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Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Cheats


  • Start with 4 Lives, 500 coins, & 2 of all items

    To start with 4 Lives, 500 coins, & 2 of all items, during the intro sequence, when you see the chests hold Down + Right + A until the music stops at the title screen.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc and CAVEMAN107.

Bonanza Bros. Cheats


  • Glitch: Become invincible

    Right before you are hit by a bullet, step on a rake. If you do that, your character will be invincible until you collect an item.

    Contributed By: mozwazherez.

Columns Cheats


  • Get an extra magic jewel

    Columns Extra Magic Jewels
    There is a way to trick the game into giving you a second magic jewel. To do this you must set up the screen in a certain way. Have one row of the normal jewels stacked up almost to the top of the playfield. There must be vertical space for only two of the three jewels in the next block to come on the screen. Watch the "Next Block" preview box. When you see that the magic jewel block is next, get ready to quickly move it on top of your prepared stack. After the magic jewel eliminates the 'touching' color jewels, all of the remaining jewels will drop down as will the one magic jewel that was off the screen. This magic jewel will drop down and eliminate another group of colored jewels.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

Ecco Jr. Cheats


  • Secret Levels

    To find Ecco Jr's secret levels, go to the title screen. When ''Press Start'' appears, press A, B, and C.

    Next, switch the game mode to ''Exploratory''. Set the difficulty to ''Hard''.

    Go to ''Start at Level'' and look for the secret levels.

    Contributed By: End koi.


  • Level Passwords

    cfrLevel 02
    hofLevel 03
    rclLevel 04
    slrLevel 05
    jhoLevel 06
    fcjLevel 07
    crsLevel 08
    ljsLevel 09
    rocLevel 10
    oshLevel 11
    hrlLevel 12
    fslLevel 13
    ofjLevel 14
    jrfLevel 15
    lolLevel 16
    flrLevel 17
    rhjLevel 18

    Contributed By: Flame060 and larrybelljr.

Fatal Labyrinth Cheats


  • Full Armor

    Collect two short bows then equip both of them. Your character's armor will remain at 99 regardless of the actual armor worn.

    Contributed By: Cory Wilkie.


  • Hidden Attack

    Punch opponents that can destroy standard weapons. Select the weapon icon on the options screen, then discard the current weapon. Pick up the weapon after defeating your opponent.

    Contributed By: Cory Wilkie.

Galaxy Force II Cheats


  • View Ending

    Enter the OPTIONS screen, highlight EXIT, then hold down Start on Control Pad 2, then press Start on Control Pad 1.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

Kid Chameleon Cheats


  • Infinite Lives Glitch

    Lose all your lives and in the last life, die and immediately press and hold start. If you did it correctly, the screen "resume play and give up" will appear. Choose "give up" and the number of lives disappears.

    Contributed By: Gibbs8.


  • 10,000 bonus points

    Complete Blue Lask Woods in under 20 seconds.

    Contributed By: lilobaggins.

  • 5000 Bonus Points

    Complete any level without collecting any special items to get 5000 bonus points.

    Contributed By: Victory.

  • 5000 Bonus Points

    Complete a stage without being hurt by an enemy to earn 5000 bonus points.

    Contributed By: Setrack.

  • Last boss warp

    At the end of Blue lake woods there is a series of blocks just above the flag. Jump to the last one and then press down and right, jump and special together. You will be warped to Plethora, the last level.

    Contributed By: yatesy.

Ristar Cheats


  • Entire Code List for Ristar

    STARA shooting star goes across the background. (JP)
    MUSEUMBoss Rush mode
    XXXXXXClears/Deactivates the current password.
    AGESCopyright info is displayed.
    MIEMIEHidden items' grab points are shown with a blue star.
    FEELILOVEU,MIEMIE,CANDY,active all at once (JP)
    CANDYInvincibility (JP)
    MACCHAMentions Miyake colour. (JP)
    MASTERMentions next game. (JP)
    AAAAAANo Continue limit (JP)
    MAGUROOnchi Music mode and credit's music in sound test.
    HETAPReverses the High Score in Demo Mode. (JP)
    VALDIShows the Solar System. (JP)
    ILOVEUStage select
    SUPERBSuper Difficulty Mode
    SUPERSuper Hard mode
    DOFEELTime Attack mode

    Contributed By: Zero Sondow and Mike Truitt.

Super Thunder Blade Cheats


  • Avoid Enemy Fire

    Begin the game with hard difficulty. Stay in the upper right or left corners and fire your weapon continuously in levels 1 through 3.

    Contributed By: Jaelen.

  • Extra Lives

    Enable the level select code and get a continue. Highlight ''Option'' and hold A + B + C, and press Start. A picture of a panda will appear on the ''Player'' selection to confirm the code.

    Contributed By: Jaelen.

  • Passwords

    Press these controller actions at the title screen:

    A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, StartLevel 2
    A, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, StartLevel 3
    A, A, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, StartLevel 4
    A, A, A, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, StartLevel 5

    Contributed By: Jaelen.

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