Counter-Strike Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press ~ to enter the console on the server machine and type sv_cheats 1 or sv_ 1. Then, change maps by typing changelevel dust (or any other map). Finally, enter one of the following codes at the console to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes have been changed or removed with various patch updates for the game.

    pausable1= enables pausing(not reccomended)
    mp_allowmonsters1= single player enemies visible
    sv_cheats1=cheats on
    mp_flashlight1=flashlight on
    sv_clipmode1=no clipping
    mp_autokick1=turn on auto kick in game
    sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>Adjust gravity
    gl_zmax <0-9999>Adjust wall and object density; default is 3600
    sv_clienttrace 999999999All shots will hit, default is 1
    sv_wateraccelerate 999Allows to walk faster in water
    hud_fastswitch (0 or 1)Allows you to toggle switching weapons faster
    give spaceweapon_awpArctic sniper rifle
    sv_aimAuto-aim with sniper rifle
    -reloadAuto-reload disabled
    +reloadAuto-reload enabled
    adjust crosshairChange crosshair color
    skinChange skins
    mp_startmoneychange your starting money in-game!
    crosshair <1-5>Disable the crosshair to enlarge when shooting
    -graphDisables the litte information on the bottom right corner when you have +graph on.
    gl_spriteblend <0-1>Enables blood thickening
    decalfrequency 0Enables unlimited spraying
    sv_airaccelerate -9999Fast Jumping
    cl_backspeed 999Faster backwards motion
    cl_forwardspeed 999Faster forward motion
    cl_sidespeed 999Faster side motion
    giveGet indicated item
    sv_clienttrace 0000Hyper auto-aim disabled
    sv_clienttrace 9999Hyper auto-aim enabled
    changelevelLevel select
    cvarlist or cmdlistList cheat commands, press [Page Up] or [Page Down] to scroll
    GodMakes you invincible
    timerefreshRefreshes time on the console.
    timeleftReveal how much time is left on the map
    gl_zmax 0See and fire through walls and objects
    lambertSee things brightly without flashlight
    mp_freezetimeSet freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable, default is 6/1
    sv_maxspeedset max running speed
    mp_roundtime <3-15>Set maximum length in minutes a round can last, default is 51
    mp_timelimitSet minutes between map rotations, default is 01
    mp_c4timer <1-100>SetC4 timer
    sv_acceleratesets acceleration
    sv_airacceleratesets how fast you accelerate in air
    sv_wateracceleratesets how fast you accelerate in water
    sv_stopspeedsets how fast you stop running
    mp_roundtimesets round time
    sv_waterfrictionsets the friction in water
    sv_frictionsets the friction of the game
    coopsets the mode to co-op
    deathmatchsets the mode to deathmatch
    mp_c4timersets time on C4 charge
    mp_buytimesets time to buy items
    -numericpingShow ping as numbers
    +graphShows a little information on the very bottom right of your screen
    net_addressShows server IP and port
    hud_deathnoticetime 9999Shows the last 4 kills of either team
    mp_startmoney 16000Start with 16000
    sv_restartround 1The game restarts after 1 second
    ah <0 or 1>Toggle auto-help hint messages, default is 1
    cl_observercrosshair <0 or 1>Toggle crosshairs in observer mode, default is 1
    mp_flashlight <0 or 1>Toggle flashlight use, default is 1/1
    mp_footsteps <0 or 1>Toggle footsteps, default is 1/1
    mp_friendlyfire <0 or 1>Toggle friendly fire
    net_graph <0 or 1>Toggle graph
    dm <0 or 1>Toggle map briefings after new levels load, default is 1
    ghosts <0 or 1>Toggle to see ghosts in observer mode, default is 0
    unbindUnbind key command
    cl_hidefrags 0View other players' frags
    r_lightmap 1Whiten all surroundings at 800x600 resolution

  • Waypoint Editing

    Access the console with ~ then enter the following:

    waypoint off clipDisable waypoint editing
    waypoint on clipEnable waypoint editing

    Contributed By: zionAnthony.

