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  1. Is this games control scheme similar to World of Warcraft? Can movement be controlled via pointing & clicking?


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    BlazeEagle - 6 years ago

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  1. Control movement is available by pointing and clicking, but its is also available in the right-handed ASWD+Mouse or the arrow key movement for left-handed players. By clicking and holding the left or right mouse buttons you can rotate the camera and also zoom in and out.

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  1. It has two optional control schemes. you can use the ASWD keys to move, or use pointing and clicking or even move via the map, it's all your choice.

    User Info: Amirrora

    Amirrora - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Your choices for moving in Eden Eternal are:

    Using your mouse to navigate in game world:
    Left-click on the ground where you want to move to
    Right-click on a NPC to run over and talk to them
    Right-click on a monster or chest to run over and attack it
    Right-click and hold to rotate view
    Scroll wheel zooms in or out view

    Using your keyboard to navigate in game world:
    Q = Move left
    W = Move forward
    E = Move right
    A = Rotate left
    S = Move backward (slowly)
    D = Rotate right
    Up arrow key = Move forward
    Down arrow key = Move back
    Left arrow key = Move left
    Right arrow key = Move right
    (You can also remap your keyboard keys if you don't like the default layout)

    Using game map to navigate long distances (use "M" key to open map), then:

    Left-click anywhere in your current zone map to move there.

    Right-clicking in the map screen backs out your view to show entire continent. If you then left-click on another zone, the map will zoom your view into that zone. You can then left-click in the other zone to auto-run there (assuming it is actually possible to run to that location)

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