How to use console command 'lock'?

  1. i am wanting to work up my lockpicking skill but hate having to travel for what seems like forever until i find another locked door or chest.
    i have a chest targeted, my cursor is on the chest and its asking me to Search chest. I want to lock this chest but the lock command isnt working. i know i type in lock, but what do i put after that? using words 'adept' and what not do nothing, but when i type a number after lock it gives no error, but the chest remains unlocked.
    could anyone please explain how to use the Lock command or what i am doing wrong.

    User Info: MerDaKai

    MerDaKai - 6 years ago

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  1. Well first target the chest in console command than type lock<space>value.
    If i remember the value is between 1-100. And the bigger the value the harder it will open (if i remember 100 is master) and above 100 u cannot pick it (it will say requires a key).
    So the console commad for example :
    lock 100

    and it will lock the chest u target with master diifficulty
    and to unlock the chest just type "unlock" in the comsole command

    User Info: Ravarae

    Ravarae - 2 years ago 1 0


  1. If you are using console commands, you might aswel do it "fully" and just set the desired lockpicking level.
    [You can skill it up as you'd "opened" 100000 containers and receive levels, or you can set it to 100 without changing level gain.]

    Otherwise, when you have the console tab open, you have to use the cursor and select the desired object and the level you wish to lock the container with.

    User Info: Ntwo2

    Ntwo2 - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. There is another cheat "player.incpcs (skill)" just type it in and substitute lockpicking for (skill) and that'll
    also work.

    User Info: tigerhawk100

    tigerhawk100 - 6 years ago 1 0
  3. Ok first bring up the console. Then while in the console push the container with the left mouse button and an ID for the container shows in the console. Now put in the code lock and a number after it.
    If the chest is not locked try pushing a different spot of the check until it changes the ID and try the command again. Some times it doesn't give you the ID of the chest even if you push it so maybe try another chest.

    Most of the time these errors are caused from not pushing the right spot and sometime, sadly, you can't push some items at all and pushing will instead give the ID of the floor or wall or something else.

    User Info: Queen_Finelia

    Queen_Finelia - 2 years ago 0 0
  4. 1)Open the console "~".
    2)Click on the chest, door, gate or what ever you want to lock.
    3)Then use the command lock like these
    lock (1-100)
    you have use any value between 1 to 100 (not words) 1 is novice and 100 is master.

    User Info: 101lol

    101lol - 2 years ago 0 0

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