1. I was just wondering if anyone was thinking of making a walkthrough for this game?

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Accepted Answer

  1. This is what i have accomplished so far: In the beginning of the game you pick five villagers to start off with. I suggest you chose between teens that can work and early twenties and at least one kid that can pick mushrooms and collectibles for you.
    When you arrive you are surrounded by a fence, drop villagers on fence and they will tear it down and build a food bin with it. As for the fire, you need to distract the yellow/orange heathens with one villager and use another to drop on wood and have him carry it to the pit. The dry grass is located near the Pain Totem near the medical area above the waterfall.
    After you succeed this, you can start building your love hut and other hut.
    The Mausoleum:
    You will need at least three villagers to remove the blockage. This takes about thirty minutes. Be sure to drop villagers on the blue heathens to keep them away and use the bees or butteflies to keep the yellow/orange adult/children heathens from chasing your villagers away.
    The Blind Totem:
    After you finish the Mausoleum, there will be a pot filled with water on the steps. Drop a villager on it to pick it up, they will carry it to the golden pot on the river near your huts. Once the villager gets there drop him/her on the golden pot and they will pan for gold; this takes about ten minutes. Once the pot is full, drop the villager on the pot and he will take it to the fire to smelt it into a gold eye. Once the gold turns into a ball, drop your villager on it and they will carry it to the blind totem with the missing eye in it. This will reveal the hidden grove. Which is where the heathens run to when it rains.
    Hallow Totem:
    You will need at least six kids for this. Have them all go into the totem, after about a minute or so it will crumble and you gain access to the dried up lake. You will need level 3 construcion to fill the lake.
    Pain Totem:
    You will need lightning bolt for this. Use the lightning on the totem and drop four villagers to quickly dismantle before the totem comes back on. After you dismantle this totem, you gain access to the medical area.
    Hungry Totem:
    This is near the noni bush where you get firewood. You will need to distract the yellow heathen near it and have another villager dismantle the totem. After you dismantle it you will gain access to the noni bush for your food.
    Knowlege Totem:
    You will want to use the lightning bolt to ensure the heathens near it scatter far away. Be sure to drop at least two villagers on this totem to dismantle it quickly. When you accomplish this you will gain access to the science lab and the kids will be able to collect items for the lab.
    Blocking Totem:
    This requires you to have at least level 2 construction and a master builder to dismantle the totem. But, first you must use your master builder to beat the purple heathen in the build game where there is two piles of building supplies. After you dismantle this you claim this area. (not sure what you get for it)
    This requires you to have level 3 construcion to repair it. Once you repair this, it will help you fill the dried up lake. (Again, not sure how that works.,I am stilling earning tech points for this)
    As for turning the red, purple and orange/yellow heathens into believers you have to wait til you get your last god power of earthquake and use this to turn them into beleivers.
    To find out what each god like power does just go into tech and click on the ones that are available to you and see what they are and trial and error will tell you what they are used for as i am only giving you what i have learned so far in this game.
    Your tech points are used in the same manner as in the other virtual villagers games. Your collections once completed will increase your population allotment.

    This is my verson of a game cheat. I hope this helps someone out. For I have only just began to play this game and thought this would be some what helpful to others.

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  1. I am making one right now, be sure to check it out

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  2. Apparently there's one out of GameFAQs:
    jayisgames.com/archives/2011/01/ virtual_villagers_5_new_believers_walkthrough.php
    (remove the space between "01/" and "virtual")

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