How do I become a thane in Dawnstar (a bug)?

  1. In Dawnstar there's two longer quests you must do before you get the 2/3 quests of "helping people of Dawnstar" finished. And I've tried to find the exact amount of those thane-quests and the names of the people who will give me a quest to do from walkthroughs, but the information in those walkthroughs varies, so I'm confused. There's few smaller quests that I tried to do, but I can't find all the people who would give me a quest!

    1.One walkthrough says that if you play as a member of a Dark Brotherhood, you have already killed one of the villagers who would've given you a quest. But there was still supposed to be other villagers who would give me other quests. If that guy would've been alive, I should've sold him iron ore's to get the quest completed.

    2.And then there's a miner named Karl, who I should give ale or mead to get the quest of helping villagers completed, but he just takes the ale and I don't get the quest completed.

    3.Also there was supposed to be a owner of the quicksilver-mine, a guy named Leigelf (?), but he has disappeared at some point. His house is empty and the door doesn't go locked anymore, so that suggests that he has died at some of the several dragon-attacks in Dawnstar. I should've sold him quicksilver ore if he would've been alive.

    So the longer quests that I have completed were bringing fine-cut void salts to the ships captain and the other quest I can't remember anymore. It was either that I brought a book(?) "Night falls on sentinel" to some guy or one quest I found (which sounds familiar but I don't think I even got this mission -> although I can't get the mission now), where you should bring the Mortal and Pestle- shop's Frida a ring of pure mixtures. One walkthrough said it was in the Forsaken cave, and I checked that place out (I had been there before), but couldn't find no rings. So I don't know which quests I did and where to find them or how to activate them.

    Please tell me what quests can I do and how to become a thane in Dawnstar? Or is there a code that would help me to get those quests done?

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    king__nothing - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I've done the Waking Nightmare- quest before trying to become the thane of Dawnstar.

    -Beitild is indeed dead,
    -Frida doesn't give me any quests (so I might have already done that quest),
    -captain Wayfinder got his void salts,
    -Leigelf is nowhere to be found (propably dead -> and I have searched for him countless of times),
    -and I think I did the quest for Rustleif. Hard to say, because I don't remember it exactly, but anyway, he doesn't tell me anything new, so I must have done that, or then there's some bug or something.
    -And Karl danced, but didn't give me the "quest completed" text. So is there any code for completing this thane-quest?

    It would seem that Frida or Rustleif would have the quest I need,and yet it feels like I've done their quests. Maybe Frida is the one, who refuses to give me any quests. So the problem might be there. Yet I don't know what to do, so I could complete it`?

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  3. Additional Details:
    Now I found this from a walkthrough (http//

    "She may not give you the quest to get the ring. (the requirement is under investigation by me.) - It may have something to do with travelling to the forsaken before taking the quest. This might be avoided if waiting for The Forsaken cave to respawn"

    So it's possible that I haven't even gotten that quest, and if I would get it, I would complete the becoming a thane- quest. If anyone knows solution for that glich, please inform me!

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    king__nothing - 5 years ago

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  1. To become thane in Dawnstar, you need to do the the quest "Waking Nightmare" begun by talking to Erandur in the inn. After that, complete three minor quests.

    Yes, selling ore to Beitild may be impoosible since she's one of the earlier targets for the Dark Brotherhood.
    Finding a ring for Frida has (like all radiant quests) more then one possible location which are randomly determined, so you have to pick up the quest first and then go out finding the ring.

    Other possible minor quests:
    Captain Wayfinder from the Salty Sea-Dogs: Find some Void Salts
    Karl in the Iron-Breaker Mine: Quest all Drunks Have: Make a drunk dance for joy
    Leigelf: mining / selling ore
    Rustleif from Rustleif's House: Do a favor by finding a rare item (radiant quest)

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  1. So what if an elder dragon came and killed like all of the people giving me those quests? am i just screwed?

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  2. Dawnstar frequently comes under attack by dragons then other areas due to a scripting error in sections of the map. The last time I played Skyrim, I was a Level 70 Nord, so I had high damage output, high endurance, and could craft a lot of Daedric items. The game read this, and every time I fast travel to Dawnstar, a Legendary dragon pops up and starts killing everybody. The only citizens who are alive is Skald, his Thane, his Steward, and the lady who would have become Jarl if I helped the Imperials (I helped the Stormcloaks), and Beltid, who hides in the mine every time a dragon shows up (I didn't play the Dark Brotherhood quest, there's no way a Nord Warrior would complete that s*** without a 20,000 gold bounty in every single hold,) Leglief died fighting a dragon, Karl died from crossfire from Hold Guards and Imperials engaging each other (there is an Imperial camp not far from Dawnstar, so sometimes when a Snow Bear or a Troll enters the camp, the soldiers separate from the camp during the fight and wander around Skyrim until they end up either in Stormcloak territory and are killed, or enter Solitude where they disappear from the game entirely). On top of that, I can't complete the Waking Nightmare due to having Dawnguard and Dragonborn on the same memory unit.

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  3. I just looked this up. You have to befriend Skald, the Jarl of Dawnstar, FIRST before you can become Thane. (The wiki said to kill a giant, but you don't) How you do this:
    1.) You do the quest 'Waking Nightmare'
    2.) Do a bounty
    3.) Do the little tiny quests he gives you, and he should name you Thane of The Pale.
    If this does not work... I BLAME THE WIKI.

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  4. An add-on to my answer earlier.. You have to be at least lvl 22 to do the quest.

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  5. You can complete the favor tasks just by mining inside the mines(Duh) around the village and selling the ores when talking to the managers of that mine or by selling the wood you chop if there are a lumberjack in the city/village.

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