  • Weapons

    In order to get a certain weapon listed below without buying them, press the ~ key and type in ''sv_cheats 1'', then use one of the following codes with ''give (weapon code)'' for example ''give spaceweapon_awp'' to get an arctic sniper rifle. Note that some of the codes may not work in the other game versions.

    weapon_ak47gives AK-47
    weapon_awpgives Arctic
    spaceweapon_awpgives Arctic Sniper Rifle
    weapon_xm1014gives Benelli xm1014
    weapon_defusergives Bomb Defuser
    weapon_m4a1gives Colt M4a1 Carbine
    weapon_sg552gives Commando
    weapon_deaglegives Desert Eagle
    weapon_elitegives Dual Berretas
    weapon_flashbanggives Flashbang
    weapon_p90gives Fn P90
    weapon_glock18gives Glock 18 pistol
    weapon_g3sg1gives H&K Sniper Rifle
    weapon_hegrenadegives HE Grenade
    weapon_kevlargives Kevlar Vest
    weapon_m3gives M3 Super Shotgun
    weapon_mac 10gives MAC-10
    weapon_mp5navygives MP5
    weapon_nightvisiongives Nightvision goggles
    weapon_m249gives Para
    weapon_scoutgives Scout
    weapon_sig550gives SIG 550
    weapon_p288gives SIG p288
    weapon_smokegrenadegives Smoke grenade
    weapon_auggives Steyr Aug
    weapon_ump45gives Ump.45
    weapon_uspgives Usp.45

    Contributed By: intensive08.


  • Console information as name

    if you change your name to one of the following then whenever you die a long stream of words will show up instead of your name. This is because it is the code for the description of that skin. The skins each have one.


    Contributed By: DX Homey is Back YAY.

Half-Life: Blue Shift Cheats


  • Activate cheat code function

    Boot up Half-Life: Blue Shift with the bsift.exe-dev-console command line. Then, while you are playing the game, press ~ to bring up a window. In this window, type sv_cheats 1 and that will activate the code function. Then, you may enter any cheats you know.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • All Weapons, Ammo and Armour

    In the in-game console type IMPULSE 101

    Contributed By: JESGOT.

  • Change Skills

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :skillThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 1 to 3 after skill to change your skills.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • Change the Gravity

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :sv_gravityThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 000 to 999 after sv_gravity to change the intensity of the gravity.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • Change your Jump

    First, activate the Cheat Function. Then, enter the following :sv_accelerationThen, without pressing Return, type a space and type any number from 00 to 99 after sv_acceleration to change the intensity of the jump.

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • God Mode

    Activate the cheat function, and enter the following:god

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • Impulse

    Enter the following in the console:

    impulse 76creates a grunt
    Impulse 202Creates Blood
    impulse 102Createsblood and gibs.
    Impulse 106Tells You All The Info Of The Object In Front Of You

    Contributed By: LifeAndDeath42.

  • Map codes

    Use any of the following with the /map code.

    ba_canal1Spawns you to area 1
    ba_hazard5Spawns you to area 10
    ba_hazard6Spawns you to area 11
    ba_maintSpawns you to area 12
    ba_outroSpawns you to area 13
    ba_power1Spawns you to area 14
    ba_power2Spawns you to area 15
    ba_security1Spawns you to area 16
    ba_security2Spawns you to area 17
    ba_teleport1Spawns you to area 18
    ba_teleport2Spawns you to area 19
    ba_canal1bSpawns you to area 2
    ba_tram1Spawns you to area 20
    ba_tram2Spawns you to area 21
    ba_tram3Spawns you to area 22
    ba_xen1Spawns you to area 23
    ba_xen2Spawns you to area 24
    ba_xen3Spawns you to area 25
    ba_xen4Spawns you to area 26
    ba_xen5Spawns you to area 27
    ba_xen6Spawns you to area 28
    ba_yard1Spawns you to area 29
    ba_canal2Spawns you to area 3
    ba_yard2Spawns you to area 30
    ba_yard3Spawns you to area 31
    ba_yard3aSpawns you to area 32
    ba_yard3bSpawns you to area 33
    ba_yard4Spawns you to area 34
    ba_yard4aSpawns you to area 35
    ba_yard5Spawns you to area 36
    ba_yard5aSpawns you to area 37
    ba_canal3Spawns you to area 4
    ba_elevatorSpawns you to area 5
    ba_hazard1Spawns you to area 6
    ba_hazard2Spawns you to area 7
    ba_hazard3Spawns you to area 8
    ba_hazard4Spawns you to area 9

    Contributed By: Abraham SATO.

