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"Skyrim is revolutionizing RPGs by removing petty characters and adding immersion"

I have been a long-time fan of The Elder Scrolls series. Starting with its first game, Morrowind, I have spent many days and nights being immersed in the games, neglecting loved ones and my commitments. Skyrim continues this trend of immersion. Everything about Skyrim is perfect.

--IMMERSION: 10/10--

By far the most important aspect of any game. Skyrim has a lot of immersion. Whether it's the plentiful crashes, bugs, or glitches, you are bound to feel like you're REALLY playing a poorly designed game. Bethesda do no wrong, unlike Obsidian who single-handedly ruined the Fallout series that Bethesda began.

Nothing is more immersive than bland characters and horrible writing. It makes you feel like the NPC games are like people in real life that you know. Actually, I have no idea how "real" people act because I spend all day being immersed in Elder Scrolls so I'll just assume that is how "real" people are like too.

I also enjoy the immersiveness of the great quest lines. Nothing is more enjoyable than the fedex quest - delivering random items to random people for a random reward. Quest lines are so immersive that they rarely offer you a choice, and thankfully, when they do, you don't have to make any real moral decision. And no matter what, your actions do not affect the great immersive world of Skyrim. It's like the great Skinner Box conception - complete redundant quest, receive award. You get to do the same thing infinite times and you'll never make any progress! So immersive.

If there is ONE flaw in the immersion it is the lack of nudity. When I'm playing a video game, I want to see all of the characters naked and have sex with them in the game. What can I say, I am a human being with primal instincts I must fulfill. So I recommend getting the PC version and downloading some good mods to make up for this one lack of immersion.

OH, and quest markers and fast travel can take away immersion. Thankfully you can get mods to remove those features.

To summarize the immersion in Skyrim: Skyrim offers the ultimate escapism from this boring world we live in. Become a bland character with no past and be thrown into a world of ultimate immersion, blandness, and game instability.


Okay, so I took away .1 of a point because it's not exactly like Morrowind. Everything should just stay the same as Morrowind. In Morrowind, hitting a person with your sword depended not on actually hitting him with your sword but completely on a numerical attribute. This is so much better for immersion. Nothing is more immersive than hitting someone and not doing any damage. Skyrim might as well be like Call of Duty now.

Also, magic is now underpowered because you can't break the game as easily. So I took away another .1 of a point for that.

--GRAPHICS: 10/10--

The graphics are literally the best thing I have ever seen since 2006. Then again, I have played no games but The Elder Scrolls. But my point still stands. Nothing else will ever be able to compete with Skyrim's graphics. Ever.

--DRAGONS: 10/10--

Another important category. Every RPG must have them, or I do not consider them RPGs. The dragon fights in this game are so epic, especially for warriors. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a dragon fly around you for an hour without landing and not doing anything. Also, the dragon fights are paced brilliantly. Never too much dragon fights I say! By the end of the game, you should kill about 10000 dragons - none of them being a credible challenge. Which is good, because if I die in the Elder Scrolls I start the game over for immersion.


It's there.


You can navigate menus.


My record so far.


Audio: Almost entirely made up of ambient music, which is good. Real life doesn't have music playing the background, and as far as I can tell, Skyrim is a simulator game. 10/10

Story: It is so epic. Like, the most epic story since Oblivion. You are the dragonborn - a poorly explained prophecy that gives you the ability to absorb dragon souls. Your destiny is to kill Dragons. This is Skyrim's great story. Oh, and there's a side quest involving a civil war which is almost as epic. Deciding between the two factions is so hard. You get to choose between a nationalist band of rebels (Stormcloaks) who want to overthrow a government (the Empire) who is fighting their chief enemy (the Thalmor) because they see the Empire as restricting their right to worship a cruel god. So, they lose life after life in this war, and somehow expect to take on the Thalmor after losing so much in their war against the Empire. Thought out so well! 10/10

CONCLUSION: Buy Skyrim at retail price. I recommend buying it for all platforms it is available on just to support Bethesda. You will never have a more immersive experience in your life. Immersion immersion immersion.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/27/12

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (US, 11/10/11)

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