• Steam Achievements

    A Problem For Our GrandchildrenResearched nuclear reactors
    Author Of ArmageddonNuked 250 Titans from orbit
    AwesomeFully upgraded a turret
    BastionDefeated a Megatitan
    BatfinkUsed the shield powerup 5 times
    Blam!Blew up 500 Titans using explosives
    Boom!Blew up 100 Titans using explosives
    BrigadierNew rank: brigadier
    Bringer Of The ApocalypseNuked 100 Titans from orbit
    CaptainNew rank: captain
    CarelessLost 10 buildings to the enemy
    ColonelNew rank: colonel
    CrusherCrushed 25 Titans under new buildings
    Dangerous NutterResearched all explosive tech
    Death From The SkiesNuked 50 Titans from orbit
    DefenderDestroyed a Gargantuan
    Defensive CapabilityResearched all defenses
    DeviousResearched the decoy tower
    Dimensional TransgidrifierTurned 100 3-D Titans into 2-D Titans
    Disappointing PresentsDefeated 1 Xmas Ultrayeti
    Drunken Family ArgumentHurrah! Christmas is finally over!
    Earth CompleteCompleted the Earth missions
    EncyclopaedicResearched everything
    Field MarshalNew rank: field marshal
    GeneralNew rank: general
    Hoarded $10000Got $10,000 in the bank
    Hoarded $25000Got $25,000 in the bank
    Hoarded $5000Got $5,000 in the bank
    Hoarded $50000Got $50,000 in the bank
    Jim'll Fix ItRepaired your buildings 5 times
    Kaboom!Blew up 250 Titans using explosives
    Krispy KremeFried 500 Titans with the Capacitor
    LieutenantNew rank: lieutenant
    Lieutenant ColonelNew rank: lieutenant colonel
    Lieutenant GeneralNew rank: lieutenant general
    MajorNew rank: major
    Major GeneralNew rank: major general
    Mars CompleteCompleted the Mars missions
    Moon CompleteCompleted the Moon missions
    NegligentLost 100 buildings to the enemy
    No-one Likes Xmas PuddingDefeated 3 Xmas Ultrayetis
    Offensive CapabilityResearched all weapons
    Perfect GameCompleted all missions at maximum difficulty
    Perfect WorldCompleted whole world at maximum difficulty
    Phew! That Was CloseGiant Titan killed within a few metres of the base
    PropellerheadResearched all science and technology
    ProtectorDestroyed a Leviathan
    RashLost 25 buildings to the enemy
    RecklessLost 50 buildings to the enemy
    Robot Wants KittyResearched the droid factory
    Saturn CompleteCompleted the Saturn missions
    Sausages And BaconFried 250 Titans with the Capacitor
    Second LieutenantNew rank: second lieutenant
    Short Arms Deep PocketsMade $15,000 profit from one mission
    Short TemperedUsed bezerk powerup 5 times
    Sizzle SizzleFried 100 Titans with the Capacitor
    Skin Of Your TeethLost 90% of your buildings to the enemy
    SlayerDestroyed the Ultratitan!
    Spear And Magic HelmetResearched all turret upgrades
    Sprout FlatulenceDefeated 4 Xmas Ultrayetis
    SquisherSquished 50 Titans under new buildings
    StalwartDestroyed a Behemoth
    Tape And StringBase held together with tape and string at end of mission
    The Only Way To Be SureNuked the site from orbit 5 times
    ThriftyMade $5,000 profit from one mission
    Tight FistedMade $10,000 profit from one mission
    Titan CompleteCompleted the Titan missions
    Toilet BreakUsed the freeze powerup 5 times
    Undercooked TurkeyDefeated 2 Xmas Ultrayetis
    Vanquished 100Vanquished 100 Titans
    Vanquished 1000Vanquished 1,000 Titans
    Vanquished 10000Vanquished 10,000 Titans
    Vanquished 250Vanquished 250 Titans
    Vanquished 2500Vanquished 2,500 Titans
    Vanquished 500Vanquished 500 Titans
    Vanquished 5000Vanquished 5,000 Titans
    Warrant OfficerNew rank: warrant Officer

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.

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