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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Scottiedogg54

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    Spiral Knights

    FAQ/Walkthrough Version 0.9

    Version History

    Version 0.1

    • May 7, 2011 - This guide began to be put on paper.
    • August 10, 2011 - Picked this project back up after finishing my Blast Network FAQ.
    • August 11, 2011 - Getting ready for the first submission! Pickups section is complete.
    • August 12, 2011 - Started work on the Walkthrough, yay! Complete up to Haven. First submission!

    Version 0.3

    • August 14, 2011 - Guide was accepted. Added a bit to the Conclusion, and Chapter 2: Haven and the First Dive into the Clockworks is complete.

    Version 0.5

    • August 15, 2011 - Chapter 3: Lair of the Snarbolax was started.
    • August 23, 2011 - Took a while off from this project, but now I'm looking forward to starting it back up. Added a very in-depth section on Chapter 3: Lair of the Snarbolax. Check it out!

    Version 0.6

    • October 31, 2011 - Woo, another version! Finally... Added Chapter 4: World of Moorkroft. Was procrastinating here, definitely wasn't looking forward to writing down all the things you can get from Brinks.

    Version 0.7

    • November 1, 2011 - Fixed some ugly errors in the previous version, and began work on Chapter 5: Jellies, Kings, and Palaces, Oh My!
    • November 2, 2011 - Finished Chapter 5. Uploaded a lot of pictures, so the Royal Jelly Palace section should make for an interesting read.

    Version 0.85

    • November 2, 2011 - Revamped the Crafting section. Began work on Chapter 6: Frantic Factory.
    • November 3, 2011 - Spent several hours playing through the Ironclaw Munitions Factory, taking screenshots, and writing up the rest of the section. Glad that's out of the way! Getting close to being a full guide!

    Version 0.9

    • November 4, 2011 - I actually removed a few pictures from the Frantic Factory section, because they were taking up too much space. Also, I wrote Chapter 7: Reaching Tier Three.
    • January 6, 2012 - Finally uploaded Version 0.9. Not sure why I'm working on this, since the world's gonna end anyways... (Yes, that was a joke) Work has begun on Chapter 8: The Town of Gremlin Outcasts.


    Spiral Knights is a free-to-play, MMORPG that was released on April 4th, 2011. Since I'm not great at introducing a game/describing its gameplay, I'll take a quote from the Spiral Knights Wikipedia article:


    Spiral Knights' gameplay has been likened to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, an action-adventure style real-time combat game. Players play as a Spiral Knight, equipped with guns, bombs, armor and swords of various star ratings, on a foreign planet fighting to survive. The central hub of the world is called Haven where players can socialize freely. From Haven players enter Clockworks, which are similar to dungeons in most MMORPG's, and fight through a number of circulated levels, usually with the aid of one to three other players. Players can form teams ahead of time, or be randomly paired with a party. The Clockworks are arranged in tiers of increasing difficulty from 1 to 3, and accessing the higher tiers requires the player to possess higher quality equipment.

    ...and another quote on the game's economy.


    The game economy runs on a combination of Crowns and Energy, and both are needed to advance in the game. Crowns are attained by killing monsters, opening dungeon objects or selling items and are primarily used to purchase and craft items. Energy is used to enter Clockworks, unlock bonus areas, revive from death and craft items. Players can carry up to 100 "mist" energy which gradually recovers over a period of 22 hours (1 per 13.2 minutes) automatically . Players may also purchase with US dollars any amount of "crystal" energy, needed for continued dungeon play or high quality crafting. Most currencies and items can be exchanged by trading.

    Now that the official introduction is out of the way, I can introduce the guide. This guide, while it will go through the entirety of the game, will primarily get your feet going without having to pay a single bit of your real, hard-earned cash. Being a company trying to feed its families, Three Rings built the game to try to encourage players to purchase Crystal Energy with real money. The going is slow at the beginning, but once you get off the ground, you can play as long as you want without having to pay.

    So, without further delay, I give you the Spiral Knights Walkthrough!



    Left ClickMoves your character to the spot you clicked.
    Right ClickYour character attacks in the direction of your mouse arrow.
    ^Held DownYour character charges up an attack.
    Arrow KeysMoves your character up, down, left, or right.
    AMoves your character left.
    SMoves your character down.
    WMoves your character up.
    DMoves your character right.
    ZYour character attacks in the direction of your mouse arrow.
    XYour character puts up a shield.
    CYour character strafes.
    1Your character pulls out the item listed as "1" at the top of the screen.
    2Your character pulls out the item listed as "2" at the top of the screen.
    3Your character pulls out the item listed as "3" at the top of the screen.
    4Your character pulls out the item listed as "4" at the top of the screen.

    Note: All controls can be rerouted to different keys. Scottie's Suggestion: Reroute "Shield" to "Left Click." Moving with "Left Click" is a complete and utter fail. Period.


    These are the items that are found exclusively in the Clockworks. Most of them will either a) act as a material for crafting a weapon/shield/armor/helm, b) heal you/increase your life, or c) be used to throw at an enemy. These are also transient items, meaning that they will not be taken back to Haven with your knight.


    These items are thrown to inflict a status condition on a target primarily, but can also be used as a means of damage. Use the numbers 1-4 to select a Vial, then right click (the default attack) to throw the Vial in the direction your knight is facing. Vials come in three sizes: Vial, Super Vial, and Ultra Vial. They are found on tiers 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

    CurseCurses the target, causing it to take damage every time it attacks.
    FreezeTraps the target in a block of ice, preventing it from moving or turning. It can still attack, however, and attacking the frozen enemy will break the ice.
    PoisonPoisons the target. Incoming attacks do 10% more damage, and outgoing attacks do 50% less. The target also takes minor damage when healed.
    FireBurns the target, causing them to take damage over time.
    ShockInflicts shock on the target. The target will take damage and have its movements interrupted at random intervals.
    StunStuns the target, slowing down its movement and attack speed.
    SleepForces the target to fall asleep. The moster cannot move or attack, but will regenerate health while sleeping.

    Capsules are self-affecting pickups. Press numbers 1-4 to consume a capsule. Remedy capsules come in one size, while Health capsules come in regular, Super, and Ultra sizes.

    RemedyRemoves all current status conditions, such as curse, fire, or poison.
    HealthRegular Health Capsules restore 3 bars, Supers restore 6, and Ultras restore 12.

    The miscellaneous category contains the Mecha Knight Kit, which summons a Mecha Knight to aid you in battle. It will follow you to the elevator, provided it doesn't die, and will randomly suffer from the shock status condition. This can be spread to other knights, so be careful not to get too close.


