The year is 2030 and the World is in shambles. Years of war, famine, and plague have forced the survivors of Earth into tribes that sweep across the wastelands, fighting one another for what precious resources, safe lands, and bad jokes that remain. Bikers burn and pillage, Cyborgs search and destroy, and Enforcers uphold what little law exists, while the gorgeous Amazons, evil Death Cultists, and good ol' Trailer Trash struggle to prevail in a future that is desperate and outrageous!
TRIBAL RAGE is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game unlike any game ever released. A wide variety of play options and a Campaign Game allow the player to pit his tribe against other tribes over dozens of battlefields, while the many preset scenarios simulate the greatest rivalries of the age: Bikers Vs. Enforcers, Trailer Trash Vs. Death Cultists, Cyborgs vs. Amazons. In addition, players can create their own scenarios, warriors, and vehicles for unlimited replayability!
- Play any of Six Tribes -- Against cunning computer opponents, or Multiplayer via Head-to-Head, Network, or Internet!
- New and unique Campaign Game each time you play! Fight across dozens of battlefields!
- A wide variety of preset scenarios simulating the greatest rivalries of the age!
- Full-function scenario/tribe editor! -- Create your own warriors, vehicles and battle scenarios!

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