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Alien Soldier Cheats


  • Level Passwords

    Go to the passwords screen and enter the following:

    1985Level 1
    8316Level 10
    6402Level 11
    9874Level 12
    1930Level 13
    2623Level 14
    6385Level 15
    7749Level 16
    3278Level 17
    1039Level 18
    9002Level 19
    3698Level 2
    2878Level 20
    3894Level 21
    4913Level 22
    2825Level 23
    7406Level 24
    5289Level 25
    0257Level 3
    3745Level 4
    7551Level 5
    8790Level 6
    5196Level 7
    4569Level 8
    8091Level 9

    Contributed By: expensivegift.

Gunstar Heroes Cheats


  • Hidden Special Move

    With either Gunstar Red or Gunstar Blue motion: b, db, d, df, f+shot button to execute a powerful standing slide.

    Contributed By: Ryu Hayabusa.

Easter Eggs

  • Make the logo rotate

    Hold Down on controller one before the Gunstar Heroes logo appears on the screen in order to rotate it.

    Contributed By: Retro.

  • The Timeron's Secret: A Hidden Easter Egg.

    During the 2nd Timeron encounter (which is in the Space Battle stage) a timer will begin ticking from 00'00''00.

    As the timer keeps going, the Timeron's attacks will change, and at every 20 minutes or so, a circular drone will appear, accompanied by Smash Daisaku's laughter. Avoid this drone for about 2 minutes until it self-destructs, for a single hit will reduce your health to zero.

    At about 50'00''00 or so, large blue balls will appear. These will rebound once against the screen, and do 11 points of damage instead of the normal 10 points from the smaller ones.

    Once the timer gets up to 99'50''00 or so, don't destroy the Timeron yet. Instead, wait out the remaining 10 seconds whilst avoiding the Timeron's attacks, but don't stay too close to the Timeron, or you'll get killed by the drone.

    Once the timer reaches 00'00''00 again, you'll hear that nasty laughter again, but this time, ''GIVE UP!!'' appears in the middle of the screen, and the Timeron will self-destruct, accompanied by the message, ''YOU OPENED THE - SATORI MIND -''.

    A bit more of that nasty laughter accompanies the next message, ''REPROGRAMMED BY NAMI - 1993''.

    Now, instead of getting a Timer Bonus like you usually would, a Soul Bonus of exactly 930410 points is added to your score. That might be the date that Nami reprogrammed the Timeron, I believe.

    Contributed By: Saviour-V.

Landstalker Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Secret Monster Race

    In the Casino, hold A+B+C+START on the P2 pad before entering the chicken race room. If done right, the chickens will turn into monsters.

    Contributed By: The-BigDog.

Light Crusader Cheats


  • Test, Test2 and Debug Mode

    TEST MODE: Pause the game, and go to MODE, uncheck all items, then press Down 8 times. This lets you view sprites, sound test, text messages amongst other things. TEST2 MODE: After activating TEST MODE above, pause the game and enter the new TEST option. Then press Up, A, Right, A, Left, A, Down, A. This lets you view rooms, errors, system info etc. DEBUG MODE: After activating TEST MODE and TEST2 MODE, kill yourself until you get Game Over. Now at the Load Select screen, there should be a new option called DEBUG. Here you can jump to any part of the game and use debug features in your inventory.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.


  • Secret Room

    On Level 4 there is a room where David and the zombies in the room appear to have doubles. This is apparently the reflection off of a giant mirror. After you kill the zombies jump up on a box in the center and push against the mirror. You will enter a secret room that contains a pendant.

    Contributed By: Kajira.

  • The Sextant

    On B2, while on your way to the yellow orb, you'll come across a room with some rock columns and a corpse with a scroll piece next to it. In the next room will be 2 goblins and a floor button. Instead of going there straight away, stay in the room with the corpse and move over to the 2 columns attached to each other in the right corner of the room. Attacking the columns will reveal that these 2 are actually made of ice and will shatter. Behind is a switch that will open a secret passage to a room where you can pick up a device called 'Sextant'.

    With this item, you can always transport yourself instantly to any teleportation room you have discovered so far from any location in the game!

    Contributed By: MGS and LoK fan.

Shining Force Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    When the battle begins quickly tap A, B, C, Up, A, C, A, B, AControl All Opponents (JP Version Only)
    Hold: Start on 2P then reset the system. Let go of Start and hold: A+C on 2P. Select continue and wait until the girl says good luck. At that instant hold: A on 1P while continuing to hold: A+C on 2P.Fight Any Battle (JP Version Only)
    Start a new game and go to the Name Your Character screen. Put the cursor on end and hold: Start+A+B+C on 2P while holding: Start+A+C on 1P. You will see another character. Continue this until to name all characters or until you please.Name Characters (Must have completed game first)

    Contributed By: expensivegift.

