknesses 	Decoy
    Behemoth units have massive HP and are hard to kill.  It's AOE attack is 
    very damaging.  The best way to fight it is to take advantage of its slow 
    turn speed.  The tactic I use is called the double turn.  
    C=commander U=your units B=Behemoth > = direction behemoth is facing
    D=Decoy #=range
    First I run up to it with my commander before my units are in range, and
    get to the opposite side of the behemoth.  
    The behemoth will turn to to target the commander. 
    When your units are in range the behemoth will slowly turn to 
    attack your units.
    Right before he is able line up, activate decoy. Now
    the behemoth will slowly turn toward the decoy.
    Once he is there he still has to shoot it. After he destroys the decoy he 
    still has to re-acquire your units.  
    This tactic provides a huge bracket of time for you to fire on the behemoth 
    without it being able to returning fire.  Once your commander drops the 
    decoy, he is free to engage in other support options.
    Smoke screen is not very effective against behemoths as your units will still
    take AOE damage.  
    Storm Ray
    HP		Medium
    Range		High
    Damage		Medium
    Turning		Fast
    Rate of Fire	Very Fast
    Special		Drain shields, Slow commander, Secondary target
    Weaknesses 	Decoy
    Storm Rays shoot a long range beam of lighting that deals continuous damage.
    The beam also jumps onto any secondary targets with in 1 space of the primary
    and deals a smaller amount of damage.  The beam sucks shield away off in 
    seconds.  In addition your commander will be slowed if he is hit by the beam.
    Storm Rays can be fooled by decoys, but if you decoy is too close to your
    own units they will be hit by secondary beam.  Smoke screen is also 
    an imperfect counter, the primary beam will hit the ground nearby but 
    secondary damage can still occur to your units.  1 Air strike will not
    be able take this unit out.  Overall this is one of the tougher enemies
    to face.  
    HP		Very High
    Range		Very High
    Damage		None
    Turning		Perfect
    Rate of Fire	Slow
    Special		Radius AOE 
    Weaknesses 	Decoy?
    This unit does no damage but it is very troublesome.  First it can attack from
    a long range, creating a big AOE field.  If you units and your commander
    are both in the field, your units will switch priorites to attacking your 
    commander.  If you units are well upgraded, a successful lockon could mean 
    instant death for your commander.  Your unit's attacks are not affected by 
    smoke screen. So this means your units are not attacking enemy towers, and 
    your commander can't get close to use support abilities without risking death.
    Hacker's attack homes in on the target, and will follow the target even
    out of it's normal aggro zone.  Its effective field last quite a while.
    At maximum it might be able to maintain up to 2 of such fields.  Hacker units 
    are affected by decoys, but you have to get close to it 
    so the decoy radius covers the hacker unit.  
    HP		Low
    Range		Very High
    Damage		None
    Turning		Perfect
    Special		Neutralize Abilities, Revive Towers
    Weaknesses 	Airstrike
    The Energizer unit is a very annoying one to face.  It does no damage,
    However, if your commander is in range and not blocked by a building it will
    lock on to him.  Once locked on if your commander deploy any ability then 
    the energizer unit will start draining the ability's power and make the 
    area of effect smaller,  After 3 seconds it will regenerate all dead enemy 
    towers in the region.  Which believe me, really sucks.  
    The key to fight it is to run past other enemy defending towers to reach the
    Energizer tower, and place an airstrike right next to it.  Yes it will
    drain the airstrike.  However airstrike activates before 3 seconds, so 
    it will not resurrect.  A single airstrike is enough to destroy the unit.  
    Also be sure to place the airstrike right NEXT to the energizer unit so you 
    dont lose coverage when the area gets smaller. 
    Commander Abilities
    All abilitis are deployed from the position of the commander when he activates
    them. The commander's HP is quickly regenerated when enemies are not firing 
    at him, so he can basically not die standing under a behemoth or a blaster
    tower.  StormRays will kill him.  If the commander goes down, he comes
    back after a set number of seconds.  Your units will get no support during
    the time he is down.  
    All abilities have cool down, it is not possible cover the field with
    say...decoys all at once.  So timing is important.  
    The repair zone is the smallest of the abilities.  It doesn't last very long 
    either, but the HP gain is significant.  With the right placement, you can
    heal an unit completely with a single repair no matter how badly damaged.
    Tactic 1: Corner Repair 
    The amount of repair done in a repair zone is based on time.  Since your units
    can't stop, the longer the route, the more time, and thus more HP.  If you 
    put the repair on a corner, the units spend more time in it thus get more HP
    When you are trying to repair a single heavily damaged unit, it's best to
    place it right before that unit enter the zone, so it traverse the full 
    distance.  When you are trying repair multiple units that are moderately 
    damaged. File these units one after the other and place the zone on top of 
    the first damaged unit.
    Tactic 2: Combat Repair 
    Repair is based on percent of Max HP, not total HP.  Thus a 50% damaged 
    crawler and a 50% damaged APC heal at different HP rates but at the same 
    percent rate.  It's best combat repair an unit with high HP than one with 
    low HP.
    Smoke screen will cause enemy to miss when firing into the smoke field.  It
    is very useful when your units are passing through an road heavily defended
    by enemy towers.  
    Tactic 3: Zone stacking
    By other abilities with smoke you can increase your survival at a cost.