    Crafting is what makes Spiral Knight go 'round. In order to advance your equipment, you'll need to use your crowns, materials, and energy on the various "crafting stations" spread throughout the game. Equipment ratings start at 0*, with the final level of equipment being 5*.

    How to Craft

    To craft an item, you'll need to get a recipe first. Recipes can be bought from various NPC's in Haven, the Clockworks, or from the Auction House in the Town Square. Open your Arsenal (I), then go to your recipes. Click the recipe you want to learn, then click "learn." Then you'll need to find a crafting station. They look like yellow refrigerators, and can be found in the Bazaar, Town Square, Arcade, and sub towns in the Clockworks.

    Of course, crafting an item isn't free. In order to craft a Calibur, a 2* sword, you'll need the following:

    • Calibur Recipe (Must learn, first)
    • Crowns - 400
    • Energy - 50
      • Light Shard - x5
      • Bronze Bolt - x2
      • Swordstone - x2

    If you meet all these requirements, you can craft a brand new Calibur. You can craft all sorts of items, including Helms, Armors, Shields, Swords, Guns, Bombs, and Trinkets.


    Recipes can be hard for a beginner to wrap his mind around. Most new players just assume that everything must be bought from Kozma in the Bazaar. Not true. Below are the ways to get a Recipe.

    • Kozma, in the Bazaar (sells the Cobalt Set, and Calibur, Blaster, and Blast Bomb lines)
    • Vatel, in the Bazaar (sells random 1-2* recipes)
    • Basil, at Depth 4 (sells random 1-2* recipes)
    • Basil, at Depth 13 (sells random 3-4* recipes)
    • Basil, at Depth 23 (sells random 4-5* recipes)
    • Sullivan, in the Arcade (sells recipes in exchange for Krogmo Coins)
    • Auction House, in the Town Square (sells... everything)

    Below is a pricing list for each level of Recipe:

    Recipe LevelPrice

    And Crown/Energy prices for each level of craft:

    Recipe LevelCrownsEnergy

    Location of materials needed for crafting:

    Material LevelStratum

    Unique Variants

    Very rarely, a crafted item will read "Unique Variant Acquired!" If so, your item has been blessed with extra capabilites. Below are the possible unique variants.

    Sword/Gun [Low (1), Medium (2), High (3), Very High (4)]

    • Attack Speed Increased
    • Damage Bonus (versus specific monster type)
      • VS Slime
      • VS Construct
      • VS Beast
      • VS Gremlin
    • Charge Time Reduction

    Bomb [Low (1), Medium (2), High (3), Very High (4)]

    • Damage Bonus (versus specific monster type)
      • VS Slime
      • VS Construct
      • VS Beast
      • VS Gremlin
    • Charge Time Reduction

    Helmet/Armor/Shield [Low (1), Medium (2), High (3), Maximum! (6)]

    • Defense Boost
      • Normal
      • Piercing
      • Elemental
      • Shadow
      • Fire
      • Shock
      • Freeze
      • Poison
      • Curse
      • Stun

    Unique Variants may also be acquired through Punch: the UV roller.

    That wraps up the Crafting section. Finally, to the Walkthrough!


    Here we are, the Walkthrough! Yay! After you've created a Spiral Knights account, you'll be asked to create a character. You can name it, give it a personal color (pick a color you like; you can't change it!), and give it a set of beginner armor. This includes a helm, armor, shield, sword, and gun. Once you've finished personalizing your knight, it's off to the Crash Site!

    But first, let me tell how you the beginning of this guide is going to work. As I said in the introduction, the beginning of the Walkthrough is all about helping you get started in the game without having to pay large sums of real money (none at all, actually). I'll be helping you manage your energy, crowns, and time in the game. Once you get off the ground, the guide will back off and you'll be given much more freedom to do what you want.

    Crash Site

    Energy: 95 | Crowns: 0

    The Crash Site is the game's tutorial level. At this point, hit [ESC], go to controls, and rewire your "Block" command to left click. The game may tell you to walk with left click, but our walking will be done with A, S, D, and W. Get the feel for the game; practice cutting down the bushes and grass with your sword.

    Important note: destroy everything. I cannot stress this enough. You need to make the most out of your energy, and to do that you need to get every crown on every floor. The only thing you don't have to destroy is blocks, which are guaranteed to drop absolutely nothing. If you see grass or bushes, cut them down. They have a chance of dropping crowns. Also, they drop hearts which will save you money on energy revives. Destroy every enemy you see, as they are your primary source of income.

    The Crash Site is easy, and there really isn't any way to screw it up. Get a feel for both the gun and sword, and decide which one you like better; it will determine which items you'll need to get later on.

    If you pick up everything at the Crash Site, you should end up with around 100 crowns. Once you finish, you'll be at the Rescue Camp.

    Rescue Camp

    Energy: 95 | Crowns: ~100

    As tempting as it may be to buy something here, or get on the Abandoned Depot elevator, it is a complete waste of crowns and energy. Go all the way to the back of the Rescue Camp to find the elevator to Haven: The Final Test.

    The Final Test

    Energy: 85 | Crowns: ~100

    The Final Test map. Created and copyrighted by Three Rings Design, Inc.

    The Final Test is a fairly simple level. When you enter the first main room, you'll notice that the door is locked by two locks. The pathways to the left and right have keys located at the ends of them. As with the Crash Site, use this time to learn the game mechanics. Practice shielding, and most importantly learn to avoid damage.

    After you unlock the doors, eventually you'll come across a party button. A party button will lower the gate ahead of you (and in most cases the one behind, preventing backtracking) once all the party members are on the button. You'll also notice a creepy looking fire pot in the room. It is sitting on a regenerator, which means that it will come back after you throw it. Grab the pot and step on the switch. You'll be attacked by a group of skeletons. Toss the fire pot into the midst of a group of skeletons in hopes that you will burn as many as possible. The fire will chew through the skeletons rather easily; finish them off with sword charge attacks or guns from a distance.

    With the skeletons defeated you can proceed to the elevator, which will take you to Haven, where most of the game takes place.


    Energy: 85 | Crowns: ~250

    Town Square

    Welcome to Haven, the major hub on Cradle. It is the home of the Strangers: salvagers who welcome the Spiral Knights as guests, provided that they would share the treasures of the Clockworks.

    First things first, go to the Advanced Training Hall. Take a left at the fountain in the center of the map and go up the stairs. You'll find the Training Hall there. Inside, you can learn about techniques such as shield bumping, and about hazards such as spikes, fire, and shock floors. For a new player it is a must see, and it will save me a lot of writing time.

    The next stop is the Arcade. As you don't have the money for anything in the Auction House yet (located above the fountain), take a right from the Training Hall, go down the steps, head north and go up another set of steps, and enter the Arcade.


