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    Walkthrough by Keith_I

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    Author: GARR
    ARCANIA: Fall of Setarrif.
    Talk to Wilbrecht on everything.
    Head up SE and fight scavengers.
    Go slightly left to an old tower, killing scavengers and wolves.
    Chests in tower downstairs and upstairs.
    Lots of healing plants and others scattered about.
    SW to farmhouse, talk to Armin. There's 12 wolves.
    Head north to some wolves.
    Around tower, wolves.
    East are some wolves.
    After killing all wolves, you get quest message.
    Return to farmhouse and talk to Armin.
    Chests and items in the two buildings.
    Head due east on road to beach.
    Sea Sludges have pearls.
    Nearby cave has Lurkers and Demon Maws (spit acid).
    Continue east on beach, more sludges and fire lizards.
    A cave has 2 entrances. Fire lizards, two chests, other items.
    On water, 2 shacks have items, chests, and fire lizards.
    Continue south on beach, fire lizards.
    Two caves, fire lizards, maws, chests, etc.
    Continue south and up mountain pass.
    Talk to Ningal (avoid first option about spell till last) on
    everything, saving first option for last.
    Get teleported to a cave near Setarrif.
    You're standing in the SE section of the first large area.
    Most cubby holes have items or chests. Start heading west,
    watching to your left. In a SW cubby hole is a chest. NW
    from there is your first skeleton mages. NW of them, jump
    over lava to a chest. Jump back across and continue north,
    hugging the left wall. The path turns sharply SE, then back
    NE to a left cubby hole with a chest.
    Continue SE along the left wall, briefly west then directly
    south to a chest in a cubby hole. Back just north to
    intersection and continue due east to some goblins. Continue
    against the right wall and directly south to items in a cubby
    hole. Head back north to second intersection, go right and
    up around the loop that swings back SE to goblins. Continue
    along to more goblins. A little farther east to a chest. Jump
    down to a goblin.
    Continue north, near top of loop is a chest. Continue around
    south to a chest on the left. Continue south to a chest on your
    right. Continue south to a large area. Continue south to a SW
    path into a small area. In its SW corner is a torch. In the SE
    corner is a sublime healing potion and a diamond. Back NE to
    the large area, hug right wall, continue NE and climb up to a chest.
    Back track to the middle of the large section of the large area
    and head back north in the small passage. At intersection, head
    due NE and swing into first cubby hole on right to a chest.
    Continue north, then east to some goblins. In the SE corner is
    a chest. North of there, climb up for 2 chests. Get down, then
    east short way to a chest. Jump down, then east a short way
    and south to some wreckage with items. Back NE, exit to a beach.
    Several Storm Crow female warriors. At the cage, talk to Rauter
    on all. Farther east more warriors. In the boats are several items
    and food. At the end are 3 Harpies. South up the trail, 3 panthers
    from the left and 2 from the right. Near the top, 2 warriors on the
    left. At the top, 3 harpies, 2 warriors, and Lana Bloodtalon who
    has the key. Back down to the cage on the beach, talk to Rauter.
    Back up the mountain trail, continue down SW to a warrior and
    2 harpies. In the trenches, take the right path to intersection with
    Desecrated Knights, one hides to right. Left path has an
    Essence of Eternity. Continue up south and on up to more desecrated
    soldiers and knights. At the ruins, head SW. Several gates lead to
    some chests. Your main objective is the circled dot to the south.
    Talk to Diego on all.
    Just SE, talk to Milten. Head up SE, through the gate, jump down
    and head east. Follow the path around and through a gate. On up
    through another gate to the fortress. 2 chests and potion downstairs.
    Upstairs, speak with Hagen, then Lee on all. Pick up the Stone of
    Progress. There's 2 chests and a recipe.
    Out west doorway to next tower. Potion on top floor. Down to
    next level, 2 chests. Out west exit and jump down. At the south
    gate, talk to Loric then go through gate. Just south, climb up and
    talk to Zyra and Magor on all. There's 2 chests, many items, and
    3 or 4 old books. Out north door and jump down.
    Head north a little, west through the stone arch, west through a
    gate. Continue around and talk to Lester. Briefly play as Lester
    and fight, go through west gate, jump down and fight monster. At
    south gate, talk to Gormak on all, then fight. Talk on all again.
    Back as yourself, go through NE, around left and into mine.
