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    FAQ/Walkthrough by segbh

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    Quest Walkthrough
    This guide takes the player through a simple and direct route through the game,
    getting all 210 points along the way. The route outlined here is by no means the
    fastest, but it gets the job done with a fair minimum of backtracking. An
    average player should be able to follow this walkthrough and finish the game in
    just over an hour.
    Starting Out
    First off, watch the intro and ogle at the improved graphics and sound. AGDI did
    a fantastic job with this game, and it deserves to be savored. Those of you with
    no patience or who have seen it already, just hit ESC to skip it.
    You gain control of Gwydion at the front room of the house. Right-clicking will
    cycle through the available action icons, as will moving the pointer to the top
    of the screen. Moving to the top tends to be more reliable, as it pauses the
    game while you do so and is harder to misclick.
    Before too long, Manannan shows up and assigns you a chore. Use the feet icon to
    walk around where needed. I’d also recommend turning up the game speed at this
    point, as the default setting tends to be a little slow for my taste. Faster
    speed settings also have no effect on the game clock, so the faster Gwydion
    walks from place to place the more things you can get done. This walkthrough
    assumes that the slider is at about 2/3 speed.
    Anyhow, back to the chores. Gwydion’s assigned task can vary, but whatever it is
    needs to be completed quickly.
    To feed the chickens, go outside (south from the starting room) and click the
    hand icon on the barrel of feed. Click the hand icon on the front door to open
    it and get back inside.
    To clean the chamber pot, go to Manannan’s bedroom (up the stairs from the main
    room, then north) and click the hand on the pot underneath the bed.
    To sweep the kitchen (from the main room, east and then north), click the hand
    icon on the broom on the back wall, leaning against the fireplace.
    To dust the office (north of the main room), click the hand on the duster
    sitting atop the lone cabinet in the southwest corner.
    With the chores done, there are a number of items around the house we can pick
    up. First off, head to the dining room (east of the front room) and pick up the
    metal cup on the table by clicking the hand icon on it. Then go north into the
    kitchen and pick up the blue bowl on the western shelves, the knife and spoon
    from the rack on the wall next to the butter churn, and the mutton, fruit, and
    bread from the table on the right.
    At this point, we’re just waiting for the opportunity to go exploring. Feel free
    to explore the rest of the house, keeping out of the office and Manannan’s
    bedroom. Look around at everything with the eye icon, try speaking to various
    things, and have a look at your bedroom (east of the landing at the top of the
    stairs). There’s also a telescope in the observatory (the staircase leading up
    from the landing) that you can look through to gain some insight into the
    wizard’s dealings.
    There is a random event that can occur in the tower, and needs to happen
    sometime: you can walk up the stairs to the tower and see the cat pounce on a
    fly, which will let you collect the fly wings later on (though not when the
    wizard is around). You can kill some time by going up and down the stairs to try
    and see it happen. If you don’t, then don’t worry. There will be plenty of
    opportunity later on.
    At some point Manannan may pop in and out, either to check on you or announce
    his going on a journey. If you’ve done all you can think of to do and Manannan
    still hasn’t shown his face to tell you he’s leaving, just use the hand icon on
    the bed and select “SLEEP” from the popup menu; you can then leave your room and
    Manannan will immediately appear.
    First Journey
    Now that Manannan’s off to wherever-he-goes we can do some real exploring. First
    of all, note that your timer at the top of the screen is now green, which tells
    you that you’re not being watched by the wizard. We’ve now got a limited amount
    of time to do illicit things free of scrutiny. When you’re running short on
    time, the timer turns yellow. When you’re less than two minutes away from the
    wizard’s return the timer will turn red. So beware. The timer stops when the
    mouse is at the top of the screen and during dialogue and certain cutscenes, but
    it keeps running when you’re on the inventory screen looking for an item or
    waiting for most animations to finish. Be sure to pay attention and don’t take
    too long to choose an item.
    Save your game and head into Manny’s bedroom. Click the hand on the drawer to
    the left, take the hand mirror, then click the hand on the drawer again to close
    it. Repeat this for the right-side dresser, taking the rose essence. Open the
    wardrobe, and click the hand on the black space behind the two hats to find a
    magical parchment. Search through the garments hung there, and you’ll eventually
    find a small key. Exit out of there, then make sure to close the wardrobe and
    double-check to make sure the drawers are both shut. If you’ve seen the fly get
    killed, go up to the tower and click the hand on it to collect its wings. Head
    At any point in the future while walking through the house, the cat may be in
    the same room. When he is (and Manannan’s not home) make sure to grab him (hand
    icon) and then click the hand on him again while he’s in Gwydion’s arms to grab
    a tuft of fur. I got mine in the office a bit later on in the walkthrough, but
    you can do it whenever it’s convenient. For now, simply keep an eye out for the
    cat and nab him when you get the chance.
    Head outside and feed the chickens, then click the hand on the fence gate to let
    yourself inside. Grab a chicken while they’re eating and get a feather in the
    same manner as the cat fur described above.