  • No Clipping

    Activate the cheat function, and then type in the following:noclip

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • No Target Mode

    Activate the cheat function, and then type in the following:notarget

    Contributed By: OTACON120.

  • Play Half-Life Maps

    In Blue Shift go to console and type: /Map c0a0.
    You should then appear in the tram where Gordon Freeman begins in Half-Life.

    /map c0a0Takes you to the introduction of Half-Life

    Contributed By: ZalbagBeoulve259.

  • See the Ending

    To see the ending of Blue Shift, open up the console and enter the code enabler. Then type:

    /map ba_outro

    There is a space between map and ba, so put that in.

    Contributed By: Jarnww.

  • Third Person

    Type this into the console:

    chase_active 1Third Person view

    Contributed By: sinisterdevvov.

Half-Life: Opposing Force Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    After activating the cheat mode and starting a game, and activate the console (~)

    notargetEnemies don't attack
    Impulse 101Every weapon, maxed ammo and armor
    godGod Mode
    ThirdpersonThird person view
    noclipWalk through walls and air


  • Map Codes

    You must first enable the ''console'' (see elsewhere on the codes list), then in the game, open the console and type:

    map of7a0Conclusion
    map of3a4Crush Depth (1)
    map of3a5Crush Depth (2)
    map of3a6Crush Depth (3)
    map of5a1Foxtrot Uniform (1)
    map of5a2Foxtrot Uniform (2)
    map of5a3Foxtrot Uniform (3)
    map of5a4Foxtrot Uniform (4)
    map of2a4Friendly Fire (1)
    map of2a5Friendly Fire (2)
    map of2a6Friendly Fire (3)
    map 0f0a0Introduction
    map of2a1Missing in Action (1)
    map of2a1bMissing in Action (1B)
    map of2a2Missing in Action (2)
    map of2a3Missing in Action (3)
    map of4a4Pit Worm's Nest (1)
    map of4a5Pit Worm's Nest (2)
    map of6a1The Package (1)
    map of6a2The Package (2)
    map of6a3The Package (3)
    map of6a4The Package (4)
    map of4a1Vicarious Reality (1)
    map of4a2Vicarious Reality (2)
    map of4a3Vicarious Reality (3)
    map of3a1We Are Not Alone (1)
    map of3a1bWe Are Not Alone (1B)
    map of3a2We Are Not alone (2)
    map of1a5We Are Pulling Out (1)
    map of1a5bWe Are Pulling Out (1B)
    map of1a6We Are Pulling Out (2)
    map of1a1Welcome to Black Mesa (1)
    map of1a2Welcome to Black Mesa (2)
    map of1a3Welcome to Black Mesa (3)
    map of1a4Welcome to Black Mesa (4)
    map of1a4bWelcome to Black Mesa (4B)
    map of6a4bWorlds Collide (1)
    map of6a5Worlds Collide (2)

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.


  • See Shepard

    After completing the game and after the credits,the screen will go black.If you bring down your console and type ''brightness 9999999999999'', it will show you Shepard.

    Contributed By: LSC.


  • To activate the cheat mode

    The cheat mode in Opposing Force is activated in a similar way to that in the original Half-Life. In order to activate it you must edit the shortcut you use to access the game so that it reads:

    C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.exe -console +sv_cheats 1 -game gearbox

    (replace C:SierraHalf-Life with the appropriate path if you did not use the default)

    -console turns on the console.
    +sv_cheats 1 tells the computer to obey the cheat codes you type in.
    game gearbox is present anyway, and tells the game to load Opposing Force rather than regular Half-Life.

    Once playing, access the console by pressing the key left of the ''1'' key on your keyboard, and enter cheats here.

    Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

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