    Jump down and talk to Gormak on all near cooking pot. Through
    south gate to powerful items and 2 chests. Back out the gate,
    continue west to mine crawlers. Take first right to dead end for
    shovel, 2 pickaxes and a hammer. Back out and continue west to
    mine crawler worker and coal lode. Head south to more lodes.
    Continue around right to open area for mine crawler worker, 2
    chests. Continue out west to another big worker. Continue south
    to a circular area for ores, pickaxes, devine elixir of strength.
    Back out to intersection. North area to ores, items, 2 workers.
    Continue north to 3 workers, mine crawlers. Continue north and
    around east to open area with 2 workers.
    Continue north and around south to open area to 3 mine crawler
    soldiers and tiny crawlers. Up rock ramp on left to crawlers.
    Continue south to many crawlers, workers and the queen to defeat.
    On south a bit, head east and talk to Karella on all. Continue
    south and around east, through wood gate and south to exit.
    Talk to Gormak at the cooking pot. Jump up to the east and exit.
    Head east and around right past Lester. In the north alcove is a
    chest. Around south and through an arch, continue south through
    another arch and through SW gate. Revenants drop in. Up the
    rubble to castle courtyard and possessed citizens. Just inside,
    north side room has 2 possessed. Across to south room with
    possessed and 3 chests. At the throne more possessed and get
    stone from chair.
    Each side of throne is a chest. Upstairs several smaller rooms
    have chests. Find Lisha and talk to her. Lead her downstairs,
    out the east entrance, down and around left, talk to Magor. Head
    due north and straight to a trader at some columns. Continue
    behind him and due north to more possessed. Go through the
    north gate and follow the trail around. Revenants drop in and more
    Around left, enter the ruins and talk to Gorn. Playing as Gorn,
    fight, continue down and fighting. Talk to Thorus, beat him.
    Yourself again. Around here are 2 chests and tangleweed. Out
    NE door, back around and south to Milten, talk on all. Stand on
    side of stone block at the small emblem and use the block to
    place the four items.
    Head NW to Diego and enter the underground chamber. At the
    first intersection, go left into a room for mana potion on west
    shelf. North to room with internal servant. Revenants drop in.
    Pull lever on stone slab in east corner to drain water. Back to
    intersection, continue NE and down steps to a chest. Down again,
    long room lots of opposition. Continue NE to another eternal
    servant and skeletons.
    Through NW gate to emerald spiders, skeletons and revenants.
    Pull lever at NW stone slab. Back out, continue south, around
    left and drop into room. Several skeletons, a chest, a black
    diamond in south corner. Continue west, spider, chalices and
    Ethorn's Dignity. Chest in SW corner. South up steps. Up again,
    huge servant, continue out NW, north and around south.
    Servants and skeletons.
    South to another long room full of opposition. South to
    intersection, head right (west) to a room with skeletons,
    spiders, 2 chests, and Ethorn's Honour. Back out to
    intersection, continue east to room lots of opposition, pick up
    Ethorn's Fame, speak with Xardas. Go through north exit.
    Room, 2 chests. Continue NE, 3 knights. Continue north
    and around south to exit and some traders.
    Head west and around to knights. Continue on and speak with
    Karella, fight her, talk again. Continue up towards temple,
    before there, to right 2 chests. Climb up and enter, 2 arch
    demons. Talk to Selena and choose an Ethorn weapon. Talk
    again on all. Potions and old books around room. Out NW door,
    follow path and enter underground with exploding electric pods.
    Through first arch, a chest and lots of knights on a platform.
    Work your way due west, jumping acid pools and through
    exploding pods. Next area, in east cubbyhole a strong potion.
    Continue west to big troll. Continue to next area, troll and mage.
    Next area, troll, mages, lava shots. Out west, lava and electric
    shots. Next area, several platforms of knights and mages. Some
    platforms have chests.
    Continue NW, more platforms. Continue west and around SW
    to circular area. Continue NW to cubby hole with bow, sublime
    mana potion, sublime healing potion. Continue west through
    wooden gate. South cubby hole 2 potions and nearby is a chest.
    Continue west and around NE and north, carefully jumping
    down and navigate the foot bridges.
    Eventually reach more knights. Continue north, one raised area
    has 3 chests. Continue north, more electric shots and lava bursts.
    Stay against left wall to get past them. Continue NW and talk
    to Ethorn VI on all. Continue west and around east to room of
    many electric bolts.
    The final room has a glowing dome. Climb up there and defeat
    3 or 4 arch demons. Watch ending and great credits music.
    Author: GARR

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