    At this point you should save your game again, VERY preferably in a new save
    file, and VERY preferably with a name that can remind you where and when and why
    you saved. Frequent and descriptive saving can mean the difference between
    backtracking through an hour of gameplay to correct one mistake, or simply doing
    five minutes of replay because you know exactly where your last save was. I like
    to name my save slots with the reading on the timer and current location and/or
    event that just occurred, i.e. “04:10 first time outside house”. Whatever system
    you choose is up to you, but from this point on in the walkthrough I won’t
    remind you of every chance to save your game and will just assume that you’re
    saving on a regular basis.
    Save often. Save well. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
    Head south to a mountain path with an eagle in the foreground. Click the bottom
    of the path to head onward.
    Tsk, tsk. What did I just tell you about saving? For those of you who did, hit
    “Restore” and you’ll be back outside the house with nothing lost. Those of you
    who didn’t save will have to do some work to get back to this point, hopefully
    saving this time. The rest of us will wait for you; go on.
    Okay. This time, click on each bend on the path separately, making sure
    Gwydion’s feet always have solid ground between them and the spot you click.
    Maneuver around the bend and carefully keep winding your way down the path. The
    eagle will come into play later.
    The next two screens are much of the same, with nothing to do but move to the
    next screen. At the bottom of the path head south and you’ll see the road
    continuing south even further. Note that this screen and a couple of others to
    the south and west have the chance of bandits coming out to rob you blind. Try
    to hang near the edges and avoid walking through the center of the screen and
    you should be able to get away most of the time. If not, you’ll wake up with
    your possessions stolen and no way to feed Manannan when he gets back, so bad
    times for you. Later on there’s a way to get your stuff back, but for this first
    trip just restore and retry if you get robbed.
    Wary of bandits, head south one more time to the Behrs’ Cottage. If Mama Bear is
    in the garden, then leave and immediately return until the yard and house are
    both empty (knock on the door to be sure). After knocking, if no one is home,
    Gwydion will head inside. Pick up the bowl of porridge in the middle of the
    table (it’s just right!) and then head upstairs. Ignore the beds and open the
    drawer in the top right corner. Take the thimble and head back outside. Before
    leaving the garden, click the thimble on the flowers to fill it with dew and
    click the hand icon on the flowers to pick up a handful of fertile soil.
     Head east and pick a sprig of mistletoe from the tree you see. Then go north,
    into town. To the right you’ll see a seagull eating a dead fish; walk over to it
    and grab the fish, scaring the gull in the process.
    Go into the General Store (use the hand icon on the door) and then click the
    hand icon on the dog to pet him and get a tuft of his fur. Leave the general
    store and head north, following the path that leads behind the saloon.
    Here we see the library, which seriously needs a little TLC. Manannan’s not very
    big on readers, apparently (himself aside). The front door is locked, so click
    the hand on the boxes stacked against the wall to climb on top of them. The
    window is latched but ajar, so click the spoon on the window to use the handle
    and slide the latch open. Then click the hand on the window to go inside.
    There’s nothing to see here except for the large blue book on the floor, so pick
    it up. It’s a journal! Either click the journal on Gwydion or go to your
    inventory and click the hand on the journal to read it. There are a lot of
    interesting things to read. Your timer doesn’t run while reading it, so take
    your time. Pay particular attention to Day 12, and write down the sequence of
    symbols pictured there.
    With that done, click the hand on the ladder to leave the same way you came in.
    Head north, then east, then click the cup on the ocean to fill it with ocean
    water. Backtrack west and then go north to a cave with a rather imposing spider
    web. Go to your inventory screen and click the hand icon on the parchment you
    picked up earlier: you discover that it’s a magic map with important places on
    it you’ve visited. There’s the Behrs’ house right near the middle, so click on
    it to teleport there. From there head west two screens past the bees and into
    the desert. Click the hand on the ground to get a handful of sand, then head
    This screen has a pair of lizards and a dried snakeskin on the left; pick the
    snakeskin up and move north two screens. The cactus in the center of the screen
    to the right of the red-flowered one is of the spineless variety. Click the hand
    on it to get a free sample. Walk north to a temple and south again. We’ll be
    back later, but for now we just need to get it on the map.
    Walk east, south and south again, ignoring the bard for now. Here we see a tree
    house, inaccessible at the moment, but we’ll soon fix that. For now, pick up
    some dried acorns from the base of the tree. Pull out your magic map and click
    on the house.
    Wait, this isn’t the house! Curses. The magic map won’t take you all the way
    home, due to the spells protecting Manannan’s house. You’ve got to walk back up
    the path on the screen with the eagle to get back. On the way click the fish on
    the eagle and you’ll offer it to him, getting a feather left in its place. Click
    the hand on the feather to pick it up (careful not to fall off). Once that’s
    done, head north to the house, open the door and head north again, into the
    There wasn’t much to see here before, but now that we’ve read the journal we
    know about the secret levers concealed within the bookcase. First off, go to
    your inventory and get the brass key you picked up earlier, then click it on the
    cabinet on the bottom left to open it and discover the wizard’s magic wand,
    essential for doing any spell work. Pick it up and leave the cabinet open. Now
    click the hand icon anywhere on the bookshelves and Gwydion will automatically
    find the set of books with levers behind them. Take a look at your notes (or the
    journal again, if you didn’t follow my advice about writing it down) and pull
    the levers in the correct sequence to open a trap door. Walk down the staircase
    that appears.
