• Steam Achievements

    AnnkorAll Qdots in Flare
    Beatall's GasmaskAll Qdots in Floating Point
    Beatall's Yearbook PicAll Qdots in Fusion
    Blue Clone TauntSolve 4 puzzles
    Clone Logo ArtAll Qdots in any 100 puzzles
    Clonebones FlagSolve 100 puzzles
    CloneMasterObtain all 10 medallion fragments
    CloneMaster IIBeat all CloneMaster battles on 'Medium'
    CloneMaster IIIBeat all CloneMaster battles on 'Hard'
    CloneMaster PatchAll Qdots in any 150 puzzles
    Confused CloneAll Qdots in any 20 puzzles
    CrownSolve 150 puzzles
    DragsicleAll Qdots in Dragsicle Tower
    Dragsicle Ice CubeAll Qdots in Frostea
    DrillDude Bonus Level 12 clonemaster medallion fragments
    DrillDude Bonus Level 2All Qdots in Geode Hill
    DrillDude's HelmetAll Qdots in The Incredible Gulp
    DrillDude's HelmetAll Qdots in Done Drillin'
    Far OutBeat wattson's clonemaster battle
    Give It A ChanceAll Qdots in Clone Together
    Gofo Bonus Level 1All Qdots in any 35 puzzles
    Gofo Bonus Level 2All Qdots in any 40 puzzles
    Gofo Bonus Level 33 clonemaster medallion fragments
    Gofo's ParkaAll Qdots in Frozen Clone Zone
    Gofo's SnowmanAll Qdots in One Crazy Gofo
    Gofo's TouqueAll Qdots in Ice Hotel Battle
    Green Clone TauntSolve 7 puzzles
    Grey Clone TauntCompleted 10 levels
    HeartAll Qdots in any 15 puzzles
    Hubble Buoy's BootsAll Qdots in Starlight
    ICO President5 clonemaster medallion fragments
    Level DesignerCreate one new level
    Lolz CloneAll Qdots in any 10 puzzles
    Max MultiParticipate in a 8-group multiplayer match.
    MultidominateWin a multiplayer match with 3 or more groups
    Octopal's BowtieAll Qdots in Lies beneath the ocean waves
    Octopal's BowtieAll Qdots in Octopal Battle
    Orange Clone TauntSolve 15 puzzles
    Perfect MatchWin a multiplayer match without losing any clones.
    Pout CloneAll Qdots in any 5 puzzles
    Purple Clone TauntSolve 20 puzzles
    Pwnage CloneAll Qdots in any 30 puzzles
    Red Clone TauntSolve 25 puzzles
    Roast Ed' SunglassesAll Qdots in Quicksand
    Roast Ed's Party HairAll Qdots in Twilight
    Roast Ed's ShadesAll Qdots in Sand Castles
    RoboBrain Bonus Level4 clonemaster medallion fragments
    RoboBrain's Stache-maskAll Qdots in Robo Battle
    RobostacheAll Qdots in Nova Style
    Snoog Bonus LevelAll Qdots in The Hollow
    Snoog's Antler BowtieAll Qdots in Share the Land
    Snoog's Old clawsAll Qdots in Conflagration
    Snoog's ShellAll Qdots in Rattlin' Roots
    SpeedrunObtain beatall's fragment in under 90 mins
    StopAll Qdots in any 50 puzzles
    Surprised CloneAll Qdots in any 3 puzzles
    Trillip Bonus Level 1All Qdots in any 55 puzzles
    Trillip Bonus Level 2All Qdots in Lure
    Trillip's MaskAll Qdots in Project Orion
    Trillip's PersonasAll Qdots in Trillip Battle
    Wattson's GuitarAll Qdots in Wattson
    Wattson's ShirtAll Qdots in Wattson
    White Clone TauntSolve 30 puzzles
    Yellow Clone TauntSolve 35 puzzles

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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