    The objective at this point is to speak to Feron in the Arcade. He is the important looking knight in the middle of the area. Speak to him if you wish to learn more about the story of the game.

    At this point, it's time to delve into the Clockworks. Go up from Feron and you'll notice elevators with big blue buttons behind them. Those are the randomly generated (for the most part) dungeons of the game. To the right of those (there are four gates), there will be four unfinished gates. By filling them up with minerals, which are found in the depths of the Clockworks, you can build new gates, which means more monsters to slay and more depths to explore.

    Before all of this happens, we're going to need some cash. To get that, we're going to need to go exploring. Anyone for the Clockworks?

    To begin, head to one of the finished gates. Press "attack" next to the button to open up the gate menu. You'll see a chart of each depth in that particular gate. At first, this won't make sense, so allow me to explain.

    Each level of the chart represents one depth. When you go down to the next "level" of pictures, you've reached the next depth. There are 29 floors in each gate. Two are subtowns, and one is The Core. While there are three main "tiers," (which are divided by the subtowns) each tier is split into two stratums. The first stratum of each tier is not very profitable. The ideal floors to cash in on are 5-7, 14-17, and 24-28. The difficulty level increases with each stratum, with stratum one being the easiest and six being the hardest.

    Speaking of floors to cash in on, the number one cash making floor is a Battle Arena depth. These floors contain huge battle rooms which are filled with crowns and heat. The gate that you run will be heavily influenced by how many arenas it has. At this point in the game, if you see an arena on floor 5-7, do it. That floor by itself is worth 1,500-2,000 crowns.

    A Battle Arena.

    If you see a Battle Arena that looks like this:

    Photo by Three Rings Design, Inc.

    That means that it and the two possible depths it is with will cycle out every 5 (3 to 7) minutes. When you reach the elevator of every floor, check the gate map (check the gears icon in the top left corner of the screen) to see if there is a Battle Arena below. The elevator may say it is a different floor, but if you wait a few minutes it will cycle to a different depth, which might be the floor you want.

    Aside from Battle Arenas, "question mark" depths (such as the one pictured just above) such as Graveyards and Treasure Vaults are good for cash and heat as well. Unfortunately, they remain hidden until you step on the elevator, so you never know what you are getting into.

    Anyways, pick the most profitable gate, and dive on in.

    Since the levels are entirely random, there isn't really any way to write a Walkthrough for this part, so... I'll just write a bit about what you might encounter in a "do's and don'ts" list.

    Do: Play a Danger Room. In Clockwork Tunnel depths, you might run into barriers that require 3 energy to open. Provided that you have a few health capsules and a gun if you're soloing, play the room. There are two kinds of danger rooms you can encounter. In the first kind there will be traps in the corners. Clear out the blocks behind the traps so you have room to run in circles and shoot behind you for damage. It is a slow process, but if done right it shouldn't be difficult.

    The other kind of Danger Room is one with brambles in the center. This one is a bit trickier but the same strategies still apply.

    Don't: Go solo on your first Clockworks run. Join a party at the gate menu and hopefully you can skip a few of the first depths to get at the really good ones on 5-7. Also, when you die in a group you can be revived by your teammates (press "attack" next to a downed ally) without having to pay energy. You have to forfeit half of your health to revive someone, though.

    Do: Explore everywhere! Make sure to get the most out of each depth.

    Don't: Revive for energy after it costs more than 4. You need to save your energy for getting to the next depth.

    Your first dive into the Clockworks should go all the way to depth 8. Hopefully, the party you joined was already on floor 2 or 3, so you could skip spending energy on floors that aren't profitable. Make sure to get all of floors 5-7, and make sure that the gate you do has a Battle Arena on one of those floors. If it doesn't show up immediately, wait for a few minutes and it will.

    Once you finish, you'll be taken back to Haven.


    Energy: 25-45 | Crowns: ~3,000


    You collected several minerals during your time in the Clockworks, but if you're aiming for achievements hold onto them for now. Go back to the Town Square.

    Town Square

    You have money now, so it's time to start preparing for tier 2. If you looked at the requirements on your character page (push "P"), you'll notice that you need a 2* weapon, helmet, armor, and shield. 0* and 1* items are completely worthless, so we want to get straight into 2* weapons. To increase productivity in battle, the first thing you want is a 2* sword. Since you don't have enough weapons to cover every type of damage, you want a normal damage sword. The best choice is the Calibur.

    You have more than enough money for one, so head over to the Auction House. Talk to the vendor and search for "Calibur." Limit your search to swords-only and you'll find a list of Caliburs. First, check by end time and see if there are any really good deals on Caliburs that are about to expire. If not, search by buy price and find the cheapest buyout price on a Calibur (it shouldn't be much more than 2,000). Once you've bought your Calibur, you are now one hundred times more powerful than you were with a Proto Sword. Equip the Calibur and head back to the Arcade.


    Remember that profitable gate you ran before? Do the exact same thing as last time.

    When you run out of energy, check your mail in the top left corner of the screen and you'll find a message with a Mist Tank attached to it. Go to your arsenal and consume the Mist Tank (it is under the "Usable" tab). Continue through the Clockworks as normal.


    Energy: 70-90 | Crowns: ~4,000


    You have enough cash now for a second piece of 2* equipment. Head over to the Auction House in the Town Square.

    Town Square

    At this point, you need to decide what kind of character you want to play. If you really like that new Calibur, and want to continue using swords, purchase a Wolver Coat using the same methods you used for the Calibur. If you really like your Proto Gun, buy a Blaster. If you want to give bombs a try, buy a Freezing Vaporizer. None of these items should cost much more than 2,000 crowns.

    Once you've made your purchase, head back to the Arcade.


    Time for another round of the Clockworks! Head back to the most profitable gate and join a party.

    Use up every last bit of energy you have; you should have enough to get all the way from depth 1 to 8 one last time. Focus on using your shield and avoiding damage. If you're subscribing to the hack n' slash method still, you'll be in for a rude awakening when you get to tier 2.


    Energy: 0 | Crowns: ~5,000


    As hard as it may be to do, it's time to log off Spiral Knights for the day. Unless you want to pay for the game to keep playing (it's tempting, I know), you'll need to wait 22 hours for all 100 of your mist energy to come back. Head over to the Auction House and use your crowns to buy the following:

    • Sword Users:
      • Wolver Cap
      • Owlite Shield/Plate Shield
    • Gun Users:
      • Owlite Shield
    • Bomb Users:
      • Spiral Demo Suit
      • Spiral Demo Helm

    On the bright side, bombers and sword users are more than half-way to tier 2 already, and gun users aren't far behind (their first armor and helm comes at 3*, so you have to wait a bit longer). See you tomorrow!