    If the cat is present on the staircase below he will jump out and kill you,
    which will pretty much ruin any chances you had of escaping. To avoid this, walk
    back up the steps when you see the cat, then immediately walk back down. Repeat
    until the cat is gone; it should only take one or two tries.
    At the bottom of the staircase you see the wizard Manannan’s laboratory. First
    off, grab everything you can from the back shelf. You’re looking for toad
    spittle, nightshade juice, saffron, toadstool powder, ground fish scales, and an
    empty flask. (You’ll know you’ve got what you need when you can look at the
    shelves and it mentions that there’s nothing else of interest.) Go to your
    inventory and click the cup on the empty flask to fill the flask with seawater.
    Walk down to the large book on the center of the long table. Click the hand on
    it to read it. As you can see, we now have the wherewithal to create a couple of
    spells. Turn to the page for the spell you’re trying to create and follow the
    instructions in the in-depth spell section for the rest. If you prefer to figure
    out the spell sequences on your own, then just go ahead: in general, the hand
    icon will do all the actions that don’t involve clicking an item on another item
    or tool.
    If you’re at the same point as I am following this guide you should have the
    necessary ingredients to make the following:
    Understanding the Language of Creatures
    Flying Like an Eagle or a Fly
    Enhancing Musical Talent
    NOTE: There is a bug (as of the time of this writing) that will not give you the
    point for collecting the cat fur if you’ve already performed the Understanding
    the Language of Creatures spell. So be sure to pick up the cat fur before then.
    Be certain to use the dog fur (not the cat fur) and the chicken feather (not the
    eagle feather) to complete the Understanding Creatures spell. Once you finish
    all three, head back upstairs. In the office, search the desk with the hand icon
    four times to find a letter from someone named “L” to Manannan. Click the letter
    on Gwydion to read it. Head out of the office and outside, then pull out your
    map and click on the town.
    Click the hand on the tavern to go inside, and then try to take the lute from
    the wall above the barrels. After you talk to the barmaid a couple of times to
    discover its origins and see what she wants for it, you can click the musical
    talent potion on yourself to drink it, then click the hand on the lute again.
    After a stirring musical performance, Gwydion gets to keep the lute.
    Head outside again and use the map to go to the mountain path. Go south, then
    west. Speak to the bard a couple of times to suggest that his poems might be
    more enhanced by a musical accompaniment, then try to take the pitcher on the
    ground next to him; he’ll let you in on the secret of its nature. After this,
    give him the lute. He’ll horrify you with a few lines and leave, letting you
    take his pitcher. Pick it up and go one screen north.
    Look at the pitcher in your inventory to get the pitcher’s magic word, then use
    the pitcher on the hole in the rock you see. Quickly pick up the bottle that
    floats to the top, and inside you’ll find a piece of paper. Look at it in your
    inventory to discover that it’s the last page of the spell for turning another
    into a cat.
    Take out your map and go back to the spider cave. Go to your inventory and click
    the eagle feather on your bottle of magic rose essence to turn into an eagle,
    then click the feet icon on the spider web to take care of the spider. After the
    cut-scene ends you’ll find yourself in Gwydion form again outside the now-clear
    cave entrance. Go on inside.
    There’s a mandrake root right in the center; take it. An Oracle appears out of
    nowhere, bringing with her a fair amount of greenery to the cave. Talk to her.
    This starts a cut-scene in which you finally discover your true origins,
    starting with a flashback to your crib. Walk around and look at things, and
    eventually you’ll find the crib where you lay as a child, only to see Manannan
    poof in and steal your baby self. After this, talk to the Oracle again and ask
    the questions she puts to you at least once each. She’ll eventually let you go
    after telling you all about your identity and the troubles plaguing the land of
    Time won’t pass again until you leave the cave, so don’t worry about running out
    of time during the scene. Leave the cave, then pull out your map.
    At this point my timer has turned yellow. If you’re uncomfortable cutting it
    close, then use the map to go back to the house and skip ahead to that section.
    You can come back to this point with a fresh timer later on if need be. If
    you’re still good on time, then use the map to warp back to that temple we
    visited earlier.
    At the temple use the hand to open the door and go inside. From there, walk
    along the path and around the bend and Medusa will appear. Don’t be afraid; just
    walk right up to her and you’ll start talking. She needs to test your character,
    and to do so you need to answer some questions:
    When asked about the blind man: describe the sunset accurately and objectively
    (option 3).
    For the girl selling apples: give her money to buy fresh apples (option 3).
    For the harem slave: help her out, no charge (option 1).
    For the old man: invite him in (option 3).
    For the pen pal: remember her words and allow those feelings to return (option
    The curse is then broken, and you’re standing before a beautiful lady. She asks
    what she can do to repay you, so go back up the path and try to pick up the
    stone in the corner. She asks for some way to see herself in exchange for it, so
    walk back and give her the hand mirror. She thanks you, lets you take the stone,
    and gives you some parting advice on the way out.
