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"You choose your fate"

Skyrim, if you've been looking for an rpg with a free roam style of gameplay, fully customizable characters, and boundless amounts of quests? well you've come to the right game

The setting of The Elder Scrolls V is in Skyrim a Nordic based environment in the continent of Thamriel

The gameplay system of Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim is much like other free roam games like GTA and Fallout which makes it very enjoyable to play as you're not restrained. You're very much your own man/woman, you're free to go wherever you want and you can choose what quests to do and whether you even want to follow the main storyline (you can also always make a file backup and mess around with villagers). The weapon system is also very wide with varieties of weapons and particular ways of handling them (dual wielding, one-handed, two-handed) with different ranges and attack speeds as well. The game isn't just hack and slash but requires precise and careful handling of your weapons during a fight. Different races have different bonuses as well. There is also a level system which allows you to choose your own bonuses and perks as you level up leading to different styles of playing, skills also increase depending on how often you do that certain section. Dragons!! and Dungeons!! Skyrim at the same time brings back classical dragons and dungeon style of exploration, There are boundless caves and dungeons to be explored with treasures and monsters. Part of Skyrim also runs along Dragons as part of the story or just free hunting for them

Skyrim provides very good graphics especially in its highest quality, beautifully rendered backgrounds and scenery and detailed character presentation and terrain. The lighting also helps make it feel very natural but not overdone. Nearly everything you see is free to be explored. You're able to play in either first person mode or third person mode according to you're liking

Although Skyrim is an exceptionally good game it does have its drawbacks. The game is glitchy and bugged often causing problems in the middle of playing. Travelling can take some time when you need to explore unknown areas as to unlock a new place you only have 3 possible choices of transport The carriage (which takes you only to the main cities), good old healthy walking or by horse which is slightly faster than walking. At times the constant dungeon runs and running around for miles can get repititive and you may wait some time until you spring back into an interesting part of the game. These drawbacks may get back to bite you in the neck but Skyrim is worth your time for sure

Whether you're an rpg gamer, shooter gamer or any of the other sort of gamer, Skyrim is a must play for any dedicated gamer

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/01/11

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (US, 11/10/11)

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