    Chapter 3: Lair of the Snarbolax

    Energy: 100 | Crowns: 1,000-4,000

    Town Square

    The next section of your grind to tier 2 will last the next several days, or even a week if you are going for a gunner build. Basically, you'll need to continue to run the most profitable gate over and over, until you have the last few needed items:

    • Sword Users:
      • Finished!
    • Gun Users:
      • Gunslinger Sash
      • Gunslinger Hat
    • Bomb Users:
      • Owlite Shield

    Once you've acquired these items, you will be one-hundred percent ready to start tier 2. However, there is one more thing to do in tier 1. The Gloaming Wildwoods.

    Okay, I lied. If you're looking for the easiest path through the Gloaming Wildwoods, you'll need to purchase a Flourish - a piercing sword - at the Auction House. It shouldn't cost much; you shouldn't have to spend any more than 2,000 crowns if you're choosy with bidding.


    Jump on the elevator that has the Gloaming Wildwoods on floors 5-7. These floors contain the next scripted depths of the game, ending with a boss fight on depth 7.


    My Recommendations~

    Weapon 1Weapon 2ShieldArmorHelmet
    FlourishFillerDefender, anything with piercing resistWolver CoatWolver Cap
    Gloaming Wildwoods: Terrilous Trail

    Walk down into the first large area. There will be brambles on the edges; steer clear of those. A few Wolvers will pop up here, so be ready with your Flourish and they'll go down easily.

    The next room is a similar story. Two Wolvers, a Chroma, and a Silverwing will appear, and each of them is weak to your Flourish. Target the Silverwing first to get rid of the annoying heals, and then finish off the remaining enemies. There will be a fork in the road at the top of this room; head up and hit the switch to be greeted by more Wolvers. Waste them just like you did the last few. On a side note, always be cutting the grass for crowns and hearts. Head back to the lower path and the gate will now be opened.

    Head down the winding path and- oh... what is that... You'll have your first run in with Snarbolax: the mighty giant Wolver. Fortunately he doesn't do anything except run away. A few Wolvers will appear after he disappears. Notice the large bell in the center of the area. When you hit it, all the Wolvers in the small radius of the bell will become stunned. Use this to your advantage, and then press the switch in the upper-right area. Grab a mineral as well. Continue down.

    Snarby will show up again in the next room, again doing no harm. There are rows of brambles everywhere in this room, with a giant party button in the center. Cut the grass if you need hearts then step on the button. In the first wave you'll be greeted by three Dust Zombies. They are extremely slow and can be killed with a gun easily, but anything you have can waste them quickly. After they die five Spookats will show up. When they lunge, quickly shield or get out of the way. When they're dormant, beat the crap out of them. Finally, three Gun Puppies will appear in a triangle formation around the party button. Wait for them to fire, run around them, then slash them to bits. Once they die you'll have finished the room.

    In the next passageway hit the heart boxes if needed. You'll come across a room with odd little boxes surrounded by explosive ones. The odd boxes are called monster boxes, and as the name suggests, they contain monsters that will jump out if struck. Shoot the explosive boxes to wake them up, then kill the monsters inside.

    Move past the monster boxes and you'll see another beast bell. Run up to the bell to spawn two Wolvers and an Alpha Wolver. A Gun Puppy will be shooting at you from behind brambles. Hit the bell when the Wolvers come near then waste them with the Flourish. Clear the explosives with a gun then kill the Puppy, as well as the Puppy behind it.

    Continue a bit further to find a few minerals. Pick up the biggest one and move on to another party button battle room. Step on the button and, right on que, Snarbolax will appear and stun you. Not a big deal, as it doesn't stop you from destroying the first four Wolvers. In the next wave you'll be dealing with one Gun Puppy, three Wolvers, and an Alpha Wolver. Pick off the Puppy, then the Alpha, then the kids. In the final wave, you'll be up against two Gun Puppies and two Lumbers. Lumbers are massive trees that pack a huge punch and have mounds of health. Get rid of the annoying Puppies before tackling the big guys.

    Head up, collect the prize boxes, and step on the elevator. You've finished the first floor of the Gloaming Wildwoods.

    Gloaming Wildwoods: Roarsterous Ruins

    Head along the winding path until you see a fork in the road. Destroy the three Chromas while heading up. Hit the blue block to make the wall of blocks disappear, allowing access to a switch. Push the switch and you'll be ambushed by two Wolvers. You know what to do. Head back to the fork in the road and take the lower path.

    You'll be greeted by a couple of Wolvers, along with a Gun Puppy hiding behind brambles. Kill the Wolvers while avoiding the bullets, then run around the brambles and dismantle the Gun Puppies. Continue on to find a key. Take the key back to the locked door on the upper path and go through.

    You'll emerge in a large room with two beast bells on the sides. As soon as you enter you'll be welcomed by two Alpha Wolvers and four Wolvers. Get rid of them with a Flourish for an easy win. The doors on the right and left will open; notice that the door at the top is locked by two keys instead of one. Head left first.

    Grab a mineral before heading into the maze of bushes and brambles. Cut a path down to the lower part, where you'll find a switch. Push the switch to make several Gun Puppies materialize in the maze. Hack your way over to them and cut them down. Head up to find a room with a bunch of stone blocks. Snarby will show up again and stun you (jerk!), and a party of Dust Zombies will appear as well. Kill the Zombies and chop down the blocks until you find the one with a switch under it. Push the switch then take the right spike path. Tread carefullyand only move forward when the spikes in front of you go down. Grab the key and take the left path. Take the key back to the lock and put it in. One down. Back in the main room, take the right path.

    Grab a mineral if one from the other side didn't suit you. You'll see pits of spikes in front of you, walled off by explosives. Wait for the spikes to go down, then shoot the explosives and run across. Repeat this until you reach a blue block. Destroy the blue block and run into a maze filled with monster boxes.

    Head up and break the stone blocks. Defeat the Chroma and step on the switch above him to lower the gate walling in the key. Blow up the monster boxes and finish off the mobs inside. Destroy the next round of stone blocks, followed by the Chromas and Gun Puppies above. You'll be at the key now. Destroy the blue block and prepare for a Wolver attack. Kill the monsters that show up and run to the top left corner of the area. Then run down to find hearts and a switch. Hit the switch to open a gate that leads back to the main room. A couple of Dust Zombies will show up, but they shouldn't pose to be a problem. Put the second key in the lock to allow access to the next room.