  • Sound Test

    Beat the game, allow the ending to completely finish and the game to reset. The sound test is opened by loading a saved game or starting a new one, and entering the code while the screen fades to black after Simone stops talking.

    Hown Down + StartSound Test

    Contributed By: lockshaw13.


  • Avoid Party Members

    The game forces you to allow Tao, Ken, Lowe, Hans, and Luke to join the party before the first battle of the game. There is a way to avoid getting these characters in your party. To do this, when in town at the opening of the game there is a gate but two guards will stop you if you try to leave. There is a blond man in a purple vest near the gate and if you stand one space above him, you will eventually force him to step in the path of one of the guards. At this time you can run past and exit the gate and the guard will not be able to block you. This will send you to the first battle with only Max, making the game quite difficult. Also, even though you avoid taking these characters in your party, they will still speak during some of the cut scenes.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

  • Get Adam without defeating Chaos

    Before the battle against Chaos is over, cast egress. Adam will be at HQ, and will be battle-ready. Normally you would have to speak to him after the battle, giving you the chance to miss recruiting him.

    Contributed By: Lord Vicar Daktar.

  • Spell level range

    As soon as you get Heal 4 and try to use it, press Left to change it to level 3. The spell range of 3 spaces will flash. Then press B to change it back to level 4. It will have the same range as level 3

    Contributed By: Raka.


  • unlockable characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anri. chapter 2 i couldnt fit all the information in it so im writing here. after the desert battle enter the big house then......go right and enter the room with books go up the stairs to the north and just keep going up till you see her. then talk to her.
    Arthur. chapter 2 should see Arther on the way to Anri talk to him then do the cavern battle come back and talk again.
    Domingo. 2 again you get him in chapter 4 after some guy hatches the egg for you.In the town you get Anri and Arthur go to the northwest door in the room with books and search the machine then after you kill elliot hatch it.
    Gong. chapter 1.Before fighting the first battle leave and go to the tiny house then go left of the house and then go north then talk to him.
    Hanzou. chapter 8.Search the bush with a flower in it near entrace to town.
    Jogurt. chapter 4.not realy hard to find. This guys in in Pao go behind the priests table BEFORE Pao leaves.
    Kokichi. chapter 3 p.s. you get him when Pao leaves in chapter chapter 3 after doing the quary battle go left until theres a cliff then enter the door go down the stairs and search the engine then go outside.
    Musashi. chapter 7.After getting out of the castle and being locked in jail go northwest and search the small note on the side of the house.
    Zylo. chapter 3 like Kokichi.not realy that secret just use your potion in front of him like everyone says.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

Easter Eggs

  • 2 jogurts?

    If you put jogurt in your army and kill an enemy with him you get item jogurt ring use in battle on any character and they will look just like a jogurt too! repeat as many times as you want but you will have to get another ring when it breaks.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

  • Anri's alternate costume

    During the Laser Eye battle in Chapter 3, search to the left of the three dark elves. You'll receive one of the hidden items in the game called Kitui Huku (Tight Clothes in Japanese) give it to Anri and she'll have a new outfit.

    Contributed By: italianchia.

  • Tao's alternate costume

    In Chapter 3, after fighting the first battle to get the Moon Stone, go inside the cave and search the walls and you will find a secret item called the Sugoi Mizugi. Then, give it to Tao, and now she will have an alternate costume in when fighting in battle.

    Contributed By: Psilite.

Shining Force II Cheats


  • Secret Configuration Mode

    While the Sega logo is on screen enter the following:

    Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, B, C, B, C, B, CBattle Select
    Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, DOwn, Left, Up, BSecret Configuration Mode
    Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, B, C, Right, LeftSecret Configuration Mode 2

  • Sound Test (Japanese version only)

    When the witch asks you to select your file, select a file already beaten (or set a file with the config code) and hold Up and Start and press A.

    Contributed By: bakudandan.


  • Secret Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ChazWhen back in Grands Island, go to back to Yeel and play the piano.
    ClaudeAfter freeing Moun, find an arm of a golem laying around the top left side of town and get it. Then, find a golem in the secret road leading to Grans.
    EricCreed Mansion after oddler has become evil
    Karnago to Creed Mansion after oddler has become evil
    KiwiTalk to him at the empty house before departing by ship from Grans Island
    RandalfCreed Mansion after oddler has become evil
    SheelaWhen returning to Grans Island, go visit the Monk's Monastery and make your way to the back of the monastery where you see a waterfall.
    SkreechTalk to a baby bird learning how to fly, and when leaving Bedoe, have him fall on you by stanting on the right spot (he joins you later on).
    TayaAfter defeating Zalbard in Mitula's Shrine, go investigate a stone figure that looks like a person turned to stone.
    TyrinCreed Mansion after oddler has become evil

    Contributed By: Psilite and Crimson_Chainer.


