Esburn troubles?

  1. I've been having some trouble when getting Esburn to talk to Delphine. He doesn't say anything and I can't get through the dialogue, and therefore can't get through to the next portion of the story. Has anyone else had this problem, and if they have what's the solution?

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    skram2748 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. OK! The PC Version has the big bug for Esbern, which is that he has no dialogue trigger.

    Here's what I did to get through Esbern's sillyness:

    Btw make sure Subtitles are enabled. (both kinds)

    1. When you try to get him to open the door, make sure all enemies are dead (the chef and the deaf lady.)
    2. Go through the fast dialogue options that appear, and when he concedes to open the door, give it a moment, then zone out of the area by going back upstairs.
    3. Come back to Esbern's door, and it will open for you. Keep trying to talk to him, but not too fast. Give it a few moments at a time. He will eventually run to his chest and then give you some dialogue about being ready. Leave the area and fast travel back to Ravenwood.
    4. Once you arrive in front of Delphene, and this is key, make sure that they're BOTH STATIONARY. The dialogue sequences aren't ghosting unless this occurs. Delphene should keep giving you "Let's hear what Esbern has to say." This is normal. Keep trying to talk to her, then Esbern, then her, then Esbern. Give it a few moments in between.
    5. Delphene will mention to go downstairs or something, follow them. Once down there, she'll keep saying if you talk to her "Let's here what Esbern has to say." Sometimes she'll give different dialogue because its responses to Esbern which you have to manually trigger. This will start to become really apparent when you see Esbern slap down a book over and over. Just keep talking to Esbern, count to 2 or 3, then talk to Delphene.
    6. Shortly after the book-slamming nonsense, you'll get some extended dialogue from Esbern in subtitles. This is good. When you get the option to "Wait Here," select it.

    Silly mute Esbern.

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    Sheamzilla - 5 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Some games have a bug where he has no voice files, mine did, even after extracting the BSA voice files, I had the problem where he had the sub titles, but no voice, I had to hit the skyrim nexus site to get the voice folder "maleuniqueesbern" in order to get the quest finished. The following site is the D/L page for the folder of his voice files, they need to be placed in the folder "data\sound\voice" IF you extracted the BSA, the voice folder should already be there, if not, make it just as the path shows and unzip the esbern voice folder into the voice folder, start the game again and it will work, it worked 100% for me. Bethseda bug easily fixed.

    User Info: yor9790

    yor9790 - 5 years ago 0 0

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