    First Nap
    The timer should definitely be yellow by now, so head on out of the cave and
    let’s get back to the house. Magic-map yourself to the mountain path, then walk
    up and enter the house.
    First things first; make sure that everything is concealed well enough to pass
    inspection so that Manny doesn’t zap you into a pile of cat litter upon his
    return. Head north into the office and click the hand on the secret books.
    Alexander will automatically perform the sequence and close the trap door. Next,
    click the wand on the cabinet to replace it carefully (the cabinet will close
    and lock automatically). Leave the office and head upstairs to your bedroom.
    Once safely in your bedroom, click the hand on the bed and select “HIDE” from
    the menu. Now, going through your item list you may have already noticed the
    blue border around certain items. This indicates that if Manannan catches you
    with any of these in your possession you’ll get hosed. Hide everything with a
    blue border under the bed, then walk out into the hallway again.
    If your timer isn’t yet red then you should take this opportunity and try to see
    the cat kill a fly if you haven’t yet. If you’ve already got the fly wings, go
    ahead and sleep the rest of your time away, if any.
    Manannan is hungry when he returns, so go downstairs to the dining room and
    click either the bread or the fruit or the mutton on him (not the porridge).
    He’ll scarf it down with nary a thank you, and you have the opportunity here to
    talk to him about the residents of Llewdor. Once he’s done, either keep trying
    to find that fly or simply sleep away the rest of your time, after which
    Manannan will tell you that he’s going to sleep.
    The second you see Manny poof himself into the bedroom to catch Zs, run back
    into your bedroom to grab all the stuff you hid earlier. Run upstairs to the
    tower to collect the wings off of that fly if you need to, then dash downstairs
    and outside.
    If you still need to take care of things from the previous section, do so now.
    We’ll wait.
    Click the town on your map. Go into the tavern to find two burly,
    unsavory-looking men there. They’re not much for conversation, but they seem to
    be talking to each other about something interesting. Since you can’t get close
    enough to hear them, you need a different approach. (If the two men aren’t there
    when you walk in, walk out and in again until they are.)
    Walk out of the tavern again, then click the fly wings onto the magic rose
    essence. After the transformation, use the feet icon to fly into the tavern’s
    open window on the right. Fly over to the men and you’ll overhear them talking
    about a secret rope under the oak tree.
    Secret rope, you say? Interesting… Fly out of the tavern and head west (still as
    a fly) until you find the big oak tree where you harvested your acorns. Click
    the feet on the hole at the base to discover that there is indeed a rope there.
    You’ll automatically fly back out and change back to human form. Click the hand
    on the hole in the tree and Alexander will reach inside to pull the rope,
    revealing (to your amazement) a rope ladder that reaches down. Click the hand on
    the rope ladder to climb up.
    At the top of the ladder is a tree house. Look inside before going in. When you
    see a figure sleeping in a chair it’s safe to walk inside. If there’s movement
    going on, then climb down the ladder and back up until you see the sleeping
    figure. Inside the tree house, walk around the perimeter on the right side, as
    far away from the sleeping bandit as possible, until you’re close enough to take
    the pouch of gold on the table. Go out the way you came in and head down the
    tree again.
    NOTE: If you get mugged at any point after discovering the tree house you can
    recover your possessions by sneaking back into it and opening the large bin in
    the back. This is, of course, only if you get mugged, and a last resort at that.
    Frequent saves can also give you back your stuff when you get stuck, and much
    more easily.
    Back on solid soil, whip out your map and warp back to town. Go into the general
    store and click the gold on the shopkeeper to start haggling. Buy everything he
    has for sale: the lard, fish oil, salt, and extra pouch.
    Go to your map and warp back to the Oracle’s cave. Click the spoon on the
    riverbank to pick up some mud, then walk one screen east and fill your cup with
    ocean water again. Use the map to warp back to the mountain path, then walk back
    to the house.
    Head down to the laboratory, stopping first to grab the wand. Once downstairs,
    click the hand on the spellbook twice so that you’re reading it, then turn the
    pages to the last one and click the spell page on the torn section to replace
    it. With this in place, carry out the remaining spells using the Spell
    Instructions section. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which order you cast
    the spells in as long as you cast “Brewing a Storm” first, as you’ll need your
    spoon to be mud-free for most of them. 
    Just for reference, here are the remaining spells:
    Brewing a Storm
    Teleportation at Random
    Causing a Deep Sleep
    Becoming Invisible
    Turning Another into a Cat
    If you’re running short on time, just forget about most of the spells. All you
    really need to do are the storm spell (to get the mud off of your spoon) and the
    cat spell, to get the cookie.
    Once you’ve got those done, click the cat cookie on the bowl of porridge to
    crumble it up and conceal it. Then you’re pretty much done in Llewdor for the
    time being. Go upstairs, replace the wand and close the trap door. Head to your
    bedroom and hide everything but the bowl of porridge (you’ll notice the tainted
    porridge is now border-free), then sleep.
