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    Challenge Guide by Shybaason

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    Challenge Mission Guide
    Written by:  Shybaason
    This guide was created to help people with the Challenge Missions in
    Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. You will find solutions to all 15 Challenges.
    (more to be added as they come via DLC assuming they do). 
    Simply Ctrl-F for the name of the mission you need.
    I have personally tested and RE-tested all of these solutions to be certain 
    they will work as long as you do them in the proper order. However there are
    possibly other solutions (feel free to send them to me if you'd like via 
    contact info at the bottom).
    Single Player Challenges 
        Rumble in the Jungle (Easy Solo Challenge)
    	1. Block with Runeclaw Bear and Barony Vampire
    	2. Attack
        In the Spider's Web (Easy Solo Challenge)
    	1. Block the Storm Crow with your available Furnace Whelp
    	2. Attack with both Furnace Whelps and as soon as the Giant Spider 
               has blocked one Stop Timer.
    	3. Activate the ability of the Furnace Whelp who is NOT being blocked 
               using all your mana
        With Fire and Sword  (Easy Solo Challenge)
    	1. Play Kor Duelist
    	2. Equip Trusty Machete on  Kor Duelist
    	3. Block the incoming attack
    	4. Respond in kind with an attack
        Death Blooms (Easy Solo Challenge)
    	1. Stop Timer  and activate Cudgel Troll's Regenerate ability
    	2. Block Gaea's Revenge using Zombie Outlander and Mortivore with 
               Cudgel Troll
    	3. Attack using Zombie Outlander.
        Lust for Blood (Easy Solo Challenge)
    	1. Block using Vampire Nighthawk
    	2. Attack 
        Welcome to the Pit (Medium Solo Challenge)
    	1. Block Colossus of Sardia using a Bloodthrone Vampire and spread 
               your other 3 between the remaining attackers  1 each
               (doesn't matter which)
    	2. Stop Timer after you have chosen the blockers and activate  
               Bloodthrone Vampire's(the one blocking the colossus) ability 
               multiple times and  sacrifice all 4 other creatures to survive
        Master of Illusions (Medium Solo Challenge)
    	1. Play your Island and follow it up with  Time Warp targetting 
    	2. Cast Into the Roil on Jace's Mind Control(behind the Krovikan Mist)
               don't bother with the kicker
    	3. Cast Preordain and send BOTH cards to the bottom (select both)
    	4. Summon 2 Phantasmal Bear and end turn 1 to untap mana
    	5. Play your new Island and summon another Phantasmal Bear
    	6. Cast Dreamborn Muse or Air Elemental and hit Stop Timer before it 
               finishes casting
    	7. Use Summoner's Bane on the card you just cast giving you an 
               Illusion token
    	8. Attack using Krovikan Mist.
        Bane of Bolas (Medium Solo Challenge)
    	1. Cast  Aether Tradewinds and return Thunder Dragon and  Blood Tyrant
               to their owners hands
    	2. Attack with Spellbound Dragon and choose to discard Thunder Dragon
        Desperate Measures (Medium Solo Challenge)
    	1. Immediately Stop Timer and use Quicksilver Amulet to summon 
    	2. Choose to exile Sundering Titan  destroy whichever lands you wish
    	3. Use Quicksilver Amulet to summon Precursor Golem
    	4. Cast Fleeting Distraction on any  Golem
    	5. Play both your Island and  Mox Sapphire  and the cast Show and Tell 
               choosing to bring  Icy Manipulator onto the field
    	6. Activate Icy Manipulator and tap Akroma, Angel of Wrath
    	7. Attack with Steel Hellkite and once damage has been dealt activate 
               it's 2nd ability using all 4 mana to destroy Lich's Tomb.
         The Tangled Vale (Medium Solo Challenge)
    	1. Cast Sign in Blood on Nissa followed by Sudden Impact
    	2. Cast Sickening Dreams discarding all cards
    	3. Activate Terramorphic Expanse for any mana you choose and return 
               all 4 Bloodghast to the field
    	4. Attack with everything
         Master your Destiny (Hard Solo Challenge)
    	1. Cast  Index and choose the cards in the following order: 
               Erratic Explosion, Tranquility, Bogardan Hellkite, Island, 
               Coiling Oracle. 
    	2. Play your Island  and then cast Bloodbraid Elf choosing to summon 
               the Coiling Oracle
    	3. Activate Djinn of Wishes' Ability and play Bogardan Hellkite to 
               the field
    	4. Send 1 point of damage at Illusionary Servant and 4 points at  
               Air Elemental
    	5. Attack with Bloodbraid Elf
         Plots within Plots (Hard Solo Challenge)
    	1. Cast Gifts Ungiven  and choose Blaze, Dragonstorm, Intuition, and
               Gifts Ungiven
    	2. Cast Gifts Ungiven again and choose  Dragonstorm, Grapeshot, 
               Flame Burst, and Intuition
    	3. Cast Intuition and choose Flame Burst x3
    	4. Cast Flame Burst, Flame Burst, Grapeshot in that order on Karn.
    Arch-Enemy Challenges
         Might of the Mountains (Easy Arch-Enemy Challenge)
    	1. Cast Flight on Ashen Monstrosity
    	2. Cast Earthquake  for 5 Damage 
              (yes you will die but your allies survive to kill)
         Kiss of Death (Medium Arch-Enemy Challenge)
    	1. Play Forest
    	2. Cast  Giant's Growth on Serra Ascendant (Gideon's Side)
    	3. Cast Lure on Deathcurse Ogre  (Liliana's Side)
    	4. Cast Hunter's Feast
    	5. Use Legacy's Allure on  Death's Shadow
    	6. Attack with Death's Shadow
    	7. The moment blockers are declared Stop Timer and activate 
               Fires of Yavimaya to boost Death's Shadow or Serra's Ascendant
               (doesn't matter which just need the +2 damage).
         Seek No Longer (Hard Arch-Enemy Challenge)
    	1. Play Mountain
    	2. Attach Argentium Armor to Dragon Mage
    	3. Attack using  Argentium Armor  effect to destroy the Oblivion Ring 
               exiling Phyrexian Tyranny (Ajani's side) 
    	4. Sit around and wait till you win it will take a few minutes.
    	5. Congratulations you've completed all 15 Base game challenges.
    Copyright (C) 2011 Shybaason
    If you'd like to post this guide elsewhere 
    please contact me via PM through Gamefaqs or Email: M_swanson85@hotmaildotcom
    otherwise it should only be found on:
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