    There will be a few beast bells in this new room, but no monsters yet. Go to the upper right area and blow up the explosives. Use a gun to hit the switch behind the wall, then run across. Destroy the blue block, step on the switch, and a band of Wolvers will show up. Hit the beast bell then destroy them with Flourish. Grab the key, take them next to the spikes, drop the key, hit the switch, pick up the key, and run across quickly. Unlock the door to reach the final room.

    Snarby will make an appearance, his last before you actually fight him. Step on the party button to begin a battle. In wave one you'll fight two Chromas, a Wolver, and an Alpha Wolver. All of them are weak to piercing damage, so destroy them with Flourish. In round two you'll be against two Wolvers and two Alphas. Use the beast bells to your advantage and kill them. In the last round three Gun Puppies will appear with an Alpha Wolver. Kill the Puppies, and finally kill the Alpha Wolver.

    Head up, grab the prizes, and get on the elevator. Get ready to rumble!

    Gloaming Wildwoods: Lair of the Snarbolax

    Battle Overview:

    -Beware of Snorlax-
    • Snarbolax takes no damage in his navy-blue, normal form.
    • The glowing bell you see in the center of the map is known as the Beast Bell. If you strike this bell while Snarbolax is nearby, he will become stunned momentarily, allowing you to damage him.


    Stand next to the bell at all times. Hold up your shield as he passes under you, and wait for him to charge up an attack (similar to that of a Wolver bite). Once he comes toward you, shield his attack and strike the bell. Slice him up with your Flourish. When he returns to normal, rinse and repeat. The key to this battle is not getting antsy and trying to push him toward the middle. The same applies to a team battle. Have everyone stand next to the bell, and have one member be ready to hit the bell while everyone else shields.


    • Frumious Fang, 1-4
    • Wolver Cap (rare)

    After the battle, head towards the elevator to find minerals, prize boxes, and a Recon Module, which says...


    A Recording from Euclid, Alpha Squad leader:

    As Spiral HQ is not yet fully operational and most systems are offline, these personal recordings will have to suffice as a record of our expedition until HQ can establish an Uplink system with squads in the field.

    The clockworks are both fascinating and horrifying. Within a seemingly impossible machine all manners of alien worlds exist within the giant globes that endlessly churn through every floor. What purpose do they serve? And from where did these worlds come from?

    Before the crash the Skylark performed a partial scan of Cradle's surface that revealed what appeared to be a landscape composed of enormous parches of disparate terrain. The Clockworks are a manufactured place, perhaps the worlds they contain are harvested from the terrain above. But how?


    Hop on the elevator. Congratulations, you've finished tier 1!


    I will no longer be giving energy and crown guidelines. At this point the game strategies become less linear and with better game knowledge you are more on your own.

    After your battle with Snarbolax, you probably noticed that you received 3 Frumious Fangs. These are tokens, and can be traded for rare and valuable equipment in the Bazaar. Head over to the Bazaar area of Haven (to the left of the Town square), and I'll introduce you to some new vendors.


    Boost - A Stranger who sells special upgrades for energy.

    Trinket Slot Upgrade250 EnergyThe user gains the use of a Trinket Slot for 30 days (2 max).
    Weapon Slot Upgrade350 EnergyThe user gains the use of an extra Weapon Slot for 30 days (2 max).
    Krogmo Coin Booster300 EnergyBoosts the amount of Krogmo Coins received per match by one for 24 hours (6 max).
    Heat Amplifier800 EnergyBoosts the amount of total Heat obtained by 20%. Lasts 48 hours.
    Silver Key750 EnergyOpens an Iron Lockbox.
    Shadow Key1500 EnergyOpens a Shadow Gate for one time only.

    Brinks - A fellow Spiral Knight who offers goods in exchange for Tokens. For the sake of the length of this section, I'm only listing the items he trades for boss tokens, and the Trinkets obtained from the other Tokens.

    The Tokens

    TokenObtained From
    Frumious FangSnarbolax, Gloaming Wildwoods, Depth 7
    Jelly GemJelly King, Royal Jelly Palace, Depth 17
    Bark ModuleRoarmulous Twins, Ironclaw Munitions Factory, Depth 17
    Almirian SealLord Vanaduke, Firestorm Citadel, Depth 28
    Grim Spark, Primal Spark, Forge SparkAny prize box, any Depth

    The Boss Items

    Snarble BarbFrumious Fang (10)Sword2
    Spine ConeFrumious Fang (10)Bomb2
    Bristling BucklerFrumious Fang (10)Shield2
    Rock SaltJelly Gem (2)Material4
    Brute Jelly HelmJelly Gem (15)Helmet3
    Brute Jelly MailJelly Gem (15)Armor3
    Brute Jelly ShieldJelly Gem (15)3
    AntiguaJelly Gem (20)Handgun3
    Sealed SwordJelly Gem (20)Sword3
    CatalyzerBark Module (15)Handgun2
    PulsarBark Module (15)Handgun2
    Static CapacitorBark Module (15)Bomb2
    Quicksilver HelmBark Module (20)Helmet3
    Quicksilver MailBark Module (20)Armor3
    Blackened CrestAlmirian Seal (30)Shield4
    Ancient Plate HelmAlmirian Seal (30)Helmet5
    Ancient Plate MailAlmirian Seal (30)Armor5
    Ancient Plate ShieldAlmirian Seal (30)Shield5
    Fang of VogAlmirian Seal (40)Sword5

    The Spark Trinkets

    Hearthstone PendantPrimal Spark (5)2
    Warm Hearthstone PendantPrimal Spark (20)3
    Toasty Hearthstone PendantPrimal Spark (50)4
    Sizzling Hearthstone PendantPrimal Spark (100)5
    Jelly BandPrimal Spark (5)2
    Brute Jelly BandPrimal Spark (20)3
    Rock Jelly BandPrimal Spark (50)4
    Royal Jelly BandPrimal Spark (100)5
    Katnip PouchPrimal Spark (5)2
    Choice Katnip PouchPrimal Spark (20)3
    Hi-Grade Katnip PouchPrimal Spark (50)4
    Purrfect Katnip PouchPrimal Spark (100)5
    Silver AmuletGrim Spark (5)2
    Blessed Silver AmuletGrim Spark (20)3
    Sacred Silver AmuletGrim Spark (50)4
    Saintly Silver AmuletGrim Spark (100)5
    Skelly CharmGrim Spark (5)2
    Scary Skelly CharmGrim Spark (20)3
    Sinister Skelly CharmGrim Spark (50)4
    Dread Skelly CharmGrim Spark (100)5
    Silver AmuletGrim Spark (5)2
    Blessed Silver AmuletGrim Spark (20)3
    Sacred Silver AmuletGrim Spark (50)4
    Saintly Silver AmuletGrim Spark (100)5
    White LaurelGrim Spark (5)2
    Bright White LaurelGrim Spark (20)3
    Snowy White LaurelGrim Spark (50)4
    Pure White LaurelGrim Spark (100)5
    Crystal PinForge Spark (5)2
    Glowing Crystal PinForge Spark (20)3
    Glimmering Crystal PinForge Spark (50)4
    Radiant Crystal PinForge Spark (100)5
    Wetstone PendantForge Spark (5)2
    Dewy Wetstone PendantForge Spark (20)3
    Slippery Wetstone PendantForge Spark (50)4
    Soaking Wetstone PendantForge Spark (100)5
    Driftwood BraceletForge Spark (5)2
    Redwood BraceletForge Spark (20)3
    Ironwood BraceletForge Spark (50)4
    Wyrmwood BraceletForge Spark (100)5

