The golden claw?

  1. In the first mission, where you must get a Golden Claw from some guy named Arvel, I forgot to loot him and already in the sanctum. So I cheated it out.

    The problem is:
    The quest for 'Retrieve the Golden claw' does not complete.
    Any way I could get it back? Or should I revert from a save file?

    Second, who is the owner of the dragon claw?

    User Info: truesupergamer

    truesupergamer - 5 years ago


  1. The only way i would think without reverting file is use coc qasmoke (a code that lets u into a room with all items) and go into misc and find it in there. and the owner is the trader shop in river wood the trader is the owner

    User Info: Manshark30

    Manshark30 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. "If you can access the console type the following in it.

    player.additem 000999e7 1
    player.additem 00039647 1

    Not tested both so save it first, then try one, if that doesn't work re-load the save and try the other."


    User Info: yor9790

    yor9790 - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. Fear not Adventurer, console commands will save the day. You have several options on how to resolve this issue and while some will work for others, they may not work for you.

    First you need to learn how to bring up your console. This can be done by pressing the tilde button on your keyboard while in game. The tilde key is the key that is normally above the tab key. Once you verify that your console command is open (it should look visually different) then all you need is the correct commands. I have listed a few below that should assist you. Enter them one at a time and check if the worked. If they did not work, try the next one. Remember to press the enter key after you type each command.

    setstage MS13 37
    setstage MS13 110
    movetoqt MS13
    completequest MS13
    resetquest MS13

    If all of these fail then you will need to start from an earlier save. Hope these help you on your quest. Good luck!

    User Info: CynicaGaming

    CynicaGaming - 4 months ago 0 0

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