    When you wake, Manannan will poof himself out of the bedroom and demand some
    food. Go downstairs and give him the tainted porridge, then watch the rather
    satisfying cutscene. Free at last! Head upstairs, grab your stuff from under the
    bed, and grab the wand from the office.
    At this point you can go back to the laboratory and take your time finishing up
    any spells you haven’t yet completed. Once you’ve got all the spells cast, wave
    goodbye and head out of the house for the last time.
    Second Journey and Beyond
    If for any reason you don’t manage to get all this done before Manannan wakes
    up, you can give him something else to eat and after a while he’ll take a
    journey again, giving you more time to get things done. This cycle of
    journey/eat/sleep/eat will continue for as long as you need. You can feed him
    the fruit, bread, mutton, and porridge, tainted or untainted. Should you need
    STILL more time, you can always go and get another bowl of porridge from the
    Behrs’ house while Manny’s gone or asleep.
    Off the Clock
    Pull out your map and go to town, then into the tavern. Talk to the sailors at
    the table, then give them your gold pouch. If there are any loose ends at all to
    take care of, now is the last chance. If you’ve done everything there is to do
    in Llewdor up to now then your score should be 160 points before you set foot on
    the ship. If you’re all caught up then move on. If not, go back through and take
    care of whatever you’ve missed.
    Walk out the door and down the dock to the east, then talk to the sailor
    standing guard on the gangplank. You’ll see a cutscene, then you’ll wake up in
    the hold of the ship with all your possessions gone (except for the dough in
    your ears). Walk east and pick up the lightly-colored small crate on the floor,
    then take it back west and place it on the ground by the slightly larger crate.
    Click the hand on the whole pile to climb it and escape the hold.
    Up top, there’s not much you can do. Getting caught or falling will get you
    tossed back into the hold. To pass the time, you can walk back and forth between
    the two screens in the hold until the mice show up. Stand and listen for a
    while; they have lots of things to say.
    Treasure Island
    Poke around the ship until you see the first mate tell the captain that you’re
    nearing  an island. After a bit you regain control of Alexander on the shore
    with nothing but a parchment and shovel. Walk inland following the path and
    straight through the next screen.
    Here you see a bridge. Go to your inventory and click the hand on the parchment.
    Read the little poem here and three bottles will appear. Click the hand on any
    one of them to pick up all three. The first weight is huge, so click the fat
    potion on Alexander. He’ll automatically go onto the bridge and drink it. For
    the next weight, click the skinny potion on him. Then use the fat potion again.
    You end up at the center of the bridge. Click the hand on the lever directly
    above your head and choose to pull it. The brackets on the side you came from
    will snap into place and you can simply walk the rest of the way across the
    Next up: the swamp. The swamp is filled with stones that flash various colors.
    Different stones flash at different times, but each individual stone is always
    the same color. Check out your parchment again to get another poem with the
    right color sequence: First is ocean (blue), then blood (red), wheat (yellow),
    grass (green), snow (white), then land (brown). You’ll need to repeat the
    sequence twice: Click the hand on the blue stone in front, then go northwest to
    red, northeast to yellow, straight east to green (it’s a long jump, but you can
    make it), southeast to white, then northeast to brown. From there it’s northwest
    to blue, straight west to red, northeast to yellow, northwest again to green,
    southwest to white, and northwest to brown. From there, hop onto the land on the
    other side. If you need to know which color a stone is and you don’t want to
    wait for it to flash, just click the look icon on it.
    Move on to the next screen and there’s an arch. Read your parchment again, then
    pick up all the tiles on the ground and click the stack of tiles on the arch.
    You’ve got to arrange them in order to spell out the name of the gate: (S)pider,
    (E)lephant, (R)abbit, (A)ntelope, (N)ewt, for Seran’s Gate. Place the tiles and
    walk through the arch.
    You’ll proceed into a clearing where you meet Seran, the wizard pirate captain
    who first hid his treasure here. He tells you of an orb with the power to heal
    the land, then asks you to choose things in order of importance. Pick the food,
    then tools, then the book. When he presents the treasure to you, click the hand
    on it to pick it up, then click the green orb you see there. You also have the
    option here to click the coins a few times to sift through them. Doing so will
    uncover a small black statue whose purpose is unknown at the moment, but looks
    important. Take it.
    Click “Exit” and you’ll automatically take the treasure back to the captain.
    On board the ship, when you regain control you’ve spent several days promoted
    from “island treasure magic trap fodder” to “cabin boy”. The first mate wakes
    you up and gives you some chores to do:
    For the stove, go west to the ladder and up. Go into the galley and click the
    hand icon on the stove in the corner. Grab the broom and then leave the way you
    came. Backtrack to the first mate and talk to him for your next task.
    To scrub the deck, head back out, up, and this time go down the small ladder to
    the right. Go to the next screen east and click the broom on the deck. Same as
    before, once you’re done just backtrack and talk to the first mate again.
    For the captain’s shelves, walk west into the captain’s quarters and click the
    hand on the feather duster in the corner. Walk back east when you’re done.