    Greave - An armor merchant. Sells 1, 2, and 3 star items. His items are chosen randomly and reset every night at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    Kozma - The Spiral Quartermaster. He sells a constant list of recipes; unfortunately most of his wares become obsolete by more specialized equipment later in the game. The only recipes I recommend picking up are the Calibur, Blaster, and Blast Bomb lines.

    Kragen - A shield merchant. Sells 1, 2, and 3 star items. His items are chosen randomly and reset every night at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    Punch - The variant smith. He adds Unique Variants to existing items.

    1-Variant Ticket20,000
    2-Variant Ticket75,000
    3-Variant Ticket225,000

    Quillion - A blade merchant. Sells 1, 2, and 3 star items. His items are chosen randomly and reset every night at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    Ricasso - A gun & explosives merchant. Sells 1, 2, and 3 star items. His items are chosen randomly and reset every night at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    Vatel - A recipe merchant. Sells 1 and 2 star recipes. His recipes are chosen randomly and reset every night at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    Vise - The unbinding smith. He unbinds weapons and armor in exchange for energy.

    Unbind 1-Star Ticket100
    Unbind 2-Star Ticket200
    Unbind 3-Star Ticket600
    Unbind 4-Star Ticket1800
    Unbind 5-Star Ticket4000

    Once you've finished your business here, head to the Arcade and get ready to begin Tier 2.


    Alright, you have all your 2* gear, and you're ready to jump into Tier 2. I recommend trying out some non-boss strata (check for the Royal Jelly Palace and Ironclaw Munitions Factory on Depths 15-17) before you jump into the "harder" stuff. As with Tier 1, always look for Stratum 4 arenas and graveyards, since they are the most profitable areas in the game.

    Tier 2: Tips and Tricks
    • Enemies inflict much more damage in Tier 2. You can't simply swing your Calibur madly to win, you'll need to be more strategic.
    • In conjunction with the first point, avoid damage, don't just assume yourresist will win out. Use your shield and shield bumping to block damage and keep the enemies away.
    • Charge attacks are the best way to avoid damage while inflicting it, with very few exceptions (most guns charges require you to stop moving, so most guns are better without charging). Learn the ways of each charge move, and use each charge efficiently. For example, the Calibur quick-spin is best used in the middle of a group of enemies, and when you need to push them back. The Nightblade, on the other hand, is better when you want to hit something for high damage without getting too close.
    • With more weapons available, your loadout can become much more specialized. If you notice that you are headed into a Slime Stratum, bring along your Nightblade or Shadowtech Alchemer to get a good damage boost, and leave the Slime-weak Piercing weapons at home.
    • Everyone Tier 2 class should bring a Calibur along. Guns and Bombs full potential aren't achieved until Tier 3, so for now Swords are best. A Calibur is a cheap investment and can be used literally anywhere. You can drop it as soon as you finish Tier 2, but keep one handy.

    I'll add more tricks and tips as I find them.

    The Town of Moorkroft

    When you head to a gate in the Arcade, and go down to Tier 2, you'll begin in the sub-town known as Moorkroft, a town for civilized monsters. There isn't much to do here; you can buy vials for use later, and a small Vitapod, but I don't recommend it.

    That's it for the World of Moorkroft section, tune in next time for the first Tier 2 boss!

    Town Square

    The goal of Tier 2 is basically the same as the goal of Tier 1: get to Tier 3. I'm going to warn you now, getting to Tier 3 is a much longer process than getting to Tier 2. You'll be running the Royal Jelly Palace and Ironclaw Munitions Factory levels until you're sick of them.

    Okay, maybe not. Don't spend your money on anything except items required to get your gear to the next level. The big money profits come in Tier 3, so you want to spend as little time as possible in Tier 2. Since you've just started, I'll go over a list or two of items that you'll want to craft, or build up from Tier 1.

    Sword Users

    Already Owned

    • Wolver Cap => Dusker Cap
    • Wolver Coat => Dusker Coat
    • Owlite Shield => Horned Owlite Shield
    • Calibur => Tempered Calibur

    Need to Obtain

    • Sealed Sword
    • Sealed Sword OR Brandish => Nightblade
    • Antigua AND/OR Pulsar => Kilowatt Pulsar

    Gun Users

    Already Owned

    • Gunslinger Hat
    • Gunslinger Sash
    • Owlite Shield => Horned Owlite Shield
    • Blaster => Super Blaster

    Need to Obtain

    • Shadowtech Alchemer => Shadowtech Alchemer MK II OR Catalyzer => Toxic Catalyzer
    • Pulsar => Kilowatt Pulsar
    • Magnus

    Bomb Users

    Already Owned

    • Spiral Demo Helm => Fused Demo Helm
    • Spiral Demo Suit => Fused Demo Suit
    • Owlite Shield => Horned Owlite Shield OR Plate Shield => Boosted Plate Shield
    • Calibur
    • Freezing Vaporizer => Freezing Vaporizer MK II

    Need to Obtain

    • Blast Bomb => Super Blast Bomb
    • Static Capacitor => Lightning Capacitor

    These are all strictly my recommendations, based on my experiences. The items I recommend crafting will all be of use in the end-game, but will also serve you well during Tier 2. This list only shows 3* versions of each item; you can focus on getting everything to 4* later on.

    With that out of the way, find the gate that goes down to the Royal Jelly Palace (you should see purple castle levels on depths 15-17), and jump into a party.


