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"Eden Eternal"

Eden Eternal Quick Review

Audio 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Gameplay - 9/10

Audio - 9/10
The music in the game is very well done and suits the game... although I haven't listened to it much since my daughter insists the wiggles should be on 24/7, from what I have heard of the music it seems to blend well. The only music I haven't had the time to really listen to is the dungeon music.. as with most rpg's I am hoping its not cheese and actually flows with the dungeon atmosphere.

Graphics - 9/10
The game is cell-shaded but unlike other cell-shaded games it is really well done. One glitch I did notice that I thought was kinda funny, was when you have a shield on your back, zoom in on your character and do a side view.. the shield is floating in mid-air.. that is the only flaw I can see at the moment.

Gameplay - 9/10
As for the direction of the game.. its exactly like any MMORPG.. you do quests, level up.. rinse and repeat. What makes Eden Eternal stand out is the fact that besides the servers crashing in closed beta because of the over-flow of players wanting to play and they had to put up a whole new server in open beta to even balance the demand,, the game has a unique leveling-class aspect about it. You have to level up your character PLUS the class you are currently playing.. as you progress the game and level, new classes open up to you.

You start out as either a Warrior or Magician. When your class level reaches lvl 5, you unlock the cleric class.. it seems as though every 5 levels you open up a new class. I did notice when my class level was at lvl 10 for my warrior and magician, they got new costumes. So I am assuming for every 10 levels you level your class level to, you are rewarded with a new costume.

One part I noticed and I didn't like is that when you equip a piece of armor.. say I put a chest-piece on my warrior..I can't see what it looks like, I can only see the costume. I would have preferred to have the option of not viewing the costumes so that I could see what the armor looks like as well. You do get the option to re-color parts of your costumes separately and that seems like an interesting concept. I have tried it several times to make all of the costumes I had a blinding bright pink.. but when you read the description for the color change items, they say its random. I do not know if there are permanent ones further on in the game, I would assume so... but they should also be offered to the lower levels as well because that randomness in the color change item.. it drove me NUTS!!!

Pets, yeah Eden has them.. your first pet is a pug.. I think its completely adorable and the fact you can get it to sit pretty, chase its tail and sit almost makes me all gushy inside. I have seen other pets in the game, but I have not bothered to find out how to get them or even where because more then one pet to me gets in the way.

I can foresee a great outcome with Eden Eternal. Its high demand at such an early stage may come as a surprise to some but also shows that the interest in this game is there.. its just up to the team behind the scenes, to improve and make it better so that it lasts and keeps us all wanting more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/22/11

Game Release: Eden Eternal (US, 06/01/11)

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