    You’ll automatically go back to bed at this point and see a cutscene of King
    Graham and Queen Valanice overlooking the ravaged countryside of Daventry. Then
    you’ll get tossed into the hold again after learning about the ship’s course to
    Eusperia, right off of Daventry’s coast. The first mate goes and gets himself
    magic-mapped back to Llewdor (taking your map with him, blast it) and you regain
    control of Alexander back in the hold.
    Go back up the ladder. With everyone making landfall preparations the captain’s
    cabin is now empty, so head on in and grab your stuff from the chest in the
    back. Then pop back downstairs and walk over to the fore side of the hold, where
    you found the crate. Click your sleep powder on the ground just to the right of
    the crates. 
    Backtrack to the ladder and make your way up to the deck, where you can look at
    the water to spy mountainous land to the east. Click your eagle feather into the
    rose essence and you’ll automatically fly down to the shore. Welcome to
    Quest’s End
    Walk east three screens to see the entrance to the mountain path you need to
    take. The path winds back and forth between these two screens. On the west side
    of the path a large clump of rock is blocking the way; simply stand at the base
    of it (just before the bend) and click the hand on it to climb on up. Alexander
    will then be on the correct section of the path needed to continue on.
    Make your way north and on the next screen you see an owl in rather curious
    garb. He seems familiar, somehow… Oh well. There’s nothing to do with him, so
    continue on and the path will lead you to the east, then back west and north.
    You’ll come to a small mountain stream in the snowy peaks. Walk east and you’ll
    see a cave. Ignore it for now, and instead walk to the next screen east.
    Zounds! A yeti! He’s hungry, and nothing you can do will make him stop wanting
    to chase you. You regain control of Alexander after the yeti’s brief speech.
    Your goal now is simply to escape and head south from the next screen, and there
    are a couple of ways to do so:
    You can rub your magic stone right away, either by clicking it on Alexander or
    by clicking the hand on it via the inventory screen. This will poof you away
    from the yeti to one of two places: either in front of the cave or next to the
    small stream, whichever is further away. You can simply wait for the yeti to get
    close and rub the stone again until you’re on the other side of him, then make a
    run for the exit.
    You can enter the cave right away and rub the stone when you’re cornered. This
    will teleport you outside the cave, from which you can then run for the exit.
    Note that you need to be extremely quick about it, especially with the game
    speed turned up high. Keep your mouse pointer at the top of the screen so that
    when you regain control you can select the stone immediately.
    If you keep rubbing the stone outside the cave, letting the yeti get close
    before you teleport, eventually he’ll just get frustrated and go back to his
    cave, letting you leave in peace.
    Lastly, you can enter the cave and when the yeti corners you click your sleep
    powder on the cave’s floor. The yeti will fall asleep and you can escape at your
    Take whatever path you choose, but do it fast. That yeti is bearing down on you
    quickly, and from the looks of his cave there won’t be much of you left after he
    catches you. Once you’re clear and have taken the bend south you’ll be standing
    at the top-leftmost of five caves.
    Walk into one and you’ll feel a draft coming from two directions; taking the
    first path leads to one cave, and the second path to a different one. All five
    caves have two paths leading to two other caves. The map in the appendices
    section should help if you have trouble getting around them.
    It won’t take long to discover that all the paths will just lead you in circles
    and that there are no exits in sight. The only thing to do is move around the
    caves for a while; after a minute or so on the timer, maneuver down to the
    bottom right cave. The yeti will show up to mock you and chase you around the
    Once the yeti shows up all you need to do is choose a path that will take you
    away from him. Once you’ve frustrated the yeti enough he’ll take a wrong turn
    and appear in a spot beyond the caves then bash his way through and try to catch
    you again, inadvertently clearing your escape route in the process. From there
    it’s only a couple more switches back to the bottom-right and you’re home free.
    For the impatient, the correct sequence of paths is First, First, Second,
    Second, First. You can stand there and look the yeti for a while, then head
    Follow the path for a couple of screens and you’ll eventually make a turn south,
    putting you at the mouth of a cave with everything around you on fire. Enter the
    cave and go west, then head up the staircase you see here. You can’t fall off
    the stairs, so don’t worry. At the top of the stairs just continue out of the
    cave and into the misty plains beyond.
    Okay, time to use the last of those spells we worked so hard for. Use the
    invisibility ointment, either by clicking it on Alexander or clicking the hand
    on it in the inventory. Once you’re invisible walk west and see the dragon. Walk
    a safe distance away (next to Rosella, the girl tied to the stake) and use the
    storm brew. Watch the cutscene and rejoice, for you’ve just killed the dragon!
    Click the hand on Rosella to untie her. After showing her your heritage
    (*snicker*) feel free to talk to her as much as you wish until you’ve nothing
    more to say, then walk back out the way you came. Rosella will follow you.
    Backtrack east, down the staircase and out of the cave. Once outside a gnome
    will rejoice at the news, making a bridge for you to cross on your way back to
    the castle. Once you gain control, head east and then north. On the next screen,
    time your walk so that you miss the walls of fire spewing forth. (Only try to
    get past one at a time.) On the next screen, just walk straight up the middle of
    the unstable ground, clicking on each stone separately. Once on solid soil again
    exit the screen to the west.
