How do I solve eye statue?

  1. Where is the missing eye?

    User Info: monoka1245

    monoka1245 - 6 years ago

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  1. 'After the mausoleum has been restored, a gold pan (for panning gold) will have been found in the debris. Drop a believer onto it, and she will take it up the creek. Dropping believers on the gold pan will cause them to pan the creek for gold dust. The gold dust will be collected in the clay pot near the creek. When enough dust has been collected you can drop a villager on the pot, and they will take the gold dust to the lit fire, where they will smelt a golden eyeball, which will be used to restore vision to the Blind Totem and allow you to finally see into the grove.' - Official Game Guide.

    Hope that helps.

    User Info: lord_sobek

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  1. Well as lord_sobek's answer , it is correct . In fact , an easy way to clear the mausoleum :

    Step 1 : Drag at least 3 or more people at the mausoleum .
    Step 2 : Drag your devotee to all the masked (blue) people . ( If there is an orange mask , use a child to distract them . )
    Step 3 : Then drag again your devotee to all blue people near the mausoleum . It will make them go away .
    (Make sure there is like a holy light in their heads) .

    Or another answer :
    Step 1 : Use lighting or other scary effects . Dont use bees .

    User Info: yellowbloo22

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  2. exactly

    Just use all of your adult villagers is what i did. and that was about 4 villagers. i didn't have to use a kid or an adult to keep the heathens away. but if you want it done really fast so your villagers can do what they need to, then take one of your adult villagers and drop them on the blue heathens and they will go away if they have a light over their head.
    same with the scary effects
    and what lord_sobek said is 100% correct. you will find the pan on the left side of the stairs leading up to the mausoleum. you will then drop a villager on there and they will bring it to the river. drop the same villager on the pan again to have them pan for gold. they will fill up the clay pot after a few times of panning (the pot is right next to where they bring the pan) then after they filled it up, drop them on the pot and they will take it to the fire. leave it there until you see a gold object appear. then drag someone to the object and they will bring it over to the blind totem. then you can see your way into the grove, which is where the heathens go when it rains, and also where the heathen chief goes to meditate

    (i wonder if you can use time warp on the blue masked people so they would be kids)

    User Info: jayjesgar

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