    My Recommendations~

    Sword Users

    Weapon 1Weapon 2ShieldArmorHelmet
    Tempered CaliburNightbladeHorned Owlite ShieldDusker CoatDusker Cap

    Gun Users

    Weapon 1Weapon 2ShieldArmorHelmet
    CaliburShadowtech Alchemer MK IIHorned Owlite ShieldGunslinger SashGunslinger Hat

    Bomb Users

    Weapon 1Weapon 2ShieldArmorHelmet
    Super Blast Bomb/CaliburLightning Capacitor/Freezing Vaporizer MK IIHorned Owlite ShieldFused Demo SuitFused Demo Helm

    Other Ways to Prepare~

    • Get some good practice in on non-boss Tier 2 gates
    • Join a guild that specializes in Tier 2 boss runs; you can join an end-game guild (like mine! heheh) later if you want
    • Find a strong party to run with. Unlike the Gloaming Wildwoods, the Royal Jelly Palace can be difficult (read: not doable without a lot of revives) to solo, especially as a beginner
    Royal Jelly Palace: Garden of Goo

    The area begins with a party button. Charge that Calibur or Super Blast Bomb before stepping on, so you can be ready for the Jelly Cubes and Royal Minis that come charging at you once the button is pressed. You cannot access the next area of the level until you have uncovered a switch concealed in the concrete blocks. Clear out the Jelly Cubes in each section, then whack the block. Keep going until you find the switch. This opens a gate at the top part of the area.

    You emerge into the main room. There are respawning blast boxes here, so proceed with extreme caution (no trigger happy fingers, please). Notice the crystal blocks, surrounded by normal blocks. Hit the crystal blocks until you uncover a button. There will be two buttons, with one on each side of the room. Stepping on a button will trigger a mass of enemies on that button's side of the room. The mass of monsters will contain Jelly Cubes, Royal Minis, Silkwings, Super Blast Cubes, and the deadly Lumbers. Charge a Calibur spin and rush in to clear out the Silkwings first, as they heal. Gunners should then whip out a Shadowtech Alchemer MK II and go to work taking out the Jellies. Sword users can defeat the Jellies with a Nightblade. I don't recommend trying to solo this as a Bomber, since you don't have a large enough arsenal yet to handle every situation. Support your Swordsmen by dropping Lightning Capacitors or Freezing Vaporizers MK IIs.

    Two statues are needed to lower the gate.

    Once you've cleared out both sets of monsters, you'll notice that the gate at the top of the area must be opened through the use of two pressure switches. The rooms on the left and right sides contain two statues, which you can use to hold down the said switches.

    Make your stand here!

    The left side contains a ton of spike tiles, spread out in checkerboard fashion. For now, you can only run through the middle, as unbreakable blocks wall you out of the rest of the area. Send one member of the party through the spike field (the most experienced Swordsman, usually), while everyone else waits at the room's entrance. At the end of the spike field, there will be a turn upward, and a blue block will appear. Smack the blue block and run back to your teammates. Make your stand just behind the room's entrance, as the small passageway will force the monsters to come out a few at a time. Any bombers should fill up this hole with status bombs. You'll need to lure the Silkwings out, since they heal. As usual, stay away from all Lumbers.

    Once you've finished off the enemies there, go into the spike room and clear out any straglers. Destroying all of the monsters opens a gate on the left side of the room, revealing a statue and a few prize boxes. Grab the statue with "attack" and take it to one of the pressure switches. Set it down and go to the right-side room.

    The crystal block triggers the monsters.

    The square-shaped room has a lack of enemies for now. The crystal block in the center of the room will spawn the monsters once broken, so go ahead and clear out some of the bushes, so you have a way to escape when the time comes. Hit the crystal block when ready to start the battle. Any Bombers should be laying down ice or shock in the front of the area. Two Gun Puppies will spawn at the beginning of the area, guarding the entrance. Two others will spawn in the opposite corners. A horde of Jelly Cubes, Royal Minis, and Lumbers will spawn as well. Make a dash for the entrance, and lure as many Jellies out with you as possible. Once out of Gun Puppy range, cut down the Jelly Cubes, then go back in to kill off the Gun Puppies near the entrance. Work your way to the back and finish the last monsters. A gate on the right side will open, revealing a statue and two prize boxes.

    Kite around the edges with a gun!

    Take the statue back to the other pressure switch and continue on. You'll emerge in a cross-shaped room, where a big battle will occur.

    Wave 1 The first wave begins with a group of Jelly Cubes and Royal Minis. Gunners can simply run around the edges of the room, firing a Shadowtech Alchemer backwards to kill them without breaking a sweat. Swordsmen can easily deal with them through a Tempered Calibur charge or Nightblade. Bombers can soften up the monsters with shock or ice before taking them out with a Calibur.

    Wave 2 Super Blast Cubes make an appearance here, along with more Jelly Cubes and Royal Minis. Beat them down with the same methods as before.

    Wave 3 Things get interesting here, as now you're forced to deal with Lumbers and Silk Wings. Get rid of the Silk Wings as soon as possible by rushing them with a Calibur charge. Try and take everything else out before dealing with Lumbers. Wait for them to start their attack, then quickly run behind them and attack like crazy.

    Wave 4 Jelly Cubes spawn at the top, hordes of Royal Minis spawn on the sides, and a Lumber spawns at the bottom. Gunners can make quick work of this room by kiting around the edges. Bombers should freeze or shock a group of monsters, then take out the rest while part of the group is immobilized. Calibur charges are your best friend if they gang up on you, as it clears space and does serious damage.

    After dropping the fourth wave, the gate at the north end will open. Smash the prize boxes, and jump on the elevator.

    Royal Jelly Palace: Red Carpet Runaround

    The depth begins with a party button. Once the party steps on it, two Jelly Cubes will spawn and attack you. Take them out and continue counter clock-wise around the circular area. Smack the blue blocks in your way to proceed, then deal with the monsters that spawn afterward. Once you reach "nine o'clock" on the circle (the left side), you'll see one last blue block. If you smack the blue block, you'll see respawning tiles underneath, so you can get stuck behind if you're slow. If you do get stuck, go back around the circle and you can enter the last section back at the entrance. Kill off the Silkwings first, then the Jellies, then the Lumber. Grab the statue and take it to the pressure switch.

    You need 3 keys to proceed, but a fourth gets you in a prize room.

    You'll emerge in the main room. There are no monsters here, so freely smack your way to the blue block in the center of the mess. Once the area is clear, step on the four buttons to open four gates to the left and right sides. Each room contains a key, and there are three locks on the north door. However, a fourth key is needed if you want in the prize room.

    Take each section one at a time, don't spawn them all at once.

    Start with the northwest room. There are three "rooms," each separated by breakable blocks. Run into the first room, spawn the monsters, then fall back and take on the Jelly Cubes that followed you, without having to take fire from the Gun Puppies. Deal with the Lumber in the same fashion, and then clear out the Gun Puppies. The other two sections are dealt with in the same manner. Once all the monsters have been killed, grab the key and take it back to the main room.

    Each button is concealed under a random crystal block.