  • Boost L2 level up Trick

    When one of your characters learns the spell Boost and gets it to level 2, use it and make sure you get your ENTIRE party in range. This will give 49 Exp. to the one who casted Boost L2 REGUARDLESS of what level anybody may be in (which is, like killing a formitable monster that might be much stronger than you). Then, when the Boost effect wears off, you can repeat this sequence and easily get to level 99!

    Contributed By: Psilite.

  • Fairy Village leveling with control enemy on.

    If you put in the code to control enemies in the Fairy Village, previously known to the public, they would not spawn. To get around this, start the battle as normal without the code on. Have a teammate block the appropriate spots to prevent the stronger enemies from spawning if needed. Afterwards, have someone run to a spot that spawns the enemy you wish to farm. Wait your turn so it can spawn. As soon as it spawns, on your very next turn, save and quit. Enter the code and select control enemies. Make sure this is after the enemy has spawned. Restart the game. Enjoy. You may now control very strong enemies that infinitely respawn. If you decide to spawn an enemy in a different spot, just do the same. For example, you use this to farm lesser demons but haven't spawned a Mist Demon, you must reset the game with control enemy off and allow it to spawn, then save mid battle to get control over them, to allow them to respawn.

    Contributed By: Nenjii.

  • Name other characters

    After selecting the name for the main character, hold [START] as you choose "End." Another name screen will pop up for another character and you get to name everyone else.

    Contributed By: Sacred Satyr.

  • Quick levels for healers

    Give a healer any HP restoring item (I.e. Medical Herb), and use it on themself. This will garner a quick 10 experience points for the healer. If you don't have herbs, use Heal 1 until you run out of MP. You could possibly have Heal 4 and Blast 4 for Sarah before you even finish the first battle in the game if you do it right. Also, if you use Aura and have 3 or more people in the targeted range, the healer will get 25 experience for their effort. If you use Detox on one, the healer will only get 5 experience. Make sure to do this trick if you want easy victories.

    Contributed By: SoStaci.

  • Secret Final Battle

    There is one more battle you can do once the game is completed. Once you've defeated Zeon, watched the end credits, and reached the ''FIN'' screen with the two jewels, wait for about 2 mins. A message will appear that says ''and more...''. press a button and you will begin a special battle with all of the old greater devils.

    Contributed By: bopiggy.

Shining in the Darkness Cheats


  • Free Tamayoshi helm

    To get a free Tamayoshi helmet, enter a random battle then win, when it says 'YOURNAME stands victorious' hold down A + C + Up + Start on controller 2. Then press A on controller 1.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Get Glass Armor

    To get secret Glass Armor item enter random battle then win. When you see text "<HERO> stands victorious" press A + Down + Right on controller 2, then press A on controller 1 to continue.

    Contributed By: GManiak.


  • Rename All Characters

    At the name entry screen, input a name that takes up all the avaliable spaces (5 letter spaces). Then, select the 'forward' button and you will be allowed to enter another name for the next character! This works for all the characters!

    Contributed By: Icelight.

Streets of Rage Cheats


  • Extra continues

    Press Left,Left,B,B,B,C,C,C, Start at the title screen.

    Contributed By: Desert eagle.

  • Level and Lives Select

    Go to the main menu. Hold down (A) + (B) + (C) + RIGHT on controller 2 while selecting Options on controller 1 (best if done with two people). You can now select how many lives you start with and which stage to start on.

    Contributed By: NTsui.


  • Final Boss Duel

    When you get to the final boss playing 2-player mode, have one player choose ''yes'' and the other choose ''no''. You will be forced to duel against each other.

    Contributed By: MrSoluble.

  • Receive the Bad Ending.

    To get the Bad Ending, you must be playing as 2 players. You must also be in 2 player mode before Level 8 or else player 2 can't come into the game on Level 8. When both players reach Mr. X in the final room and he asks his question, make sure one player answers yes and the second answers no. Mr. X will have both players fight each other to the death. Have one player lose and choose game over. Afterwards, Mr. X will ask a second question. Be sure to answer NO to that question as well to trigger the final boss battle. When you beat him, you will become the Boss. NOTE: If you answer yes, you will again be shut back 2 levels and still not be ale to get the bad ending.

    Contributed By: Skarz89.

Streets of Rage II Cheats


  • No Damage From Falling

    After being thrown by an enemy, it is possible to prevent taking damage from the fall by holding UP and the JUMP button while falling until you land. Your character should land on his/her feet and not take any damage at all. This is very helpful when fighting enemies like Signals and Ninjas.

    Contributed By: roosterpeacock6.

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