    Version A: Smoke Stack Repair
    This is your ultimate defense. stacking Smoke + repair ensures less damage 
    and regeneration, if done well you can survive anything thrown at you. 
    Version B: Smoke Stack Decoy
    Now your enemy sees the decoy and wants to kill it, but it can't hit! So they
    have to wait till the timer runs out.  This is great for distracting a single 
    clusters of tough enemies such as a combination of stormrays, behemoths and 
    Decoy has creates a fake unit.  Only enemy towers within the radius of the
    decoy prioritizes the decoy.  If they are with in range of the decoy but 
    the decoy is not within firing range or blocked by terrain, the enemy towers
    are still free to shoot at your units. 
    The decoy have a timer and HP. if either runs out, the ability ends.  It will
    quickly die if multiple enemy towers are firing on it.  Therefore it is best
    to use decoy to distract one single enemy unit than to use it draw the
    attention of multiple enemy units.  
    This is when you are desperate to finish a few key towers that is 
    giving you trouble.  The area is big enough to cover maybe 2 adjacent towers
    and there are no normal towers that can stand 2 airstrikes in a row.
    In addition, the airstrikes do not cause damage to your commander or your
    own units. 
    General Strategy: Unit composition
    What is the right mix of units?
    Crawlers are too frail, APCs can't kill anything. What's the right mix?
    At higher levels of difficulty, these questions become more and more important.
    My favorite line up: (well before that let me do a legend)
    C=Crawler A=APC S=Shield T=Tank D=Dragon X=Supply
    I ususally go with 2 Crawler 1 Shield 1 APC 1 Supply, but I might add sixth
    Do I need a long line?
    Yeah. I think a 5 unit line is definitely needed. Longer the line, the more
    room for restacking.
    Some may ask: it seems like a simple game, but where is the strategy?
    Well there is a lot of it, just in how you line up your units!
    Selling units and what doesn't work.
    You may have noticed, that you can sell your units at full price with 100%
    refund of your upgrades.  That's great, and I thought of a plan to exploit
    that at first.  
    Since buying and selling is instant....What if I sell a unit that is heavily
    damaged in combat, and immediately purchase a new one at full HP?! 
    Well I discovered that selling units are based on % HP.  If you sell at unit
    at 50% health, you get half the refund.  So if you want to sell an unit, 
    best heal it up to full before you do it.  
    Tactics 1: Combat Restack
    This is where the meat of the game is.  You can restack a unit and move it out
    of the way in the middle of the fight.  
    C=Crawler A=APC S=Shield T=Tank D=Dragon X=Supply >> = movement direction
    #=space between your unit and enemy Tower
    Example A: 
    This is a hypothetical setup
    A4-A3-A2-A1>>###Enemy Towers
    A1 move in and get shot up. But you can change the order
    A1-A4-A3-A2>>#Enemy Towers
    Now A1 is out of range, and you are now forcing enemy towers to shoot A2. You
    can always repair A1 later. 
    This is the basics of restacking. Now for some units with different range.  
    Say enemy blaster tower has a range of ###, your crawler has a range of #####
    and your APC only have range of ##
    Now at A4-A3-A2-A1-C1>>#####Blaster Your C1 fires. 
    your units move closer A4-A3-A2-A1-C1>>###Blaster. Your C1 fires again but
    now enemy tower is locking on.  You restack:
    Your frail crawler is out of enemy range, and your enemy will be shooting a
    tough APC. But my Crawler is still able to fire.   
    So now my units move closer.
    Now my A1 opens fires on the enemy tower, but I restack:
    Now both A1 and A2 are in fire range, and so is C1, with 3 units attacking
    Basically long ranged high damage units are frail, but short range ones
    are tough.  So the plan to restack is to:
    Keep long ranged units in front on approach, and restack them to the 
    back later and put the short range units into reach.  
    This maximizes usage of firepower, and minimize damage to your frail units.
    Crawler sniping is another tactic I use, mostly when shooting an enemy 
    relatively far from your route. 
    My C1 and C2 Fires and move past, enemy tower still alive, but now it is
    are out of range. My APCs can't reach enemy at all.
    I restack:
    Now My crawlers gets another pass.
    Tactic 2: Shield Swap 
    The point in this game, is not to lose a single unit.  Losing units is losing
    money, you can't allow that to happen if you want the strongest army possible.
    Say you have a formation of A1-C1-S1-C2, both C1 and C2 has max shields.  
    If you change to C1-A1-S1-C2, now C1 is out of range and loses all shields.
    However, A1's shield will start at 0 and only start to charge.  
    If you stack the formation to
    A1-C2-S1-C1, or C1-S1-C2-A1, Shields remain.  
    So if I fight an enemy and C1's shield is depleted.  I can quickly swap C1
    with C2, maintaining the shield unit in the middle.  Then the enemy is forced
    to shoot C2, who has max shields.  Now the enemy has to beat 2 layers of 
    shields before causing a single point of damage.  
    So what do you do if you see a storm ray? 
    Say I start with:
    A1-A2-C2-S1-C1>> Enemy Storm Ray.  The Ray attacks and damages shields of 
    C1 and S1.
    I restack to:
    Now my crawlers are in the back recharging their shield while shooting back,
    while the enemy tower can deal some ping damage to my 2 APCs in front.  
    Alright that's all folks, happy gaming.

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