    This screen has a sinister-looking man in a black cloak who is rather terse and
    not at all friendly. Talk to him as much as you wish, but you won’t get much out
    of him beyond the first time. From here go north, then east, then east again
    across the bridge and into the palace gate. Welcome home, Alexander!
    That’s the game! Enjoy the ending scene and credits, and see how many awards you
    got! Those of you following this guide should have gotten the “Perfectionist”
    award at the very least; try and see how many others you can get.
    Appendix A: Spell Instructions
    This section details specific instructions for every spell. Each spell must be
    completed in one sitting before clicking away from the workbench, which means
    that you need every necessary ingredient before starting. These instructions
    assume that each spell is begun from the page view, i.e. the instructions and
    incantation for the spell are showing.
    It should be obvious from the previous paragraph, but once again: Not possessing
    a necessary ingredient will require you to take actions outside the spell
    instructions and therefore die.
    All spells require the magic wand.
    The missing page for “Turning Another into a Cat” must be in place before
    beginning the instructions in the spell.
    Only one spell may be carried out at a time.
    For any spell that requires the spoon (except for “Brewing a Storm”), the spoon
    must be mud-free.
    Using the “Look” icon (i.e. “Which bottle is the powdered fishbone, again?”) is
    permitted, and won’t cause anything to go awry.
    Likewise, switching icons (hand to eye and back, etc.), entering and exiting the
    inventory and switching between the page view and book view is permitted as many
    times as necessary; so if you select the wrong item you can use the
    arrow/feather icon to select the proper one.
    Pretty much any other action not outlined here will result in a rather comical
    Understanding the Language of Creatures: Requires thimble with dew, animal fur
    (dog or cat), ground fish scales, snakeskin, bird feather (eagle or chicken),
    a.	Open your inventory.
    b.	Click the thimbleful of dew on the empty bowl.
    c.	Click the dog fur on the bowl.
    d.	Click the bottle of ground fish scales on the bowl.
    e.	Click the snakeskin on the bowl.
    f.	Click the chicken feather on the bowl.
    g.	Click the hand icon on the bowl.
    h.	Close your inventory and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    i.	Open your inventory and click the magic wand on the bowl.
    j.	Click the hand icon on the bowl.
    Flying Like an Eagle or Fly: Requires saffron, rose essence.
    k.	Open your inventory.
    l.	Click the saffron on the rose essence.
    m.	Close your inventory and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    n.	Open your inventory and click the wand on the rose essence.
    Teleportation At Random: Requires salt, mistletoe, amber stone.
    o.	Click “exit” to look at the workbench.
    p.	Click the salt on the mortar and pestle.
    q.	Click the hand on the mortar and pestle.
    r.	Click the mistletoe on the mortar and pestle.
    s.	Click the hand on the mortar and pestle.
    t.	Click the orange stone on the mortar and pestle.
    u.	In your inventory, click the hand on the stone.
    v.	Go back to the page view and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    w.	Open your inventory and click the magic wand on the stone.
    Causing a Deep Sleep: Requires acorns, nightshade juice, spoon, bowl.
    x.	Click “exit” to go to the workbench view.
    y.	Click the acorns on the mortar and pestle.
    z.	Click the hand on the mortar and pestle twice (once to grind, once to pick up
    the acorn powder)
    aa.	In your inventory, click the acorn powder on the bowl.
    bb.	Click the nightshade juice on the bowl.
    cc.	Click the spoon on the bowl and close your inventory.
    dd.	Click the hand on the charcoal brazier.
    ee.	Click the bowl on the brazier.
    ff.	Click the hand on the bowl.
    gg.	Click the bowl on the table, just below the mortar and pestle.
    hh.	Go back to the page view and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    ii.	Click “exit” and click the wand on the powder on the table.
    jj.	Click the empty pouch on the powder.
    Enhancing Musical Talent: Requires flask of seawater, hot sand, fertile soil.
    kk.	Open your inventory.
    ll.	Click the hot sand on the flask of seawater.
    mm.	Click the fertile soil on the flask of seawater.
    nn.	Click the hand icon on the flask.
    oo.	Click the magic wand on the flask.
    pp.	Close your inventory and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    Brewing a Storm: Requires cup of ocean water, muddy spoon, toadstool powder,
    qq.	Click the cup of ocean water on the bowl.
    rr.	Click “exit” so that you’re looking at the workbench.
    ss.	Click the hand on the charcoal brazier on the right.
    tt.	Click the bowl on the brazier.
    uu.	Click the muddy spoon on the bowl.
    vv.	Click the toadstool powder on the bowl. (You’ll get an empty jar in return.)
    ww.	Click the hand on the bowl.
    xx.	Go back to the page view and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    yy.	Click the magic wand on the bowl.
    zz.	Click the bowl on the empty jar.
    Becoming Invisible: Requires cactus, lard, toad spittle, knife, spoon, bowl.
    aaa.	In your inventory, click the knife on the cactus.
    bbb.	Click the cut cactus on the spoon.
    ccc.	Click the spoon on the bowl.
    ddd.	Click the jar of lard on the bowl. (You’ll get an empty jar in return.)
    eee.	Click the toad spittle on the bowl.
    fff.	Click the spoon on the bowl.
    ggg.	Close your inventory and click the “Recite Spell” button.
    hhh.	Back in your inventory, click the wand on the bowl.
    iii.	Click the bowl on the empty jar.
