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"Skyrim is a good game, but not outstanding."

Elder Scroll V : Skyrim is a sandbox or free roam game developed by Betsheda Game Studio. It was released in 2011. I am new to Elder Scroll series. My overall review after I played 140 hours in Skyrim : I think this game is good. Just good, I can't say it's really great. There are some pros and cons.

Graphics : (9/10)
This game has a great graphic, very crisp and enjoyable. I enjoyed every moment in Skyrim; I can see a detailed mountain, a beautiful river, lake, and towns. Rains and snowfalls are also very breath-taking. There is no weakness in graphic. And a little bit flaw, Skyrim requires good computer (for PC player). You'll need to spend more optimizing your PC.

Music and Sound : (8/10)
Music is well composed. But, I think a music in this game is not well placed sometimes. For example : you'll not hear a battle music when you fight a weaker enemy, that's a bad thing. There's no soul in battle like this. The good thing is : I love the dragon battle, tavern and cities theme. The majority of Skyrim music is ambient, and I think it's not too memorable, but they do the job well.

Game play : (6/10)
OK. The first time I played this game, I thought that the game is huge, even when I saw the world map. Many unexplored areas made me excited and engrossed to play this game. Skyrim offers a freedom, even after you've finished your tutorial part. The bad thing is the game will be getting dull after you've come across 3-5 dungeons because the Dungeons in Skyrim is very boring and uninspired. However, There are some good place too like Labyrinthian and Blackreach. The game is also lacking variation of enemy, you'll almost find same enemy in specific dungeon. I guess the Skyrim needs more creatures and monsters.

Character development is a good thing. You can customize your character, you can become a hybrid character or specialized. character. For example of freedom in customizing your character , you can become an archer or a mage with heavy armor,or a thief that can cast a spell, and so on. A lot of unique races in Skyrim is very very welcoming addition to the game. I can't believe, that I can become a reptile or a cat in the game. It's really cool!

Battle needs to be polished. In result of repetitive enemies, battle in Skyrim is really boring and I think I don't have a proper strategy to beat all enemy, my strategy is just using potion when your health is low, and keep attacking enemy. Only some bosses do have some challenges, but that's not good enough. That's all!

Skyrim lacks of memorable NPC and storyline. Almost all NPCs are dull and soulless, and they always talking the same thing over and over again. The guards may have a variation somehow. Main Storyline is very cliche, the main storyline focuses on defeating a dragon, I can easily predict the story. Civil war storyline is very very uninspired, no soul at all. But, the better story among the main quests are Dark Brotherhood and College of Winterhold. But, that's not outstanding enough.

The game suffers a long loading time and bugs/glitches. The bugs, glitches, broken quests can be avoided by having a multiple save or console commands; but for loading time, I guess we can't avoid it. Loading time will take around 30 seconds and to 5 minutes (It happened once)!

User Interface : (1/10)
Menu interface is the worst feature in Skyrim. it's not user friendly for Skyrim PC player, the menu interface, we can't even organize/sort goods. That's a bad thing, if we want to search a key item.

Shortcut interface is the worst shortcut screen I have ever seen. It's not well organized, and very time wasting. I had a hard time switching shield and healing spell, that's so annoying. It would be better if we can set hotkey like Diablo or Ragnarok Online game.

The map is not user-friendly, there's no main road indicator in the world map. You'll often get lost, especially in the mountain ranges. Unnecessary mists and clouds make a map becomes annoying and not worth seeing at all. Skyrim also doesn't have a mini world map at all. The upper-center interface in the game is confusing, a new player will be confused to see that.

And also, a dragon shout bar indicator is placed with the map-indicator in the annoying upper-center interface? That's not really a wise features, It would be better if they add a new bar in the bottom left.

Replayability : (10/10)
Unlimited miscellaneous quests, many interesting landmarks and unique places, and a mods. They make the game become more worthy to replay. This game has no limits. 140 hours is not enough to complete all miscellaneous quests. I think you may need 200 hours game play.

Conclusion : (7/10)
The massive quantity of contents can't be a complete satisfaction, because we are forced to see a repetitive dungeons and quests. uninspired characters also do not add a significant flavor for the game. However, I admire the world, character development, and the design of the cities, and the music. And for Skyrim PC, I also like Console Commands. A worthy tool.
In overall, "This game is good, but not a outstanding".

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/04/12

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (US, 11/11/11)

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