    If you're low on health, go to the southwest room, as it is the easiest and you have the best chance of getting heart drops there. If you're in good shape, tackle the northeast room. I'll assume that you're hurt, and that you're going to the southwest room first. There are four sections to this area, and to access the next section, you must push a button, which is concealed under a random crystal block. The first three sections contain Jelly Cubes and Super Blast Cubes; the fourth contains those enemies, along with a Lumber. Proceed with caution and try to avoid damage, as you'll need all the health you can get for the last rooms. Grab the key in the fourth section and take it back to the main room.

    Again, if you are still low on health, the southeast room is your best bet. The northeast room is by far the most difficult, and if you're low on health and don't want to risk a revive, skip it. The southeast room is a square-shaped, open room. There are four gates in each of the corners; pushing the party button will cause one of them to open. However, respawning Royal Minis will also show up, as well as a few Jelly Cubes. Clear out the Jelly Cubes (don't both with the Royal Minis unless they're in your way) and head for the first open gate. Break the blocks and cut down the Green Mini Cubes, as well as the Jelly Cube protecting the button. Repeat this in the other three corners to spawn a Lumber in the middle of the room. Defeat it to open the gate, leading to a key. Take it back to the main room (watch out for Royal Minis!).

    The final room, the northeast one, is a challenge. Step on the party button and follow the spike path around the perimeter of the room. Move forward when the spikes lower, and don't get caught lagging behind. Once you reach the end of the path, a group of Gun Puppies, Silkwings, Lumbers, and Jelly Cubes will appear. Any bombers in the group should be laying down bombs near the blue block (hitting it opens the floodgates), while any party members not going for the block should be charging a Calibur spin. Hit the block and go for the Silkwings first. One party member should step aside and get the Gun Puppies, while everyone else gets the Lumbers and Jellies. When the dust is cleared, the gate will open, letting you take the key back to the main room.

    With all four keys in hand, unlock the three gates, and then the lock on the prize room. Pillage the prizes and head north for the penultimate battle of the Royal Jelly Palace.

    There are blocks in the lower corners, destroy them to get more space.

    Clear out the blocks before stepping on the party button. Bombers might want to lay a few bombs before stepping on.

    Wave 1 Gun Puppies spawn just above the party button; kill them first. A few Lichen, Silkwings, Lumbers, and Jelly Cubes will spawn as well. The Silkwings are your next target, then the Jellies, Lichens, and Lumbers.

    Wave 2 Jelly Cubes and Blast Cubes here, nothing special. Rip them with a Nightblade or any Shadow weapon.

    Wave 3 This wave is almost exactly the same as the first. Defeat the monsters in the same way.

    Wave 4 Wave 2 all over again.

    Wave 5 Wave 5 is waves 1 and 3... with a catch. There are many more Lichens, which will fuse into the mega Lichen. Quickly kill off everything else, as you'll need to pay special attention to the big guy. It moves very fast and attacks almost as quickly, with a lot of range. Gunners with a Shadowtech Alchemer have it easy here, as they can kite the beast to death. Everyone else has to get up close and personal. Hopefully you have a Piercing shield, so you can endure a few extra hits. Smack him a bit, shield, hit him some more, rinse and repeat. It takes a while, but it will go down in time (dropping lots of goodies). After defeating the thing, the gate opens. Take the prize boxes and head down to the final battle.

    Royal Jelly Palace: Battle Royale

    Battle Overview:

    PickupsShould Have
    Super Health Capsule3
    Super Curse Vial1-2
    Super Fire Vial3
    Super Poison Vial3

    -WARNING- Large amounts of jelly ahead!
    • There are three phases to this battle.
    • Polyps (Jelly turrets) will spawn in each phase, and they in turn will spawn Royal Minis. The Royal Jelly can absorb Royal Minis to regain health.

    Strategy, Solo:

    Phase 1 Polyps spawn in the four corners of the map. They are your first priority. A Calibur spin next to one will seriously damage it, as well as create breathing room. Clear out the Polyps and then go for the Royal Jelly in the center of the room. Calibur spin, shield, Calibur spin, shield. Don't waste any of your vials on this phase, as your Calibur can take him down.

    Phase 2 The Royal Jelly's crown will crack, and more Polyps will spawn. Ignore them this time, as there are too many for you to deal with. The boss will have a new attack this round: he turns pink and goes into an invincible frenzy. As soon as the phase starts, toss a Curse vial, Poison vial, and Fire vial at him. The Curse vial will do serious damage when he tries to attack, and the Poison will add to the damage. Calibur spin as normal. Save one of each Vial for the last phase.

    Phase 3 More Polyps, and the crown is gone. This phase is exactly the same as the previous one, except the Royal Jelly has many more Royal Minis to absorb. Toss Curse, Fire, and Poison at him and try to get him down with Calibur spins as quickly as possible. If you run out, don't panic; you can still win with just a Calibur. Spin, run away, spin again. With enough damage the Royal Jelly will melt.

    Strategy, Group:

    Phase 1 The group battle against the Royal Jelly is much easier, as you have four times as many Curse and Fire vials to toss at it. Split up and take out the Polyps. Everyone should use charge attacks to take out the Jelly once he's alone.

    Phase 2 Ignore the Polyps, and make sure someone has a Curse vial ready when he spins. He should be cursed and poisoned at all times. Charge attack this phase down, as well.

    Phase 3 Don't hold back now. Keep the Curses coming, and make sure he's poisoned at all times, so the Minis can't heal him. Keep on whaling on him and he will fall.


    • Jelly Gem, 1-4
    • Wolver Coat (rare)
    • Jelly Mail (rare)

    Proceed through the north gate to find a bunch of prize boxes and minerals. Grab the recon module, which says...


    A Recording from Parma, Alpha Squad scout:

    Someone out there has it in for me. While in recon training I was routinely frustrated by the limits of the training simulations- I knew they were not real. I craved the open air, soil beneath my feet and the wind. I wanted the challenge only the wild can offer.

    The Skylark crash was horrible, and the resulting situation even worse. But when Captain Ozlo selected me for this squad I was excited- there is no greater wild than what this planet offered. Is that wrong?

    But then as we stepped off of that first elevator platform and sunlight warmed our faces it began to sink in: the grinding of gears, the buzzing of enormous lights, the smell of smoke and the steam-filled air... the wild we had stepped into was not real. It was another simulation.

    More ironic still is how little of my training actually applies now. This world is crazy, the terrain changes constantly. I think this squad would have been better off with another guardian instead of me. At least then they would be better prepared to fight whatever they didn't see coming.


    Step onto the elevator. Congratulations! You've finished your first Tier 2 boss!