    Turning Another into a Cat: Requires mandrake root, fish oil, cat hair, spoon,
    jjj.	Click “exit” so that you’re looking at the workbench.
    kkk.	Open your inventory.
    lll.	Click the mandrake root on the mortar and pestle.
    mmm.	Click the hand icon on the mortar and pestle twice, once to grind the root
    and once to collect the powder.
    nnn.	Click the mandrake root powder on the bowl.
    ooo.	Click the fish oil on the bowl.
    ppp.	Click the cat hair on the bowl.
    qqq.	Click the spoon on the bowl.
    rrr.	Click the bowl on an empty spot on the table.
    sss.	Click the hand on the ball of dough.
    ttt.	Click the hand on the spell book and click “Recite Spell”.
    uuu.	Click “exit” and click the wand on the cookie.
    Appendix B: Points List
    Points	Total	Description	   
    1	1	Get Cup	   
    1	2	Get Bowl	   
    1	3	Get Spoon	   
    1	4	Get Knife	   
    1	5	Get Mutton	   
    1	6	Get Bread	   
    1	7	Get Fruit	   
    1	8	Get Mirror	   
    1	9	Get Rose Essence	   
    3	12	Find Brass Key	   
    3	15	Find Map	   
    1	16	Get Cat Fur	   
    1	17	Get Chicken Feather	   
    1	18	Get Porridge	   
    1	19	Get Thimble	   
    1	20	Fill Thimble with Dew	   
    1	21	Get Fertile Soil	   
    1	22	Get Mistletoe	   
    1	23	Get Fish	   
    1	24	Get Dog Fur	   
    1	25	Enter Library (first time)	   
    1	26	Get Journal	   
    1	27	Read Journal (first time)	   
    1	28	Fill Cup with Ocean Water (first time)	   
    1	29	Get Sand	   
    1	30	Get Snakeskin	   
    1	31	Get Cactus	   
    1	32	Get Acorns	   
    1	33	Give Mutton or Fish to Eagle	   
    1	34	Get Eagle Feather	   
    4	38	Open Laboratory Door (first time)	   
    4	42	Open Wand Cabinet (first time)	   
    1	43	Get Nightshade Juice	   
    1	44	Get Toad Spittle	   
    1	45	Get Saffron	   
    1	46	Get Toadstool Powder	   
    1	47	Get Ground Fish Scales	   
    1	48	Get Empty Flask	   
    1	49	Fill Flask from Cup (first time)	   
    7	56	Cast “Understanding the Language of Creatures” Spell	   
    7	63	Cast “Flying Like an Eagle or Fly” Spell	   
    7	70	Cast “Enhancing Musical Talent” Spell	   
    1	71	Get Letter from Desk	   
    1	72	Get Lute	   
    1	73	Give Lute to Bard	   
    1	74	Get Pitcher	   
    1	75	Get Glass Bottle with Spell Page	   
    4	79	Kill Spider as Eagle	   
    3	82	Enter Spider Cave	   
    2	84	Get Mandrake Root	   
    2	86	Break Medusa’s Curse	   
    3	89	Give Mirror to Former Medusa	   
    1	90	Get Smooth Stone	   
    4	94	Hide an Incriminating Item Under Bed (first time)	   
    1	95	Get Fly Wings	   
    3	98	Overhear Bandits as a Fly	   
    3	101	Pull Rope to Reveal Rope Ladder	   
    2	103	Discover the Bandits’ Hideout	   
    4	107	Get Gold	   
    1	108	Buy Lard	   
    1	109	Buy Salt	   
    1	110	Buy Fish Oil	   
    1	111	Buy Pouch	   
    1	112	Get Mud	   
    7	119	Cast “Brewing a Storm” Spell	   
    7	126	Cast “Turning Another into a Cat” Spell	   
    7	133	Cast “Teleportation at Random” Spell	   
    7	140	Cast “Causing a Deep Sleep” Spell	   
    7	147	Cast “Becoming Invisible” Spell	   
    10	157	Give Tainted Porridge to Manannan	   
    3	160	Give Gold to Captain	   
    2	162	Go Aboard Pirate Ship	   
    2	164 	Escape the Hold (first time)	   
    4	168	Cross the Island Bridge	   
    4	172	Cross the Stony Swamp	   
    4	176	Pass Through Seran’s Gate	   
    4	180	Choose Seran’s Items in the Correct Order	   
    2	182	Get Orb of Power	   
    3	185	Retrieve Possessions from Captain’s Chest	   
    3	188	Fly to Daventry	   
    3	191	Get Past the Yeti	   
    3	194	Outwit the Yeti at the Caves	   
    6	200	Kill the Dragon	   
    3	203	Untie Rosella	   
    2	205	Navigate Past the Fire Walls	   
    2	207	Navigate Past the Unstable Ground	   
    3	210	Enter Castle Daventry	 

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