What is the best strategy for Desperate Measures challenge?

  1. How do I defeat the Desperate Measures challenge?

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  1. It will be the end of your opponent's turn when you start the challenge. You'll want to stop the timer before it becomes your turn. Once the timer is stopped, activate your Quicksilver Amulet and use it to summon Duplicant.

    Choose to exile your Sundering Titan with Duplicant. This destroys the auras attached to the Sundering Titan which would have killed you on your upkeep had you kept the Titan in play. The removal of Titan from the game then requires you to choose a swamp and plains your opponent controls and an island you control which are then destroyed. Then let the game go to your turn.

    On your turn, use your Quicksilver Amulet to summon your Precursor Golem. You use the amulet because it's cheaper than casting the Golem. Then cast your Fleeting Distraction targeting any of the golems on the board (Precursor Golem, the 2 golem tokens, or Duplicant are all golems). Because of Precursor Golems triggered ability, Fleeting Distraction will get copied 4 times and target all 4 golems. This also means that you'll get to draw 4 cards as each Fleeting Distraction allows you to draw a card.

    The 4 cards you'll draw are Mox Sapphire, an island, Icy Manipulator and Show and Tell. Play your island and your Mox Sapphire (which is free to cast). Cast Show and Tell and choose Icy Manipulator. Show and Tell also lets your opponent put a land, creature or artifact into play for free as well, but your opponent doesn't have any cards.

    Use Icy Manipulator's activated ability to tap your opponent's Akroma. Then attack with your Steel Hellkite. You opponent won't have a blocker and will go down to 0 life. However, he has a Lich's Tomb which prevents him from losing when he has 0 life. Since Steel Hellkite was able to damage your opponent this turn, you can now use his ability to destroy your opponent's Lich's Tomb which has a casting cost of 4. Once destroyed, your opponent will lose since they are at 0 life.

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