How to get soul trap?

  1. So I been wondering how to get a soul trap( still don't know how it works) but can someone explain how o can trap souls into soul gems?

    User Info: trigunbro

    trigunbro - 5 years ago

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  1. Buy the tome from a mage or find it on a weapon (can be bought or found). If you're casting, cast first and kill your target before the effect wears off. If you're using a weapon enchantment, just kill your target and make sure there's enough magic charge. Either way, you will need a container (soul gem) or suitable size or larger. Brings lots of soul gems of each size, otherwise you risk trapping a smaller soul in a larger gem (which is a waste). If your target is too big for all of the soul gems you have on you, you fail to capture. Humans require an empty black soul gem.

    User Info: Arcom8065

    Arcom8065 - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. If you go through the rat tunnels in rifton there is an axe which casts soul trap as it attacks.

    User Info: Whattheduck

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  2. There are various ways to perform a "Soul Trap"
    Like Arcom said , you can use a spell to bound the soul of your target.
    You can also purchase perks off the Conjuration Skill Tree so that your Bounded Weapons can perform a Soul Trap upon hitting your foes.
    Certain weapons can also trap the soul of your target.

    You'd also need a Soul Gem of various sizes for different foes. Naturally , the idea is that the stronger the foe the stronger the soul. So monsters like trolls needs more powerful Soul Gems to be contained and weaker ones like Skeevers isn't much of an issue.

    You can also perform a certain quest near Winterhold ( Somewhere South on a mountain ) of which you can obtain the Azura Star - a renewable Soul Gem which defies the logic of common Soul Gem ( Soul Gems are destroyed when used for Enchantment and stuff like that )

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