Silver hands are too strong ?

  1. I have a lot of problems killing the silver hands. I die in two hits of their greatsword and my Ebony blade (superior) deals no dammage to them. I am level 31 with the Nightingale armor and I had never had problems with enemies earlier in the game. Am I facing a rare bug or is it like this for everyone?
    PS: I have no negative effects activated and I am not a werewolf yet.

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    LimeDudeZ - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Sorry mate but that does not solve any of my problems I am level 31 with excellent gear ( nightingale armor, enchanted ebony sword (superior), The Gauldur Amulet and a ring of major health). I was asking this question because there were a few silver hands that I've killed in 1 hit while there were other to which I was dealing a really samll ammount of dammage even with the charged attacks. By the way I have tried to kill them one by one but the stupid follower (that you need to have with you) always screws everything up and than I find myself fighting 5 silver hand at the same time.
    PS: I wear the nightingale armor because its epic and I like to be able to move fast. :-)

    User Info: LimeDudeZ

    LimeDudeZ - 5 years ago

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  1. Have you tried adjusting the difficulty level, you might be on too high a difficulty for your character

    User Info: Darkslayer274

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  1. Since you have the Nightengale armor can i assume you have good sneak abilities? If so, use it. With a bow and some handy shadows to hide in you can wreak havoc before they even know you are there. If you are having trouble sneaking, get some boots that muffle, such as the dark brotherhood boots or shoes. With those you can sneak within dagger range of any enemies who have their backs turned to you. With the sneak perk assassins blade and the dark brotherhood shrouded hand wraps, your dagger can deal 30x damage. If you prefer your sword, get the perk backstab and use the shrouded gloves to give you sword 12x damage. To make sure of your sneak kill, perform a power attack. If your sneak is high enough and the room is dark enough, you can sneak all around a room and dispatch them as you come upon them. Above all, try not to fight more than one at a time, and if you do get ganged up on, get your back to a wall cuz if one gets behind you its over. As to your question about the difficulty of the enemies, i have found that early in the game i had to be extremely careful around guys wielding battleaxes and warhammers, who could kill me in 3 to 4 hits. Now its high level sword enemies, as i found out when a master vampire decapitated me with his second strike, while i thought i was perfectly fine with more than 2/3 of my health remaining.

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  2. The reason you can kill some in one hit and not others are due to their level. Some are naturally easier than others to kill. Like Bandit vs.a Bandit Chief, The bandit will fall faster. I dont think the silver hand have names to give them part so I dont think you can tell. My advice, if you get ganged up on try and kill the ones that die faster and if you have the slow time shout use it. Slow TIme always gives me an advantage. And if youve finished the thieves guild quest you should of had a choice to pick a special nightingale ability, pick nightingale strife you absorb 100 health from an enemy, I dont if it hits multiple times but it could give you an edge.

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  3. As you probably already know, enemies level with you, and newer, stronger enemies appear as you level up. This situation was already mentioned above with the different Bandit variations. You said you're at level 31, so my guess is that when you hit that level, stronger variants started appearing, but, as was aslo already mentioned, except for a few and far between exceptions, the Silver Hand doesn't show their variations. Now, my suggestion? First, make sure you didn't pull a me and accidentally unequip your armor. If you didn't, then load to a point before you entered the dungeon, smith/buy the best armor and weapons you can, improve it as high as you can via enchanted equipment and potions that enhances smithing skill and enchant that equipment with buffs toward your prefered weapon and armor set. Of course, this is all assuming you're not a mage character. If you are a mage, find the best armor increase spell you can, ie Stoneflesh, and depending on your primary offensive magic type, either summon daedra to keep them off of you, utilize powerful destruction spells like Fireball, or use Calm, Fear, and Fury spells to maintain crowd control. Finally, if all else fails (and since I don't know you're play style, it might), you can always lower combat difficulty until you can handle them better.

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  4. I got the same problem, breezing through the game then all of a sudden a bandit or draugr with a greatsword kills me in 2 blows. My solution was simply to always shoot guys with big weapons before they can reach me. You can prevent getting ganged up by using Ice Form shout to temporary remove a few enemies from the action. You can also just flee the room and once you have some distance (preferably in a long narrow hall) you can easily shoot whoever is coming after you, especially if your arrows can stagger opponents.

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  5. If you use Nightingale Subterfuge, you can probably get them to attack each other. Conjure something to help in that fight while they're at it, and stay back.

    What I usually do is just turn into a werewolf and attack them with a follower. Can take a couple of attempts, but it's a fun and savage way to kill a bunch of them while still having a challenge. Sneaking up on all of them and dispatching them one at a time can get boring after a while, in my opinion, especially with all of that magic gear everyone's been mentioning. <yawn>

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